Baked stuffed

Saturday, March 1, 2014
Good morning kid!¬†¬†Busy Saturday for you?¬†¬†I’m off to Mom’s then taking Hubby to the¬†Boat House in RI to kick off his b-day celebrations in style. I’m lusting after¬†their baked stuffed¬†LOBSTER!
8:36am Phil
I’m in the beach! Sounds like a fun day. enjoy!
11:06am Phil
I’m jealous over the lobster!
1:15 pmHere’s my lunch – yummy seafood enchilada!

It was a beautiful day!
Grinnell’s Beach, Tiverton, RI
The road down to The Boat House
with Mount Hope Bay in the background
Sunset over Mount Hope Bay
The pier into Mount Hope Bay
Mount Hope Bay
The Boat House
The view from our table
Sunset from our table
Hall of fame chowder –
Maine baby shrimp, sweet corn, chourizo
Ceviche special – Striped Sea Bass & Shrimp Ceviche
w/ fried plantains, green cherry tomatoes, and s
liced jalapenos, drizzled with olive oil
Mixed field greens РPecans, goat cheese, radish, onion, tomato, cucumber, champagne-honey dressing
Baked stuffed lobster – Shrimp, scallops, crab,
lemon butter, herb bread crumbs
12oz Angus Sirloin
w/gnocchi, pancetta, and greens w/ balsamic syrup
Pecan pie
Raspberry sorbet
Hot chocolate
9:08pm Phil
Looks amazing!
And the lobster was only $36!  I want to go there with you someday.
10:22pm Phil
Wow! That’s great! Love to go!
The place is so reasonable, especially for a waterfront place… we had two drinks, two soups, a salad, ceviche, 2 entrees, they comped us the desserts… only $135!
10:24pm Phil
That’s really good!
I adore it when I make a plan and it all falls into place.., the drive, the weather, the timing with the sunset, the meal… such a treat!

You enjoy the winery?

NH Man Meet #7

Friday, February 28, 2014 
Me: Good morning hot stuff! 7:55 AM
NH Man: Good morning to you still on for 4:30? 8:14 AM
Me: Oh yes! Make this day go by fast please! 8:16 AM
Me: You close? 4:30 PM
NH Man: I think I’m here 4:36 PM
Me: Ok. Be right out! 4:37 PM
NH Man: On corner  4:37 PM

Meet #7
I had really missed NH Man and wanted to make this meet special.  I chatted with The Pup, my AM cyber only guy, trying to pass the time as I waited for NH Man to pick me up at work. He gave me several ideas to try, to see if I could get NH Man to branch out a bit.  He got me really revved up right before the meet! 
NH Man picked me up at work.  I had not let anyone do that before.  We drove to my place.  The traffic was bad… strange to see that before 5 pm. I played with him in the car… he had the biggest smile on his face! The Pup suggested it and it worked like a charm!  I put my hand on his knee. He looked at me like… nice.  Then I moved slowly up his leg… making little patterns with my fingers. He got that look like, “You are NOT going to tease me in the car!”  Then I went more to the inside of his leg and higher and he got his wicked grin. By the time I got to the top of his thigh he had quite the hard-on going. And a big grin. I stroked and pressed.  He told me I am a bad girl and I said, “You wouldn’t have it any other way,” and he chuckled.
We got to my place and I played with him and kissed him in the elevator. He said, “What is it with you and elevators?”
I said, “It is so naughty” and he smiled and kissed me harder. I tried to get to his fly but he swatted me away as the doors opened.  
We got inside my place, and I pressed him against the wall and kissed him just inside the door – another suggestion from The Pup. That seemed to go over very well too!  Then we went to my bedroom. He got undressed except for his briefs.  I started undressing but apparently was not going fast enough so he came over to help me and started nibbling on my neck… very sexy.  We crawled into bed and he went at my chest with one hand and his mouth, his middle finger from the other hand exploring between my legs.  I was already dripping wet.  He started fingering me, had me trembling and moaning. He’s very good at that – he does this thing with his thumb on my clit, then puts his other fingers lower… sets me off! It felt amazing!
I got him to talk a little more during… which was ever so sexy. Then I asked what he’d like next and he led me to give him a blow job.  I did it from the side, leaning over his hip, so I could get him really deep. He gave me instructions for the first time – which I adore- told me to squeeze his balls while I was sucking… so I went up from underneath and pressed them so I was holding them and his cock.  I started tasting a nice amount of pre-cum.  And he was into it… holding my head and fucking my mouth in a way he has not done before. 
I asked him to let go…. let me swallow. He said he’d rather be inside me, that it is tough for him to cum in my mouth.  I asked him to trust me to make it happen, told him I wanted to taste it.  He pulled away and we did his 3-min sex thing at the end of the bed.  Again.  *sigh
We talked more about it after.  He said he can only cum once, so if he came in my mouth, he wouldn’t get to be inside me. I asked him to trust me on that as well. And if he can’t cum a second time, it’s okay.  
We had a nice cuddle as we talked, with him playing with my breasts… he is such a boob man!  I told him a story about an adventure a friend had, and he got excited again… I knew I could help him do that!  But he had to leave to pick up his wife.  Argh!  I wanted more!  An hour is not long enough, especially when we are used to being in bed for hours at his beach place.  But it was way better than nothing.  I had a wonderful glow.  And a new hope that I might be able to get him to do more!

Hello world!

Welcome to my new blog address!  I am so excited to share more of my adventures with you using my own domain!  I am working hard to get some real posts up here.  Please add to your bookmarks or blog roll and check back next week!

Get some

Thursday, February 27, 2014
Good morning! Cold today, with more snow this afternoon.  Yippee.  Hope you’re having a productive day!  
I have a meet tomorrow… 7th one with the same guy from NH.  Woot!

9:38pm Phil  

Good for you! Go get some you sexy thing!
I’d rather get your ass. 
9:55pm Phil  
Ha ha! Sweet dreams sexy

Planning another meet!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014
Me: Good morning hot stuff! 7:52 AM
NH Man: Good morning. Going to your state 7:52 AM
Me: Why? 7:53 AM
NH Man: For work  7:55 AM
Me: Ooh! Nifty! Have fun! 7:59 AM
NH Man: I always enjoy going to watch 100’s of entitled state workers screwing off all day. I like to see my tax dollars at work. 8:01 AM
Me: You don’t pay them. I do! 8:05 AM
NH Man: I file Mass taxes every year so I do pay and get little in return for all the money I send to Deval 8:07 AM
Me: Do you have to go straight home? Pop by for supper or whatever? 12:44 PM
NH Man: I’m on my way back already. Maybe Friday afternoon? 12:45 PM
Me: Keep me in mind. ūüôā 1:07 PM
NH Man: Can you send hubby on an errand Friday? 1:08 PM
Me: Yup. 1:09 PM
NH Man: What time is good? 1:10 PM
Me: I’m flexible. When is good for you? 1:16 PM
NH Man: After 4 1:17 PM
Me: Could you pick me up at work at 4:30 pm? 1:19 PM
NH Man: Sure. Address? 1:21 PM
Me: Yay! [address redacted]. 1:29 PM
NH Man: Ok 1:30 PM
Me: Usually you can wait on the street but if parking cop gets silly, go next door. 1:32 PM
Me: How long should I tell Hubby to vamoose? 1:32 PM
NH Man: I will need to leave by 6:30 1:34 PM

Vertical Meatloaf

Wednesday, February 26, 2014
Good morning kid!  Had dinner with one of your neighbors from our home town [name redacted] last night!  Forgot how pleasant she is.  She was visiting Mom.  We went with Mom’s “not-my-boyfriend.”  Ha!

Here’s a photo of the bizarre way they present meatloaf and mashed potatoes!  Have a great Wednesday!

8:29am Phil  
Oh cool! Yeah… nice lady always. 
Snowing again! Enjoy the day!
Did you drive in it?
11:11am Phil  
Oh yeah

Fine distraction

Tuesday, February 25, 2014 
Me: Hiya hot stuff! 8:14 AM
NH Man: Hiya back 8:15 AM
NH Man: I’m chained to my desk this morning 8:17 AM
Me: Yuck! Wish I was there to distract you. 8:30 AM
NH Man: Mmmmm. I could chain you to my desk and have my way with you…. That would be a distraction 8:33 AM
Me: Mmmm… or I could hide underneath and have my way with your boy parts. 8:35 AM
NH Man: Another fine distraction 8:36 AM
NH Man: Death in the extended family yesterday. Long time battle with cancer. 8:37 AM
Me: I’m so sorry. At home? 9:18 AM
NH Man: Yes. late last night 9:38 AM
Me: My dad died 3 yrs ago this week, so I was thinking about “merciful death” – it’s good when suffering ends, but still so sad. 9:41 AM
NH Man: He did not go well. Struggling to breath for days walking around like a zombie with no sleep. Meds were not touching pain. He finally got enough meds to snow him and he passed. RIP 9:54 AM
Me: Oh dear. Yes… dad’s last days weren’t story book either. 3 mos in hospice. Mom so worn out – her main emotion was relief. If you need to talk, or me to come hug you, let me know. 10:01 AM
NH Man: I’m fine. I have not had much to do with him for the last forty years. 10:24 AM