Hello November

November 1, 2018 Thursday

12:17 AM Sassy

7:48 PM Sassy
Hope you had a good Thursday! I got back to the office and worked on and on!

9:02 PM Phil
I did, watching the game outside on a very pretty night

9:04 PM Sassy
Who’re you rooting for?
I hear you… I worked like crazy today!

Something new… two people came by to complain about the boss, like usual, and then she came by to complain about them! That’s new.

9:49 PM Phil
Neither team. Just enjoying the game.

9:50 PM Sassy

9:55 PM Phil
Cigars, scotch and football, good nite

9:56 PM Sassy
Inside or out?

10:09 PM Phil
Outside always
My pal from work is here for another nite. Always nice

10:10 PM Sassy
Here’s a manatee. Enjoy!

10:28 PM Sassy
He doing well?

I adored that slide video he posted of you.

10:30 PM Phil
We are his second home. He’s doing great

10:31 PM Sassy
Talk him into a home in FL yet?

10:31 PM Phil
Oh yeah, they are coming

10:31 PM Sassy

10:32 PM Phil

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