Fine distraction

Tuesday, February 25, 2014 
Me: Hiya hot stuff! 8:14 AM
NH Man: Hiya back 8:15 AM
NH Man: I’m chained to my desk this morning 8:17 AM
Me: Yuck! Wish I was there to distract you. 8:30 AM
NH Man: Mmmmm. I could chain you to my desk and have my way with you…. That would be a distraction 8:33 AM
Me: Mmmm… or I could hide underneath and have my way with your boy parts. 8:35 AM
NH Man: Another fine distraction 8:36 AM
NH Man: Death in the extended family yesterday. Long time battle with cancer. 8:37 AM
Me: I’m so sorry. At home? 9:18 AM
NH Man: Yes. late last night 9:38 AM
Me: My dad died 3 yrs ago this week, so I was thinking about “merciful death” – it’s good when suffering ends, but still so sad. 9:41 AM
NH Man: He did not go well. Struggling to breath for days walking around like a zombie with no sleep. Meds were not touching pain. He finally got enough meds to snow him and he passed. RIP 9:54 AM
Me: Oh dear. Yes… dad’s last days weren’t story book either. 3 mos in hospice. Mom so worn out – her main emotion was relief. If you need to talk, or me to come hug you, let me know. 10:01 AM
NH Man: I’m fine. I have not had much to do with him for the last forty years. 10:24 AM

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