Words to Live By

December 2, 2015 Wednesday

Good morning kid!

7:37am Phil
Good morning!

The medical community is focusing on an important topic at last – life near death.  The lessons are 1) talk about it earlier and 2) “If, ultimately, end-of-life conversations are less about death and more a focus on life itself, then working in this field is not so much about perfecting medical interventions as it is about perfecting being human—an insight so simple it’s radical.”

Words to Live By
by David Cameron
“When helping a patient prepare for death, talk about life instead”
Lobster chowder at The Red House.  Always the best food I put in my mouth!  A former boss took me out.  


Fascinating fanciful artist who is into the intersection of words and art.  A drawing for every letter of the alphabet!  p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 14.0px Helvetica; color: #1d2129; -webkit-text-stroke: #1d2129} span.s1 {font-kerning: none}

Ah… two countries separated by a common language. Very helpful!

British Desserts, explained for Americans confused by the Great British Baking Show

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Late heat

December 1, 2015 Tuesday

Good morning kid!

8:38am Phil
Good morning! Cold, rainy day, great day to be at work!

We turned the heat on. Can’t recall ever making it to December 1 before.

Stuff pile up while you were away?

11:24am Phil
Nah, easy day


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Otterly delightful

November 30, 2015 Monday

60s last Friday, 20s today.  Brrr….

Benedict Cumberbatch is such a good sport! Otterably delightful!


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Royal revisit

November 29, 2015 Sunday
6:38am Phil 
Been to the Chart House many times. It’s a favorite. Have to try the Cosmo

8:35am Phil 
Good morning! Been up clearing out storage since six while the princess sips coffee. Some days I really wonder. At least I am making the final trip, then breakfast and football!


Good morning kid!

Took myself to Bob Evans for breakfast


Ooh!  I wish we had them here.

9:25am Phil 

Felt like pancakes and eggs, and the mere sight of the princess pissed me off this morning, so treating myself to me time


Good plan. Busy there?

Not bad

65 years ago… amazing photos of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip revisiting Malta 

The Queen and Prince Philip bade farewell to Malta yesterday, perhaps for the final time. The three-day visit by the 89-year-old British monarch and her 94-year old husband included the biennial Commonwealth leaders meeting and visits to places around the island nation where they lived from 1949 to 1951 when he was an officer in the Royal Navy and she was a young princess. It was a sentimental journey that included a stop to view the Grand Harbour, echoing a moment captured in a photo 66 years earlier, in 1949.


The latest pictures of Princess Charlotte, taken by her mother, The Duchess of Cambridge, in early November at their home in Norfolk.

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November 28, 2015 Saturday
Good morning kid!

8:56am Phil 

Good morning! More boxes today. Clearing the storage shed. Last thing to move to the house. 

Done something to my left hand with all this lifting. Afraid it’s a ligament or something. No time yet. Will get it looked at after everything is done. 

Have a beautiful day!


Best of luck with the boxes.  I’m off to Mom’s as usual.  

Sorry to hear about the hand!  Ugh.  Pop by the CVS and get one of those hand ace bandages or velcro splints.  It can protect it from more damage while you’re carrying on?  and ice it down when you’ve having a cigar, stave off swelling.  Mwah!

9:08am Phil 


Lunch with Mom at the Ninety Nine Woburn on a cold rainy day.  I had the turkey tips again!  


Another couple of restaurant recommendations from a pal in Alexandria… 

“Cosmopolitan Grill for excellent schnitzel and wine. For anyone wanting a fabulous date night or richly decadent dinner, they are perfect!”  

Her other recommendation was the Chart House… the views are lovely.  
Alexandria Waterfront Seafood Restaurant| Potomac River Dining with a View | Chart House
Chart House’s Alexandria location, a historic waterfront restaurant on the Potomac River.

Gloucester sunset

November 27, 2015 Friday

From: Sassy
To: Brett 
Date: Fri 27 2015 11:02 PM
Re: Happy Thanksgiving
Hiya Brett!  Thinking of you.  I walked on the beach in Gloucester today, wished you could see the sunset.  Here’s a sample.  Have a great weekend! 

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Beach instead of stores

November 27, 2015 Friday
Good morning kid!

9:01am Phil 

Good morning! Getting the house right today


Yay!  Yesterday go okay? Kitchen works?

9:16am Phil 
Yesterday was great!  Everything worked, plenty of room. 

Trying to get my wife off her ass to clear the counter tops.  She’s pretty much useless in that regard. Did find all those Pandora bracelets though. They were in her closet buried behind all her junk. That was like finding 1000s in a drawer. 

Hoping to clear my garage and build some shelves and clear storage today. Ambitious but doable and maybe a little time to set up my office with a scotch or two


You’re in Energizer bunny mode I see

9:29am Phil 

Got to get it done!

Beach weather! 


Late lunch at Lobsta Land in Gloucester.  So yummy! 

 Classic clam chowder
 Crispy coconut shrimp
 Creme brulee


Sunset at Good Harbor Beach Gloucester #optoutside


Hiya kid, How goes?

8:04pm Phil 

Got a lot done. Relaxing



See my paella lunch?
Didn’t look as good as yours but it was yummy.

11:22pm Phil 

Looked delicious!

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Nibbling on me

November 26, 2015 Thursday Thanksgiving Day

From: Sassy
To: Brett
DateL Thu 26 Nov 2015 11:16 AM
Re: Happy Thanksgiving
Hiya Brett!  
Hope you are having a Happy Thanksgiving!  I’m thinking of you, hoping your test went easily and you are back to enjoying solid food today.  Wish you could be nibbling on me!


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Happy Thanksgiving

November 26, 2015 Thursday THANKSGIVING
Happy Thanksgiving!

7:21am Phil 

Happy Thanksgiving! Have a wonderful day!


Everything cooking along?

7:32am Phil 

Bird goes in at 8:30. Other one goes in at 10:00. 
Going to stroll to 7-eleven for coffee and the paper
Nice weather?  
We’re looking at 50s today and 60s tomorrow – bizarre but I’ll take it!

7:34am Phil 
Sunny, mid 60s all weekend!


Your dogs cuddling are so precious!   
They doing okay?

They are settling in nicely. 
Will be much happier when the fence is in


Happy Thanksgiving! May you have uneventful travels, delicious food and easy discussions at dinner! I am thankful for you on my friends list!


My full plate – roll, green bean casserole, lobster mac & cheese, beet salad, butternut squash with apples, stuffing, turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy!


Pecan pie, pumpkin pie and winter fruit compote.  Someone else brought pie too!  

Free afternoon

November 25, 2015 Wednesday
Hiya kid!  I get to leave the office early.  
Hope you’re having a wonderful Wednesday.

1:35pm Phil 
Cool!  Been busy but took time to grab some scotch for the weekend

Making the best use of a free afternoon – suan la chow show from Mary Chung’s


Gonna be away?

1:57pm Phil 
Nope! Staying home! I’m making a baked turkey and a smoked turkey breast, honey baked ham, green bean casserole, yams, mashed red potatoes, sausage stuffing, fresh cranberry sauce, mimosas for the cook and pumpkin pie for dessert.  Oh and of course creamed herring to enjoy through the day.

Wowzers.  What a way to test that new kitchen!

Kids coming?

2:02pm Phil 

Nope!  Just the two of us

Oh my…

2:06pm Phil 

I love thanksgiving left overs
Was just thinking you’ll have leftovers for days

2:07pm Phil
Small bird 14lbs, small ham 4lbs.  Will last the weekend any way