FFF Next

Here’s this week’s Flash Fiction Friday challenge from Advizor54’s blog.  Click over there to see what he and others made of this photo.  My take is below.  

Word Limit – 309 . 
Required Words:  soft, next, and crystal (but not all in the same sentence)
Forbidden Words:  lesbian,  movie, costume
Bonus words can be earned by including the words “Panda” (25) or 
by identifying and linking a picture of the classical painting that appears to have inspired the photograph (50)


“What’s up?” I asked my little sister.  
“This art history course is kicking my ass,” she whined.
“Oh? I thought you were liking it,” I replied, confused.

“It’s great, and having sex with the prof during his office hours is dreamy, but for our next assignment, we’re supposed to pick an old painting and say something new.  But not on paper… another medium like a video, photo or painting.  I hate these multi-media assignments!”

“I dunno… seems easier than typing. Do you have anything to say?”

“Not really.  I have an idea… but it’s probably too complicated.”  She sighed.
“Can I help?” I offered.  

“Well… I thought I could recreate the painting, in a photo… modernized, you know?”

“That sounds interesting.”

“Kevin said he’d set up the photo, help out… he’s a good egg.”  She was always talking her room mate into some crazy scheme.

“So what’s the problem?”

She took a deep breath and I realized I was being conned.  She wanted my help and this entire conversation was a way to get me to do something I didn’t want to do.  She started talking really fast!

“The perfect painting is that one of the two royal sisters naked from the waist up with the younger one tweaking the tit of the older one.  It’s strange yet historical and salacious!”  She enthused.  I could see this coming a mile away.

“So you want me to…”

“Yes!  We could pose in the soft grass behind Wilson’s and I’d tweak, and boom!  Done. Guaranteed A+!”

“Let me get this crystal clear… you want me bare my chest for your room mate and the entire art history class?”

“Sure.  It’s not a big deal.  We snap a pic and the beer’s on me!”  If she was offering to buy a round, this was serious.  

Ah, the things I do for family!

Free Cajun

Friday, August 31, 2012
Good morning! Hope you have a fabulous Friday!
8:22am Phil
Good morning. 5 mile challenge run today with obstacles.  Should be a lot of fun. 
Busy morning at work.  It is Friday though and the start of a long weekend.  Boy do I need that.
Have a great day.
Great lunch with my military pal.  He got a job at my employer! 
My usual gumbo and crawfish etouffee´ – felt good on my sore throat.  And he paid!  Yay! 
Quiet afternoon here… ready for the weekend!

Back Rub

Year 3 – Week 3

Thursday, August 30, 2012
Good morning! Off for another exciting conference day!
Hope your Thursday is great!
7:39am Phil
Good morning. Enjoy the day!
Bizarre day – coughing, new breast infection aching, running conference, had to run to doc, new antibiotic!  Just shoot me!
Hope you are having a better day than I am!
Hiya kid… made it home, napped, drank soup… feeling almost human again!

For the record, this is one of those nights when I could use a back rub.  Makes me very sad the basics that are unattainable luxuries to me.  Ah well… tomorrow will be better!

Have a good evening, my dear man.

Still tingling

Wednesday, August 29, 2012
Good morning! You looked cute holding that baby – charming ladies of all ages!
off to Day 1 of huge conference.
Remembering you made me tingle 2 yrs ago during this event and still do!
Have a wonderful Wednesday!
7:51am Phil
good morning. enjoy your day!
Headed home brain mush cough need sex…ha ha.
Rock on kid.

Southern cooking

Tuesday, August 28, 2012
Good morning!  Heading in early.  Hope you have a smooth Tuesday! Whee!
2:31pm Phil
Good fun!
5:40 pm
Soaking up the Southern hospitality 

6:51 pm

My fried chicken w/ corn, okra, sweet potato and fruit tea
6:59 pm 
The counter and open kitchen 


Monday, August 27, 2012
Good morning!  Sore throat.  Grrr Busiest week of the year starting… orientation for new employees M/Tu then conference W/Th.  Whee!
Be sweet to me this week!
7:45am Phil
That sucks! Hope it’s just a minor thing .
My calendar is full till about six every day. There is simply no give in it and if I PT, I don’t get home till almost 8 ugh!
Hiya kid.  Hope you had a good day.
It was nuts for me, but I survived!

Dog shaming

Sunday, August 26, 2012
Hiya, kid!  Helping big sis move a headboard from lil sis basement!
Have a superb Sunday!
10:02am Phil
Just finished a two hour bike ride along the beach. Very nice!
Now a little work and then going out on the lake if the weather holds up.
Art show yesterday and the beer, wine and cigar fest.  Not a bad weekend.
Football tonight!
Yay!  Here’s a funny site for my favorite dog owner


FFF Before and After

It’s Flash Fiction Friday!  Click over Advizor54’s blog to see what he and other bloggers saw in this photo.  My take is below. 

Word Limit = 250
Required Phrase = “Before” or  “After

Forbidden Words = Abandoned, Empty, mp3 player, and rope
Bonus Words = You can go up to 300 total if you tell us both how she got there and what happened after she was found.


We were miles apart and I wanted to talk about sex… get him thinking sexy thoughts first in the morning.  So I called him… but I was too shy to blurt it out, so I used the old “send a photo and tell him a story” trick!  But it couldn’t be the usual soft focus romantic stuff I like… it had to be something gritty, something strange to make him pay attention to it… and maybe to me? 
I emailed him an arty photo from a sexy tumblr… stark, black & white, very provocative – a naked woman with a beautiful body, nice tits, ropes, a gag, a shaved pussy… and in Chinatown, near the bar where we met…  I spun out the story of the woman having hot sex before the photo was taken, then being left on the street by her father to teach her a lesson after he found her with the perverted photographer she was forbidden to see!  I ended with a flourish – the man rescued her and they mad wild passionate love for the rest of the day!   That should push most of his buttons!  
He was breathing heavy – I could hear some rustling in the background.  “Whatcha doing sweetie?” I asked innocently.  
“You know what your hot photos make me do, pumpkin,” he cooed and growled.  I knew he was standing in the shower, the only place in the house he could get some privacy from his wife and kids, jerking off to the sound of my sultry voice.  
“What’re you doing, babe?” he asked, his breathing get shallower by the second.
“Just waking up… wishing you were here, sweetie!”  I paused to let him think about what would happen if he was in my arms… listening to the squishing and his moaning.