Bloggers Lunch

Sassy met another blogger today! 
I was off from work and settling in at my desk to eat lunch at home when B4, a local sexy blogger, emailed to ask me to lunch!  We had been talking about doing it but I didn’t believe it would happen.  He asked me to meet him at the South Shore Plaza at 1 pm.  I dashed out to the car and headed off down Rte 93!  It was easy to find.  Even though it’s less than 20 minutes south of the city, it’s not somewhere I ever go.  
I waited out front of the CheeseCake Factory as instructed.  He appeared about 3 minutes after I did.  Yay!  My first blogger meet!  He’s cute!  And tall!  And looked hunky in his leather jacket.  
He gave me a quick hug, then we went in to Joe’s American Bar and Grill.  I was nervous but not too bad.  He asked questions and answered mine and we had fun.  It was great to be able to talk about blogging!  No one in my real life knows, so it was glorious not to have to filter.  
The waitress called me “his mother.”  Bitch.   I am not that much older than he is!  We had a good laugh over that.  No one would think we were doing anything illicit!  
I patted his arm a couple of times, and wanted to touch him more but he didn’t act interested.  Tough to tell if he is shy or worried about being in public or what.  Probably not into older gray-haired curvy ladies!  He insisted on paying!  I told him next time it’s my treat. 
He walked me out to my car, and opened his arms for another hug.  I was bad and kissed him.  We fit together well.  He let me go on for a few seconds, then whispered in my ear, “I can’t do this out here… I’m too close to work.”  He kept hugging me.  Then he was gone.  
He did email me very quickly to thank me for a fun lunch and say we’d have to do it again.  I asked him if he was interested in more and he said not at this time.  That’s fine.  It’s good to have a blogger buddy!  

My Valentine 2012 Part 5 Lessons

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Part 1 – Planning
Part 2 – Hotel Picnic
Part 3 – Slow Sex
Part 4 – In my mouth

— Part 5 Lessons
Thursday, February 16

Simon touched my shoulder to wake me about 6:50 am, then leaned over to kiss me.  He whispered, “Thank you and good bye.”

I sighed and whispered back, “You made it very special, Simon.  Thank you.”

He was headed to airport right after his meetings, so he left the keys and told me not to lock myself out.  He checked to be sure he had his belongings.  And he was gone at 6:55 am.  

I felt a little sad to see him leave, but not overly so.  We’d had fun, it was very sexy and that was enough.  I puzzled over how I could do all that with someone where I didn’t love him or know his name or much about him, but I just did it and it was incredible.

I marveled that he had wanted me.  It gave me a huge boost in confidence!  

I was amazed I was not worried about whether I would see him again and what it all meant.  Even if I never saw him again, I had learned so much.  Totally worth it!
I marveled that I wanted him, even if he wasn’t big and tall.  None of that mattered in bed.  Via la chemistry!  
I dressed, packed and called Hubby at 9 am to tell him I was okay and warn him I’d want to pick him up in a bit and drop me to work.  
I texted Simon, “Hope your day is off to a good start.  Heading out… thanks is way too simple to get across how I feel… you make me smile.  And feel better about myself.”  About an hour later, I got back a smiley.  
I am so glad I saw him.  We seem like lonely travelers on a hard road who could help each escape all that for a little while, make each other feel good, and boost our confidence to help us find someone else.  
I made it back to the city easily, picked up Hubby, let him get his breakfast and drove to work.  I tried to work, but could not – my head was so full of Simon!   So there I was at work, typing away, trying to get it all this down and perhaps be able to think of something else.  Though thinking of him was lovely and I hope always will be.  
I got a hug on Valentie’s Day for the first time in twelve years!  Such an amazing Valentine!

My Valentine 2012 Part 4 In my mouth

If you missed the other parts of Simon’s story, click here

Part 1 – Planning
Part 2 – Hotel Picnic
Part 3 – Slow Sex

— Part 4 In my mouth
Wednesday, February 15th

I didn’t hear him leave.  I woke up about 8:45 am.  He had left me a very sweet note on the desk, saying he’d had a great time and I was welcome to come back if I could deal with him being distracted.  I worried about what he would say to our friend… he told me to write what he should say and he’d stick to it!  Ha ha!  I texted him a sentence about how I am not a troll and we had fun.  He said that looked good. 
I dressed and gathered all my stuff, feeling especially fuzzy and scattered from lack of sleep and all the emotions in the night.  I packed and took everything out to the car except my suitcase.  Then decided to go back and get it, just in case something happened and I could not go back.  I drove home intending to go right to bed.  I ended up taking care of emails, reading blogs, checking work email etc.  I finally got to bed about 3 pm and slept until Sis called me at 5:15 pm.
I texted Simon, told him I was thinking about his amazing hands.  He sent back a smiley.  Then said he would be back in the room between 9 and 10 pm, most likely on the late side.  Hubby ordered a pizza and I had a couple pieces.  I texted Simon about 8:30 pm telling him I was heading out.  I drove back to the hotel.  
Just as I was arriving about 9:30 pm, he texted that he was arriving too!  He pulled in as I got to the door and I opened it and let him in.  I handed him the key card and he opened the hotel room door.  I set down my stuff and he enveloped me in a big hug and a couple of kisses then said he was so tired and still had four things to do!  I stepped away and settled in the far corner of the bed with my computer.  I told him I was not going to distract him, but that I was available for distraction if he wanted.  He thanked me and went to work at the desk.  
Periodically, he would flump down next to me on the bed, close his eyes for a few moments, then grab me for a kiss.  He’d smile as if he was being recharged, then go back to work for a bit.  Four or five times he did that!  It was so sweet!!  He said he was talking to our friend online.  He told her I was very smart and using an Apple computer!  That was certainly discreet.  
Finally about 12:30 am, he admitted he could not see straight and needed to sleep.  I took off everything except my underpants, and he was already under the covers with his eyes closed.  The second I hit the bed, he rolled over and started kissing me, pausing to say, “I am sooo glad you came back tonight.”  
He proceeded to stroke me, get at that spot on my back again and then work his way down to put his fingers inside me.  I asked if he could put his mouth there, and he agreed heartily.  He pulled me down to the edge of the bed and hugged me, than pressed me to lie back and attacked me with his mouth, expertly sucking and biting and plunging his tongue inside me.  It felt amazing and my hips went wild.  He crawled back up my body and kissed me, then asked what I was thinking, and I said, “Juices.  Yours, mine, together.”  He nodded and smiled.  
He came back to lie beside me and we talked a bit more, then I decided to return the favor.  He asked me what I was doing, and I said, “I was going to get cum in my mouth.”
He gasped and closed his eyes as I made my way down his body, nibbling his nipple, kissing his belly button, then taking his shaft into my hand, blowing on him, licking then sucking him deep.  I used one hand to twist him up and in, then the other hand went to his balls and finally to his ass.  He seemed very surprised and pleased.  I asked if he could see what I was doing and he said no, he could only feel right now and it was incredible!  He got a little flustered, warning me that he was going to cum… and I hummed in ascent and his hips went nuts, fucking my mouth as I sucked him in deep and he came.  It was easy to swallow and press a finger into his ass in the same rhythm, which I did until he softened.

I worked my way back up his body and kissed him with my mouth closed but in a way that offered him an open-mouthed kiss if he wanted to taste our mixed juices.  He opened his mouth tentatively, then pressed a tongue inside me and mmmm’d.  
He stayed very still and I sat up beside him, leaning against the headboard.  He said, “That was the hardest I’ve ever come in my life.  I can’t move!”  
He chuckled.  I told him he didn’t have to move.  He stayed there for a long time, holding my hand, telling me stories.  He finally got up to clean up, and prep for another 7 am start, then came back and cuddled under the covers, talking about karma and how bad things happen to people who are mean to him, and I shared my stories, too.  He said he’d try not to wake me in the morning, but I told him I’d like to kiss him good bye.  He asked if he seemed the same in real life as online. I said he was much sweeter and better looking.  He smiled.  I asked if I was and he said yes, but less silly!  He hugged me and I stroked his face and chest until he fell asleep.  I dropped off about 2:30 am with a big smile on my face.  

My Valentine 2012 Part 3 Slow Sex

If you missed the other parts of Simon’s story, click here

Part 1 – Planning
Part 2 – Hotel picnic

— Part 3 Slow Sex
After a great picnic, I was lying next to Simon on my stomach on the hotel bed, watching a BBC sitcom on his iPad.  When the episode finished, he smiled at me then got rather serious, though trying to be casual, and asked, “So… are you going to stay?”  
I was not sure what he meant exactly, but gathered this was his way of asking if I was interested in touching him.  I looked at him and smiled, then leaned over to kiss him on the forward and whispered, “I’d like that.”

As I started to pull away, he kissed me quickly on the lips.  Just a peck.  And then another.  And then he wrapped him arms around me and pressed us together side by side on the bed.  The kissing went on and on… he finally let me get a breath and whispered in amazement, “Whoa… you are an amazing kisser!”  I nodded and winked, “You are pretty hot stuff yourself.”  He kissed me a bit more, then whispered in my ear, “I could do this all night.”  I chuckled, thinking “Yeah, right… not likely.”  I’ve only been with men who were in a big hurry to climax, especially the first time, so I was very confused by his lack of going on to other things.  

I licked his ear, biting the lobe gently and breathing in quickly.  He shivered and moaned, saying, “Wow… you know how to get to me,” and started rubbing my back and twisting against me.  He took things really slowly, kissing for a long time, then pressing between my legs through my pants with his palm.
He stopped and said, “I want to do a lot more.”  I nodded, already too dazed to form any coherent speech.  
He asked me, “Do you need to know my name?”  I tried to think about it, but realized it did not matter at all.  
“No,” I replied.  “Are you okay with not knowing mine?” He thought for a moment, and nodded.  
“It is much safer if we don’t share… but I will if you need me to?” he offered.  I kissed him on the nose and told him I was fine.  
He started kissing me again, stroking my arm, then eventually taking off my shirt and bra, (with one hand behind my back!) and finally I unbuttoned his dress shirt and pulled off his white undershirt.  He pulled me into his arms on the bed.  I adore that first moment when skin touches skin!  We cuddled for a long while with him running his hands over my chest and back, sucking and biting gently, in a very worshipful sensuous manner.  He found a spot on my back that caused quite a reaction (I had not known about it!)  I came so hard!  He stopped now and then to cool off, and talked more, starting the entire track again each time – kissing, gentle touching and only then more.
There was no crushing fire, just a slowly building burn.  I began to get impatient, and starting talking a little dirty to him and rubbing between his legs.  He put his hand inside my slacks, finding my clit with his index finger.  He flicked a bit, then finally put his fingers inside me when I begged.  I think he wanted to be very sure that I wanted each escalation.  
He got up to take off his dress pants, and a lovely pair of dark blue silk boxers appeared.  I rubbed his firm ass, then pulled his beautiful cock from his underwear and put my mouth on him.  He had a lovely shape, long and elegant.  He said, “Only if you want to,” and held my head gently.  He moaned dramatically, and exclaimed, “Oh! Oh, you are going to make me blow!” and pulled me away.  He said, “Sorry… this first time I am so worked up… not going to last long and I wouldn’t be any good to you after that.”  
I returned to his mouth for more kisses, and I finally said, “I want you to fuck me.”  He sighed, and said, “Are you sure?  We don’t have to,” and I wondered if he wanted to.  He checked inside me again with his fingers to make sure I was ready, helping me take off the rest of my clothes, then went away to get a condom! I adore it when the man takes care of it as a matter of course!  He put it on quickly, and said not to be offended, that it was for my protection as well.  I assured him it was fine and that I appreciated him being so thoughtful.  
He rested on top of me, squirming and pressing against me.  It didn’t seem like a good position, so he asked me what might be better.  I said doggie style, and he was a little surprised, but we shifted around he grabbed my ass and pressed inside me.  I was surprised that he was not hard, but had read that happens, especially with condoms.  He worked in and got harder, saying he was really nervous.  I told him it was just me, relax… don’t think… and he got much harder and pressed deeper inside.  Then he said, “Oh, wow… you are so hot… and tight” and “I am not going to last at all!’  He gripped my ass very tightly and I pressed back against him and he came.  He apologized and I assured him that it was very flattering.  He said, “But I will still be able to help you out.”  He put his fingers inside me and used his other hand to rub my clit until I came again.  
He went off to clean up and I collapsed.  He said, “Don’t move,” and I had no urge to do so.  He explained that he needed to prep for the work day, so he wouldn’t have to do it when he woke up in a daze.  He said he had meetings  from 7 am to 6 pm, then had to take his managers out for supper so he wouldn’t be back in the room until late.  He said I was welcome to stay, or come back but he had a lot of work to do and would be distracted.  I said I would like to come back, that it could be the same as IMing, with him multitasking, and perhaps I could help.  He came back to bed, gathered me into his arms, kissing me deeply, stroking me in the most amazing way.  We suddenly realized that it was 4 am!  He had to get up at 6:30 am to make a 7 am meeting.  Ugh.  I tucked him in, cuddled up behind him  and was quickly asleep myself.  It was such a treat to be able to drift off touching a man!

My Valentine 2012 Part 2 Hotel Picnic

[If you missed the first part of Simon’s story, click here.]

— Part 2 Simon’s Hotel Picnic

Tuesday, February 14th – Valentine’s Day
So the day dawned.  I went to work and tried not to fret about meeting Simon tonight.  I told Philip I was seeing a friend in town on business and he was excited for me.  I collected picnic incidentals from work – utensils, condiments, napkins leftover from catered meals – and went home to pack.  I ended up with 4 bags – regular tote, laptop, suitcase, and a bag of groceries.  I watched Simon’s flight come across the country.  I adore flight tracker!  
I loaded my car and headed out to Whole Foods to get picnic foods.  Just as I was ready to check out, Simon texted that he had landed!  I texted back “Yay!  Welcome to Boston.” He asked if he should call me now or after he got his rental car and was on the road.  It had not occurred to me that I’d have to talk to him on the phone.  That seemed too hard.  But I texted back “Whatever.” I checked out and lugged the goodies to to my car.  He called me.  He sounded like I had thought – young, Texan, calm, patient, nervous but excited.  And understanding of how odd this was.  A blind date in the extreme!
I took off to the suburbs to the hotel.  He texted me when he started out from Logan and I let him know I was on the way too.  I got there ahead of him and sat in my car reading Facebook on my phone.  My sister called to check on me.  Simon called about half an hour later to say he was in room.  By chance, I had parked in the closest spot to it.  It was the last room on the first floor near the parking lot door.  
He came out to help me carry in stuff.  I stood beside my car and he walked toward me.  I hugged him and held on.  It was a good feeling.  He sighed and held on to me.  Then remembered himself and noted that we shouldn’t do anything outside.  I grabbed all my bags and he took a couple.  We strolled back to the hotel.  
We chatted nervously as he unlocked the door.  He said to give him a few minutes to unpack a bit and plug in all his gadgets.  I took a moment to look him over – he had on a blue dress shirt, dress pants and dark socks and shoes.  He was trim and my height.  I realized the photo he had sent me was years old.  He had been working out since then!  I liked the look of him better than his photo!  I smiled, trying to get an idea of his impression of me, but he was preoccupied.  I set out food on the desk and he turned in amazement to stare at the buffet of treats: 
  • Shrimp Cocktail and sauce
  • Popcorn (for the movie he’d suggested we watch) 
  • Cape Cod Potato chips (for local flavor)
  • Meats – Turkey, Ham and roast beef slices
  • Cheeses – Swiss and Monterey Jack slices
  • Pasta salad with peas, celery and tomatoes
  • Crackers
  • Taramousalata Greek cavier dip
  • Fruit – sliced mango and strawberries
  • Sweets – Chocolate covered potato chips and Lake Champlain chocolates
  • Sparkling Apple Cider for a festive beverage

He said there was no way he could eat much of this.  I said not to worry… I brought stuff from home and got an assortment because I had no clue what he’d like.  He asked for the Whole Foods receipt and repaid me in cash.  I felt odd having him pay, but it was much cheaper than a lobster dinner!  I was so nervous, I forgot to take a photo of the food! 

We sat on the end of the bed to snack and chat.  We started to share bits of personal information – my employer, our colleges, stories that required some history, trying to show that we trusted each other.  It seemed interesting but unimportant.  He pulled out his iPad and asked me enter tunes into Pandora.  I picked Frank Sinatra and Lady Gaga!  He went out in the hall to call his wife.  
We listened to tunes and talked more, then he pulled up a BBC comedy, “IT Crowd.”  We lay next to each other on our stomachs, he cuddled up next to me, and we giggled over the trite jokes about computer help desk employees.  After one episode he said he’d corrupted my mind enough and put it away.  He smiled at me then got rather serious, though trying to be casual, and asked, “So… are you going to stay?”  

My Valentine 2012 Part 1 Picnic plan

For a special Valentine’s week treat, I will tell you the story of Simon, my Valentine for 2012.

[Caveat: For those of you who only want to read about Philip and Sassy, skip the Simon posts this week!  My life took a brief detour from the fairy tale a year ago, so if you don’t want to read about another man and me, move along!]

— Part I Simon’s picnic plan
A friend of mine online asked me to talk to a friend of hers who needed cheering up.  He was shy and didn’t want me to know much real life info about him, so he called himself Simon Templar.  When I asked him about it, he pointed me to the wikipedia article about the old TV show “The Saint.”  The lead character was a suave do-gooder, a mixture of James Bond and Robin Hood, played by Roger Moore, of the James Bond movies fame.
We chatted many nights until the wee hours.  He was in Texas, so it was earlier for him, though he never seemed to sleep.  He was smart, sweet and funny!  He admitted he worked for a biotech company based in Boston, and would be traveling here for training at some point. He offered to buy me a lobster dinner!  He had no idea that was my favorite thing… 
I told him about years of no sex with my husband, and my adventures with Philip.  He shared the sad tale of his marriage – his wife had locked him out of the bedroom after their second son was born years ago.  It’s a story I hear all too often in my travels around the infidelity support world.  I worked my magic, making him laugh and not being shocked that he was trying to find a married lady online who would be a “friend with benefits.”  I helped him work on his ad, hoping he would find a lovely lady.  Like me, he had very little confidence anyone would be interested.  
I fantasized about a tall dark slim handsome older man, kissing me pressed up against his rental car after dinner.  He sent me a photo.  He had beautiful dark hair, but he was young, short, and chubby!  And Hispanic!  Wow!  It made me realize how white-bread my lovers have been.  It had never occurred to me to wonder about someone’s ethnic or racial background.  It didn’t matter – I would have been interested in any race – but it was another variable to consider.  I didn’t have a sexy response to the photo at all – he looked like a chocolate lab puppy I’d like to pat on the head!  But he had a great smile and was very cute.  So I thought of him as a friend.  
He pestered me for a photo or video chat, but I steadfastly refused, sure that my very short gray hair (still not grown out much from chemo) and curvy body were not going to entice him, and might kill his fantasies as his photo had mine.  And I never shared my face with anyone online except Philip.  
Ten days ago, Simon IM’d me to say that he was going to say something I probably didn’t want to here.  He said he was going to kill my fantasies by asking to have dinner on Valentine’s Day.  I was really excited to meet him!  I explained that it wasn’t my fantasies I was worried about but his, and that it would be great to see him.  He seemed very surprised and pleased, though worried that I wouldn’t be able to make it on the holiday. I assured I could celebrate earlier with Hubby.

We made plans slowly, focusing on little details day-by-day.  It turned out that his flight would get in late… dinner out was going to be tough.  So I volunteered to bring a picnic to his hotel room.  I know, I am an idiot, saying I’d go to the room of a strange man. But I had been talking to him for 2 months, and I checked with my friend, who said he is a shy, nice guy.  We were very clear that it would be fun to talk and if more developed, fine.  And if not, fine.  We joked about how it might be the only way either of us would get a hug on Valentine’s Day.  I had no expectation that he would want more. 

I planned the picnic, making lists of food to buy and what clothes to bring for any eventuality, fantasizing over the first few moments, and agonizing endlessly about whether he’d be attracted to me.  I think Philip wants me because he remembers what I looked like at age 14.  So many questions!  Would another man want me for other reasons?  And if he did, would I be attracted to him and want to do anything?  Would he tell me his real name?  Would it matter?  If not, could I be with someone I didn’t know?  Due to the nature of things online, very little personal info gets exchanged.  I wondered what sort of girl I am.  And what effect would it have on my relationship with Philip?  If I had some commitment from Philip, I wouldn’t need anything more.  But I don’t.   So many ifs!  

Visit #3 Heading home

Thursday, September 15
10:56 am Heading out.  Thank you for a lovely time.  Have fun today!
11:27 am Phil: Drive carefully.  Thank you, we will.  🙂
11:28 am Phil: Had fun with you.  Would have enjoyed Bristol.  Next time!
12:11 pm Home.  Easy, fast trip.  Hope same for you!
12:12 pm Bristol next time!  Come back soon, please.   🙂
12:17 pm Oh!  The capitol of Sweden is Stockholm.  🙂
12:22 pm  Phil: Yup.  Drove by Evelyns.  Had a great time there.
12:53 That sunset was idyllic.  Maybe we’ll find the beach next time.  It’s not on google maps but the road is…
12:54 pm Are they taking you out to lunch?
1:14 pm Phil: Nope, gonna grab a samich
1:15 pm All unpacked, headed out for lunch!
1:16 pm Just wanted to be sure I didn’t screw up and hit the same restaurant.  🙂
1:53 pm We’re going for Chinese.
10:04 pm Phil: [photo of the lunch spot he found] Cool little place
11:10 pm Nifty!  What did you eat?
11:13 pm Phil: had the BLT and a canoli
11:17 pm Yum.  You make me smile.  🙂
11:17 pm You at the hotel?
11:20 pm Phil: Packed, tucked in and ready for sleep.  Great day, good food, now tired.  Up at 3:30 to head to the airport.

11:21 pm Sweet dreams, kid.
11:22 pm  Phil: Thank you.  Posted a lot of pics.  Fun day.
11:22 pm They were fabulous!
11:23 pm So bizarre to have you so close… How was the traffic?
11:24 pm Phil: Sucked going back
11:29 pm This first night away from you is tough, had such a great time, so fun, so comfortable… but looking at photos and smiling!  You should sleep.  Safe travels!
11:30 pm Phil:  Nite, thank you.

Visit #3 Final moments

Thursday, Sept. 15
I cuddled up to Philip as the alarm went off and tried to interest him in more, but he jumped right up and got ready to go. He made it clear that he has a very busy day, won’t be back to the room for more than 15 minutes about 5 pm to pack his stuff and change, may not come back after dinner etc. etc. but that I was welcome to stay until noon tomorrow if I wanted, the room is paid for.  I told him I’d go on home today.  So I kissed him good-bye as he left.  

I whispered, “I love you,” and he hugged me tightly but didn’t say anything.  So I still have never heard him say it, even though he types it now and then online.  Ah, well.  

I thanked him for a lovely visit, said I hope I wasn’t too much of a bother and he said “No bother at all.  It was great to have you here. And I’ll be back, you can be sure.  We’ll go try out those great places you found.”  He kissed me once more and was gone. 

I screwed up and started crying before he had the door shut, so he came back in and asked, “What’s this about?” sounding really puzzled.  I tried to keep him from seeing my face and said, “I’ll be okay, you go on.”  He squeezed my shoulder and commanded, “Talk!” and put his arms around me from behind.  

I explained, “You forget that I don’t get to do any of this when you’re gone, so it makes me very sad when you leave,” touching his arms, and he sighed.  “But I am so happy I got to, for a little while…”  He turned me around, wiped the tears off my cheeks, gave me a deep kiss and walked away.  I walked over to the window and stood staring at the countryside for awhile.  
So I will go back to my life.  My job, my projects, my husband… *sigh*  And know that even if I was with Philip all the time, it would be like this.  He’d be doing his thing.  I wonder if sleeping with him and doing stuff now and then would be enough.  It feels like it would be, but it doesn’t matter… not going to happen.  
I packed everything so I can go as soon as I feel like it.  I pinged Hubby, made sure he was awake and ready to let in our cleaners.  He was very glad to hear I was coming home.  I will do a little work email then see how I feel.  I thought I might drive around and have lunch, but it’s cloudy and I am blue, so I’ll just head home.  

The lesson here is that two nights are enough.  Will try to remember that.  That’s about as long as I can pull focus away from his work.  But I have to leave space to do things like going to Bristol, use the time away from home to do fun things on my own. 
So there you have it.  My annual idyll is over.  *sigh*  I am taking my memories and heading home.  

Visit #3 Out and about

Wednesday, September 14
I had set my alarm for 6:30 am.  I woke up from a weird dream where I got a new job that was completely beneath me, and when I went back to my office they had hired someone without a high school education to do my job, and I had forgotten to take all my personal stuff home.  Weird. 
I asked Philip about his plans for the day.  He told me his schedule, said this is fun stuff with good people.  He told me several stories about the changes in his office and how things are getting better, but it’s very draining.  

He said he’d be back a little after 5 pm to change clothes, then heading out for supper with his co-workers.  He hoped to be back by 9 pm.  I asked if it was okay for me to stay, that I didn’t want to wear out my welcome.  He said he would love to have me stay, that I was a very easy room mate.  He gave me a long kiss and squeezed my ass as he left.  

I worked on my computer, catching up on work emails. I sent him a football joke via FB (“get the quarter back!”) at 9 am.

Wednesday, September 14
Football funny – A guy took his girlfriend to her first football game. After the game, he asked her how she liked it. “Oh, I really liked it,” she replied, “especially the tight pants and the big muscles, but I don’t get why they were killing each other over 25 cents.” Dumbfounded, her date asked, “What do you mean?” “Well, they flipped a coin, one team got it and then for the rest of the game, all they kept screaming was: ‘Get the quarterback! Get the quarterback!’ I’m like, “hello? It’s only 25 cents!”…

At 10am, I looked at menu for his evening meal, and found the lobster pasta dish he said he’d been looking for and sent him another FB message with the info.  

Looked at the menu – very fancy and pricy.  They have a lobster pasta > Lobster Pappardelle: Steamed lobster, fresh pasta, oyster mushrooms, spring peas, apple wood bacon, lemon-garlic-herb butter    $30
A pal pinged me to check on where I was, again astonished that I was staying yet another night. Sis called and we had a nice chat about the fun I was having and her day.

heading to Bristol.  Hope you’re having a great day!

I made myself go out for a drive.  I ended up in Bristol. It was stunning!! The Mount Hope high bridge into town lets you see for about 50 miles in every direction!   Islands, bays, boats, homes…gorgeous!  And then the town is so cute, all these little shops along a harbor walk.  I went to this incredible restaurant on the harbor called Quito’s… I am stunned that I had the gumption to eat alone but I did it!  And it was delicious – cheap, fast and great!  I ate a stuffed clam, clam chowder and then lobster scampi and bread.  Yum.  Philip and I texted while I sat admiring the harbor.  

12:52pm Phil 
Lobster Mac and Cheese and the scallop chowder I think. Gonna jump in the pool, grab a beer and go enjoy an evening with the boys. Been a great day, better rested today.

12:59pm Phil 
Like the joke

The weather and view was so spectacular!  All the diners were smiling at each other and saying things like “Could this day be any more perfect?!”  Heh.  I texted Philip, sent him a couple of photos.  He told me I suck.  🙂   I walked up the harbor walk and peeked into several shops and a hotel.  So New England!  I bought myself a scarf.  Everything is 20% off as the season is ending.   The owner gave me directions to a private beach in Little Compton, on the down the road from Evelyn’s. I got to see the America 3 America’s Cup boat!  I stopped at a scenic overlook and marveled at the lovely green countryside sloping down to the water.  

Heading back now.  See you soon.

It’s the kind of day I wish I had everyone I know along on!  

I took a bunch of photos I think you can see here: 
Sorry to go on and on… but this is probably my joy for the year, and maybe one of the best days of my life.  I can’t believe I was brave enough to come down here, and stay down here and go out alone and see all this… it’s the post-cancer “LIVE IT UP!” me.  Hee. 
I got back to the hotel about 3:30 pm, emailed photos to people and popped them into G+.  I answered more work emails. 
Philip came in at 5 pm for about 20 minutes, oohed and aahed over the photos of my day.  He seemed really pleased that I had ventured out alone and found such special places to show him next time.  He went off to dinner with the guys.  I surfed the web then made myself go out again.  
I found an incredible little seafood deli for take-out, Anthony’s, ended up with clam cakes, clam chowder and a stuffed clam!  All for $8.95!  I took it back to the room.  

I had decided that if Philip didn’t come back by 9:30 pm, I would go home.  He appeared at 8:57 pm!  Heh.

He wanted to swim and sit in the hot tub and asked me to go with him, but warned me that half his conference mates are staying here, so to be careful.  There were a couple of people in the pool, neither of which he knew. He swam out into the night air and I went out the door to look at the sky.  I sat in a chair and chatted with him about his dinner and my dinner.  We could have been strangers.  
We came back to the room and chatted some more.  He turned on the TV to an odd comedy.  I snuggled up next to him and rubbed on him a bit, but he fell asleep.  I’m disappointed… I want to be as irresistible to him as he is to me.  
His wife called… his phone was on silent and I noticed it flashing, so I woke him to tell him.  He dashed out of the room to call her.  He thanked me when he returned, then apologized for falling asleep, said he was exhausted from the conference and having to deal with work as well.  We talked some more, and he fell asleep again.  I don’t know what I’ll do tomorrow… we’ll see. 
So I pinged Hubby online and chatted with him a bit.  He had gone out to dinner with a friend! Yay.  He said he misses me!  
Philip woke up for a bit and explained that he had to be away all day tomorrow and has a big dinner with the group tomorrow night, and may not be back until very late.  He didn’t ask me to go but it seemed like he could not promise me any time.  I would stay but I get the feeling he needs one night alone before he goes home on Friday.  I probably should just go home in the morning but I don’t want to yet, more about not going home than staying here.  But we’ll see… need to get more info out of him in the morning.  
He seems afraid to just say what he wants done.  Probably years of getting flack from his wife.  Such a bizarre way we interact but he seems to appreciate me staying in the moment.  

I got onto my computer and began to write about our time together.  It is so comfortable being with him, listening to him, talking to him, sharing a meal… and of course, having someone to touch me and let me touch him! 

Visit #3 Sassy Tourist

Wednesday, September 14
1:20 pm Quito’s in Bristol is stunning… Lobster scampi for $16 w/ an incredible harbor view.
1:47 pm Lobster scampi @ Quito’s
[photo of the dish]

1:56 pm Stuffed clam and the best chowder ever @ Quito’s.  Yum.

1:58 pm Phil: Well shit
1:58 pm Phil: Made the wrong call
1:59 pm Phil: I liked Evelyn’s too though but it was very over priced
2:01 pm The sunset was worth it… 🙂 🙂
2:01 pm no… I think they both have their plusses
2:02 pm view from the Bristol bridge is stunning, can see like 50 miles in all directions!
2:04 pm Quito’s is one of those places I want to bring everyone I know the next sunny day…
2:05 pm thanks for getting me here… will try to get pix.
2:07 pm Have you been on a jet ski?  Lotsa cute men out here having fun on them.
7:50 pm Anthony’s Seafood [photo of the display area]

7:51 pm Phil: Many times.  Jet skis are a blast.
7:52 pm Phil: Where the heck is that?
7:52 pm Folksy spot, wicked cheap – got cup chowder, clam cakes and spicy stuffy for $8.95!
7:53 pm Easy drive from the hotel
7:54 pm saw a thai place, a Japanese steak place… Amazing what hides on the back roads here
7:54 pm You having fun?
7:56 pm [photo] 2 lobster special $22.  Wow!  We could share two at that price!

8:14 pm [Photo] Clam cakes, spicy stuffy w/ chorizo, clam chowder – note the spoon standing straight up! $8.95 may be my best deal of the year!

8:23 pm Damn I wish you were here to taste the spicy stuffy – it’s fierce!

8:35 pm You find good cheap food, girl!  Heading back.  See you soon.