Hello November

November 1, 2018 Thursday

12:17 AM Sassy

7:48 PM Sassy
Hope you had a good Thursday! I got back to the office and worked on and on!

9:02 PM Phil
I did, watching the game outside on a very pretty night

9:04 PM Sassy
Who’re you rooting for?
I hear you… I worked like crazy today!

Something new… two people came by to complain about the boss, like usual, and then she came by to complain about them! That’s new.

9:49 PM Phil
Neither team. Just enjoying the game.

9:50 PM Sassy

9:55 PM Phil
Cigars, scotch and football, good nite

9:56 PM Sassy
Inside or out?

10:09 PM Phil
Outside always
My pal from work is here for another nite. Always nice

10:10 PM Sassy
Here’s a manatee. Enjoy!

10:28 PM Sassy
He doing well?

I adored that slide video he posted of you.

10:30 PM Phil
We are his second home. He’s doing great

10:31 PM Sassy
Talk him into a home in FL yet?

10:31 PM Phil
Oh yeah, they are coming

10:31 PM Sassy

10:32 PM Phil

Halloween Posto treats

October 31, 2018 Wednesday

12:00 AM Sassy
6:29 AM Phil
Good morning! Hope your day is great!
6:31 AM Sassy
Good morning to you! Happy Halloween!

8:50 PM Sassy
You having a fun night?

9:33 PM Phil
Smoking cigars with my pal
9:33 PM Sassy

9:34 PM Phil
Yes ma’am, it’s a good night
9:58 PM Sassy
Did you hand out candy?
9:58 PM Phil
Oh yeah, about 150 kids
9:58 PM Sassy
Wow! Any fun costumes?
10:00 PM Phil
So cute!
One of the Moms dressed as a sexy cop! Wow!
10:04 PM Sassy
Oh my…
Do you do a costume?
10:12 PM Sassy

Superb supper at Posto in Davis Square Somerville

Lovely cocktail
My teagria – crimson berry iced tea, orange and ginger ale
BURRATA – maple brook farms vt cheese, port poached pears,
 candied pistachios, prosciutto di parma and vincotto
BEETS SALAD – chioggia beets with goat cheese, 
vincotto and olive oil croutons
OLIVA – warm olives, orange, rosemary, arbol chile
TORTELLINI with jonah crab, squash fonduta, 
cranberries, parmesan creme and fried parsley
My spaghetti carbonara – pasta with black pepper, 
bacon, pancetta and farm fresh egg
GNOCCHI with braised beef short ribs, 
red wine sauce and parmesan crema
Mini cannoli classico with whipped ricotta cheese
10:18 PM Phil
No costume for us but we were thinking of committing a crime : )
10:19 PM Sassy
10:020 PM Phil
Hoping she would handcuff us
10:21 PM Sassy
10:23 PM Phil
10:23 PM Sassy
We went out for dinner and admired the waiters’ costumes
10:23 PM Phil
Oh, cool
10:24 PM Sassy
There was a giraffe, a mutant ninja turtle, a bat, a cat, a snake and a very classy feathered bird mask!
10:25 PM Phil
Oh cool! I love Halloween
10:26 PM Sassy
It’s mostly a non-event here… but I enjoy people’s creativity
10:29 PM Phil
Lot of families in the neighborhood so lots of kids and the parents dress up. 
My pal got a great pic with some of them
10:31 PM Sassy
Here’s a photo of my niece and my brother-in-law in their costumes
10:38 PM Phil
Love it

Dumpling Daughter

October 29, 2018 Monday

9:05 AM Sassy
Good morning Philip!


Hope your having an easy time going back to work!
11:46 AM Phil
Good morning. Great day so far. Hope yours is too!
11:52 AM Sassy
It’s lovely… I’m doing a little work at home, then heading out to vote early and eat dumplings for lunch!!
4:05 PM Phil
2:45 PM Sassy

First time at Dumpling Daughter’s new spot in Kendall Square Cambridge

Entrance on Ames Street
Food photos on the wall
Menu on the wall
Order counter
BBQ Pork bun
BBQ pork bun
Pork and cabbage dumplings
Coco’s roll up with beef and hoisin sauce
Crab rangoons
Sesame wontons
Thai bubble tea
Pork & chive dumplings

9:21 PM Sassy
Late supper at the Ninety-Nine Restaurant. I had their Soup du jour – the Mediterranean lemon chicken pasta soup

World Champions

October 28, 2018 Sunday

6:31 AM Sassy
Good morning kid!

2:19 PM Phil
[photo of a house with a golf cart in the driveway and palm trees]
Hey there!
Sox looking good! Watching my football team.
Found a house and neighborhood in Fla.

2:52 PM Sassy
Sox are nerve wracking but fun. What’s nifty about the house?
2:55 PM Phil
Love the neighborhood, backs up to the golf course, four bedrooms, 3 baths, roomy, space for a pool, golf cart community, great kitchen and reasonable price
2:56 PM Sassy
Cool! Close to Disney?
2:56 PM Phil
45 minutes from everything
2:57 PM Sassy
Hurricane safe?
2:57 PM Phil
Oh yeah, concrete block, hurricane windows
2:58 PM Sassy
Built post-1993?
2:59 PM Phil
New construction, we will design it, they mow and trim the grass, internet, cable all free
3:00 PM Sassy
The news said that homes built post-Andrew withstood the last hurricane on the panhandle
3:01 PM Phil
We spent a day looking and came back to this neighborhood. People are friendly and they all seem very happy
3:01 PM Sassy
Mostly older or mixed?
3:03 PM Phil
55 and older, no kids but everyone we met were our age and very active. Have their own pub, restaurant, gym, theater, pools, golf course
3:03 PM Sassy
Are you allowed to rent it out when you’re not there?
3:04 PM Phil
We won’t do that. Will start moving stuff in slowly. I’m going to apply at Disney
We could rent it but won’t
3:05 PM Sassy
Oh my…
3:05 PM Phil
Retirement is coming up so it’s time to find a place.
Have to sell the beach houses.
We have family that live in the next neighborhood. They are older and will need help soon. Happy to do that for them.
3:09 PM Sassy
 3:11 PM Phil
I love those folks, great people.
3:11 PM Sassy
Were they from our hometown?
3:13 PM Phil
They lived about an hour away
We had dinner with [names redacted] from our home town 
3:14 PM Sassy
How’re they doing?
3:16 PM Phil
Good, always great to see them
They are Disney people so we have hooked up a couple of times
3:16 PM Sassy
Did you sign papers on the house?
3:17 PM Phil
Not yet, picked a lot, gotta dump at least one house, going to get aggressive on that. We have buyers.
Hoping to pay cash for the house
3:18 PM Sassy
Wow! Lots going on!
Thanks for sharing… I adore knowing what’s up.
3:20 PM Phil
I love the Beach, where we live – not so much. 
[4 photo collage of the model home]

Interior of the house. We can modify as we see fit

3:23 PM Sassy
Wow… That house looks beautiful – a lot like where you are now

 3:23 PM Phil
That’s why we like it
11:32 PM Sassy

A long game

October 27, 2018 Saturday

1:10 PM Sassy
The marathon Red Sox world series game last night went 18 innings (twice the usual #) and took 7 hours and 20 minutes, finishing about 3:30 am ET. My favorite bit of history from mlb.com: “To put the time it took to play Game 3 in perspective, consider this note from STATS: The entire 1939 World Series finished in less time, wrapping up in a tidy seven hours, five minutes. The Yankees swept the Reds…, with none of the four games lasting longer than two hours, four minutes.”

I fell asleep during the 11th inning. It is nerve wracking!

Anniversary festivities

October 26, 2018 Friday

3:04 PM Sassy
Beautiful afternoon by the Essex River

4:16 PM Sassy
Amazing anniversary celebration at C.K. Pearl in Essex

4 types of oysters – Row 34, Aunt Dottie, Moon shoal 
and Conway Royale – with cocktail sauce, horseradish and mignonette
Jumbo shrimp cocktail
Dining room
Clam chowder with fried clams and pork belly
Tomato soup with cheese croutons
Hubby’s steak tips with asparagus and french fries
My crispy ribs with Asian slaw and french fries
Dining room showing the windows facing the river 
and the bar on the far end
Pumpkin cheesecake 
with cranberry and walnut whipped cream
10:10 PM Sassy
Gloucester inlet beauty
A peaceful inlet
A house boat 
My favorite chocolate store 
Sunset at Niles Beach

Symphony in baseball mood

October 25, 2018 Thursday
8:18 AM Sassy
Your photos looked amazing! I like the elephants.
8:23 AM Phil
Me too. Lion was very impressive and active.
Have a fabulous day!
8:38 AM Sassy
I’m running another big reception this afternoon. Whee.
Enjoy your Thursday!
8:41 AM Phil
Good luck!

6:24 PM Sassy
Another big event accomplished!

The bubbly
Cheeses and fruit and crackers
Mini pastries
Honey dijon glazed chicken brochettes with blue cheese dressing
Tamari lime shrimp
Spicy ahi tuna and mango skewers
Crudites with dip
Caprese skewers with pesto
Lavash spirals with turkey or veggies

9:19 PM Sassy
The Boston Symphony gets into the World Series spirit! Ha!

[2 minute video]

Andris Nelsons and the Boston Symphony Orchestra Play “I’m Shipping Up to Boston”

Rainbow omen

October 24, 2018 Wednesday

12:05 AM Sassy
What a night! Nothing like thunder, lightning, torrential rain, hail, a double rainbow and a Red Sox win in Game 1 of the World Series at Fenway! Red Sox 8, Dodgers 4!
5:20 PM Sassy
Rainbow in Harvard Square!  Hoping this means the Red Sox are going to win again. 🙂

7:39 PM Sassy
Wow! There was a tiara bonanza at the State Banquet tonight!


Peter Nicholls – WPA Pool/Getty Images
10:12 PM Phil
Hope your week has been good! Having a nice week.

Former Boy Wonder

October 23, 2018 Tuesday

12:11 PM Sassy
Flu prevention!  Got my free shot at work!

8:15 PM Sassy
I adore the way he channels Whitney Houston.  This singer made my spine tingle in the best possible way!  And notice Simon grinning!!  It gets a “YES” from me.

Johnny Manuel: Former Wonder Boy Wants New Beginning on America’s Got Talent