Meet #29 The Northerner The Middle

February 1, 2019 Friday

My morning

I had today off from work. I planned to sleep late and take my time getting ready to see The Northerner, but I ended up needing to go see my eye doctor for a strange eye infection! Bleh. Luckily that didn’t take long and he prescribed eye drops with an antibiotic and steroids that were easy to pick up from my pharmacy, and they fixed my eye right away!

I worked on the payroll at home then drove out to the burbs to meet The Northerner for lunch at Bamboo, the asian buffet in Bedford. I adore it there! It feels like the buffet choices were made for me – most of my favorites!

Meeting at Bamboo

I was early, so I sat in my car and caught up on Facebook. Right at 1:30 pm, he pressed his hands and face on the passenger side window! I jumped out of the car and we strolled into the restaurant. I remarked on how much snow was on the ground – we don’t have any at home.

We were seated right away and went up to the buffet. I grabbed a plate and filled it with a crab rangoon, half an egg roll, General Gao’s chicken, veggie lo mein, beef w/ onions (a new dish), shrimp shumai, chicken fingers, a peking ravioli and some sushi! We munched and chatted. It was so tough not to touch him! I went back up to get seconds of a few items and so did he!

We talked about his office, and my pending retirement and all the tasks in and out of the office I want to tackle before I leave. I told him about a tasty sushi place in Arlington. He told me about his plan to watch the Super Bowl with his family on Sunday.  I told him about my eye doctor visit and hoped I didn’t gross him out with my red puffy eye. He said he had not noticed it.

He paid and I thanked him. We ate our chocolate fortune cookies. Mine had a rather prosaic fortune about the middle option being better than the extremes. I joked about how maybe I was supposed to be in the middle of the bed this afternoon? He grinned and winked at me. I wondered aloud whose job it is to write the fortunes? He said they probably get out the Confucius book and adapt his sayings?

He asked me if I was over being mad at Tumblr. I scoffed, told him I had not found an alternative, and there was an odd thing going on where they had hidden anything they labeled “porn” about 6 weeks ago, but people kept on posting it and they weren’t doing anything about it now so I was still able to find inspiring photos. He asked why I don’t watch videos. I told him I find it easier to look at a photo and use it to spark my imagination. With videos, I find them poorly made and they don’t go where I want and I end up arguing with them in my mind and getting distracted from feeling sexy! I also have a tough time finding ones made for me, so I just watch them looking for what I think men might like. He asked what I like. I said I want a bit of a story, dialogue, real looking people, pubic hair, with some acknowledgment that the woman’s pleasure is a goal to be included. He said I should tell him more later about what my fantasies are that don’t show up in the videos.

It finally got to be late enough to go to the hotel. We split up to make our way in our own cars.

At the hotel

I checked in – there was no one around! They gave me the key card for room 3011. He was waiting around the corner. I handed him the key card. We got in the elevator and kissed a little as we rose one floor to the Hilton Honors floor. We went half way down the hall to a room on the right overlooking the inner garden.

He took off his shoes, sock and slacks. I smiled at him and he took off his plaid shirt and black boxer briefs!

I had time to set down my purse and take off my glasses and shoes before he pulled me over to the bed. He helped me take off my socks and leggings then sat behind me and kissed my neck while he massaged my breasts. My sweater and bra disappeared into a pile on the floor.

I rolled over into the middle of the bed and joked about how important it is to take fortunes seriously! He chuckled and rolled me onto my side. He spread my legs and pressed his fingers into my slit and started flicking my clit. He moved around it and pressed it in a new way that made me crazy quickly! I wondered where he picked that up! He knelt and used his cock to tease up and down my slit, pressing it on my clit, slowly back and forth. That had my hips shaking and me breathing funny! He got quite a work out, pressing and twisting and pushing his cock around but not quite inside.

He rolled me over and grabbed a condom he’d left on the night stand.  He tried a little missionary action while he was propped up on his arms. He went in and out a little, then flopped down beside me. I moved around to just about a 90 degree angle, tossed my legs over his hip and and pressed my ass back against his crotch. He moaned and joked about me being in the middle of the bed for real now, then slid smoothly inside me, putting one hand on my shoulder for leverage as he moved in and out, and putting the other on my breast and then my clit. I adore this position!

A quick outrageous fantasy

I let my mind wander as he moved, focusing on the sensations inside me. He makes me feel so good! My mind jumped to a sex ed class in a high school, with the girls sitting on top of each desk with their skirts hiked up and no underwear, and the boys seated in front of them learning about female anatomy and testing licking their clits! There were not enough boys to pair with each girl, so I ended up being chosen by the teacher to go sit on his desk and benefit from his talented fingers and mouth! I do not know where my mind comes up with these scenarios – they are so far out… but it was so naughty and definitely heightened my arousal level!

The afterglow

I returned to reality as he got faster moving in and out of me, and finally shuddered as he filled the condom inside me. He stopped moving and took a big breath. I smiled over at him and he grinned back. He closed his eyes and rested.

We did not move, but stayed intertwined for a long time. He dozed for a little while. I stared at the ceiling and pondered a rectangular area where the texture was different. I thought over what we had just done. Mmm…. I felt him breathing.

He woke up and I asked him about the ceiling – he said a roof leak they had patched oddly. He asked me about my fantasies I can’t find in videos. I told him about the office where I am the boss and all the men work naked. I also told him about meeting a man at a conference and having a party with a bunch of people in my room and the man stays after everyone else leaves.

I asked him what videos he’s been watching. He told me about massage videos where a man talks a woman into a massage and she resists a bit but then starts to enjoy it and it gets quite sexy. He described various parts he likes, such as where the woman reaches for the man’s cock (much better than him offering it to her) and admits that he likes the stereotyped ones of Asian women. I joked that maybe we should pick up a waitress from Bamboo sometime and he giggled then said threesomes were not one of his fantasies. He asked what I thought would happen. I told him she and I would work together to pleasure him. He asked if I’d be interested in touching her. I said not particularly but in the heat of the moment, it could happen. He pondered a bit and then reiterated that it was interesting to talk about but not something he wanted.

I was surprised we had not talked about this topic before. In the past I had the impression that he didn’t really care for porn. I asked him to send me the links he likes and he rolled his eyes. Not sure why!

He talked about politics for a few minutes but I could not bring myself to join in. It is all so gross!

He told me more about his December break travels while he was away on vacation.

I asked him to check on the time. He said he didn’t want to move… he wanted to stay inside me and never move. Heh. He finally checked the time and it was nearly 5 pm! He said he needed to get up but he didn’t want to. I nodded and smiled at him wistfully. I had to pee so I made the break and strolled to the bathroom. He followed and hopped into the shower.

Heading out

I got dressed and made sure all my belongings were ready to go. He dried off and dressed, gave me the money to pay for the room and left a tip for the maid. He said he felt so relaxed and thanked me for helping with that. I said I’d be happy to do it again soon and he smiled.

He opened the door, looked to be sure he had everything, and turned off the light. We strolled down the hall and had one more nose rub and quick kiss in the elevator. As we crossed the lobby, I thanked him for a lovely afternoon and he said it was his pleasure and disappeared to his car!

I got my car warmed up, ate the chocolate chip cookie the clerk gave me at check-in and texted Hubby to tell him I was on my way and he could order dinner. I took off for home, my mind going over the special moments with this sweet sexy man!


From: Sassy

To: Brett
Sent: Feb 1, 2019 at 7:07 PM
Re: Start February right

Hiya Brett,

Hope you made it home easily. There was a big slowdown on 128 North, so the GPS sent me off onto Winn Street and around Woburn – that moved pretty well even though I didn’t know where I was most of the time.

Thank you again for a delicious lunch and dessert. It certainly is fun in the middle!

Here’s that photo of Japanese beef dish – sukiyaki – that I talked about from Toraya in Arlington. It’s right on Mass Ave near the Stop & Shop, and has a parking lot in back. 

Hugs with groping! 


Jeans and jerseys

February 1, 2019 Friday

5:48 AM Phil
Football day at work – it’s a good day.

8:22 AM Sassy
What does that mean?

9:21 AM Phil
Just means we get to wear Jeans and jerseys

9:39 AM Sassy
11:27 AM Sassy
Back from the eye doc… he doesn’t know why it’s infected. *sigh
Gave me drops with antibiotics and steroids. Whee!

The Meet is set

January 31, 2019 Thursday
From: Brett
To: Sassy
Sent: Jan 31 at 9:35 PM
Re: Start February right


I could meet for lunch at the usual time(1:30) . If you acknowledge and suggest a different place, we could do something other than Bamboo.

If you don’t hear from me again beforehand, I’ll see you there.



Fron: Sassy

To: Brett
Sent: Jan 31 at 9:43 PM
Re: Start February right

Hiya B! Yay!

Let’s meet at Bamboo! I don’t know anywhere better. Maybe we can talk about that and try next time?

So happy to be seeing you tomorrow!!!! 

Hugs.. groping… kissing… and more! Mwah!


Posto Italian treats

January 31, 2019 Thursday

8:29 AM Sassy
Good morning Philip! We made it to Thursday! Hope you’re warm somewhere.

Today’s my Friday – off to see The Northerner tomorrow!

6:45 PM Sassy
Italian treats at Posto in Davis Square Somerville!

My Beet goat cheese salad
Sausage pizza
My Spaghetti carbonara

9:43 PM Phil
Have fun kiddo!
I have multiple projects due so busy day for me but the weekend is coming!

9:44 PM Sassy
Thanks! Hope your projects go smoothly!

I’m off to the eye doctor in the morning, see if he can cure me of this wretched infection. Think good thoughts!

9:52 PM Phil
I will do that

sweet dreams!

9:52 PM Sassy
Sleep well dear man!

Northern Lights from space

January 30, 2019 Wednesday

8:42 AM Sassy
Good morning Philip! Hope the storm wasn’t too bad.

9:28 AM Phil
We actually got nothing. Very cold but otherwise nothing. There was a three hour delay today so I took the day off and am tidying up my office at home.

hope your day is fabulous

7:13 PM Sassy
Northern lights…from space!
from the Facebook page of NASA Astronaut Randy “Komrade” Bresnik

“Being able to see the #auroraborealis from orbit aboard International Space Station = Indescribable!”

7:58 PM Sassy
Tasty dinner at All Seasons Table in Malden

Scallion pancake 
(not what I ordered *sigh – I wanted the seafood version)
Spicy beef basil soup
Crab rangoon
Spring rolls
Filet mignon with black pepper sauce
My House special fried noodles 
with beef, chicken, shrimp and vegetables

10:51 PM Sassy

Here we go into the deep freeze!
7 degrees… feels like -13!

The Northerner Agrees

January 29, 2019 Tuesday

From: Brett
To: Sassy
Sent: Jan 29 at 9:57 PM
Re: Start February right


Let’s go for this Friday. I didn’t get the time off yet, but I’ll arrange it tomorrow and let you know if I encounter any difficulty.



From: Sassy

To: Brett
Sent: Jan 29 at 10:07 PM
Re: Start February right

Hooray! I made a reservation – I can cancel it before 11 pm tomorrow so let me know before that if you can’t make it. It was only $94 this time!

Let me know about lunch?

So excited to see you! The anticipation will make the rest of this week go so much better! Thank you!

Hugs with lots of groping!


PT 109 found

January 29, 2019 Tuesday

9:39 AM Sassy
Have a super Tuesday Philip!

9:40 AM Phil
Good morning.
You too! Stay warm!

2 hour early release! Woo Hoo!

11:52 AM Sassy

1:14 PM Phil

1:37 PM Sassy

4:06 PM Sassy

JFK’s PT-109 Found, U.S. Navy Confirms

A National Geographic expedition has found the WWII patrol boat that became a cornerstone of the Kennedy legend.


4:08 PM Phil
How cool is that!

6:56 PM Sassy
Japanese dinner at Toraya in Arlington

Mackerel oshisushi
The master sushi chef doing his art

Feeling the blood rush

January 27, 2019 Sunday

5:22 PM Sassy
Baby otters! With Star Wars names!

Kansas City Zoo names otter pups after Star Wars trio — and Mark Hamill approves

Three otter pups, born last October, ventured out on exhibit for the first time Friday morning. The triplets, Han, Luke and Leia, named after Star Wars characters, got to know their new home under the watchful eye of their parents and three siblings. 
Three baby otters — Han, Luke and Leia — have made their public debut at the Kansas City Zoo, and as the official ‘Star Wars’ Twitter account said, these pups are “in for plenty of adventure.

Read more here:

Read more here:

Read more here:

7:01 PM Phil
Hope your Sunday was good!

7:02 PM Sassy
Very quiet… got lots done around home! You ?

7:03 PM Phil
Church, went to lunch with friends and church chili cook off.
Watching the pro bowl

7:03 PM Sassy

I got 3 loads of laundry done, including sheets and towels!
Waiting for Thai food to appear…

7:05 PM Phil

7:06 PM Sassy
Were you looking at my chest while out eating pizza yesterday?

7:06 PM Phil

7:06 PM Sassy

7:08 PM Phil
Sitting outside enjoying feeling the blood rush

7:11 PM Sassy

8:50 PM Sassy
I’d like to feel you…

9:40 PM Phil

Sunny side up tit

January 26, 2019 Saturday

7:24 AM Sassy
Good morning kid!

7:45 AM Phil
good morning! Have a fabulous Saturday!

7:46 AM Sassy
Good cigar?

7:46 AM Phil
It was

7:51 AM Sassy
I had sushi and listened to a woman tell Hubby what it’s like to be in the fancy mental hospital

He’s considering trying that.

2:02 PM Phil
Huh! Whatever helps

7:51 AM Phil
[photo of my nipple, from a phone screen shot]

Sunny side up! My favorite!