What We Live For

April 13, 2018 Friday

6:35 AM Sassy
Happy Friday kid!   Mwah!
8:45 AM Sassy
Fun tune for your Friday!
[3-minute music video]

American Authors – What We Live For


11:08 PM Phil
Loved it! Thank you!

11:09 PM Sassy
Delectable deli dinner at S&S Deli in Cambridge

Hubby’s filet mignon and rice pilaf. 
There was a classic Ceasar salad too!
Rachel sandwich with sweet potato fries

Take On Me

March 20, 2018 Tuesday

8:04 AM Sassy
From Sara Boynton’s Facebook page

It’s Spring! Theoretically.


8:14 AM Sassy
Happy Spring!
8:15 AM Phil
Doesn’t feel like spring! Snow tonight.   Hope your day is special
8:16 AM Sassy
Yeah, telling us 10 inches tomorrow!
9:58 AM Phil
9:08 PM Phil
Love the tumblr! Mature, curves women, love it! Gonna go play <3
9:22 PM Sassy

11:54 PM Sassy
I took another quiz.  I don’t know much about tarot cards but this sounds about right:

Everyone Has A Tarot Card That Matches Their Personality — Here’s Yours

You got: The Sun
You have a natural vibrance that draws people in. How could you not? You’re positive and optimistic, enthusiastic and warm, energetic and fun. You can be a bit arrogant and have a hard time dealing with more serious situations, but there’s no denying you can make people happy.


11:56 PM Sassy
Be careful… this is one of those rabbit holes where I went to listen to one song and ended up listening to six! Each one worth a listen. Wow.  And a current version by the band who did the original!  

An Upbeat Acoustic Cover of the A-ha Song ‘Take On Me’ Performed in Gorgeous Guitar Finger Style


Periscope up

March 10, 2018 Saturday

12:38 PM Sassy
Good afternoon!  
You are looking so thin and sexy!  Want to grab that face and kiss it!  Mwah!

[Photo of him out at a restaurant, smiling and toasting the camera with a beer]
12:42 PM Phil
Ha! Mwah back at ya!
12:43 PM Sassy
Hope you’re having fun!  Quiet day here – Hubby is out setting up for the project that starts Thursday and I am doing laundry.  Whee!
1:01 PM Phil
We are enjoying the day
3:04 PM Phil
[Philip’s naked chest and smile in his hot tub outside on a sunny day]
3:05 PM Sassy
3:15 PM Phil
Naked again
My periscope is above the water and searching
3:19 PM Sassy
Wish I could find it
3:23 PM Phil
Hee hee
[Philip’s naked chest and smile, holding a cigar and glass of scotch, outside on his back patio]
3:24 PM Sassy
Looks like you’ve got all the right stuff!
3:30 PM Phil
Wanna cum bobbing for the prize?
All the right junk in all the right places, as the song goes
3:33 PM Sassy
I do want to! *grin
3:48 PM Phil
One of many reasons I love you <3 🙂 
3:50 PM Sassy
4:02 PM Phil
5:48 PM Sassy
Fun duet!
Josh Groban on Ellen…I just found this video, it’s hysterical! I love Ellen!

Josh Groban and Ellen Sing 

“Total Eclipse of the Heart!”


7:28 PM Sassy
Winner winner chicken dinner! I actually ate at home tonight.

Rotisserie chicken, mashed potatoes, stuffing, gravy 
and green beans amondine! 


January 28, 2018 Sunday

7:47 AM Sassy
Sweet Sunday morning tune.  
With love and motorcycles!
Castro – “Automatic” (Official Music Video)

8:20 AM Phil
Very pretty. Good morning!
8:25 AM Sassy
Got it from the Bangor Maine Police Department Facebook page.  Lt who runs the page used to be a DJ, posts good tunes now and then.

7:37 PM Sassy
Sunday sushi at Hana in North Cambridge

Hubby’s sashimi deluxe
My nigiri – eel, egg and crab
10:37 PM Phil
10:40 PM Sassy
Watching the Grammys?

10:42 PM Phil
10:43 PM Sassy
Seen anything good?

10:44 PM Phil
Not the best one I have seen. Liked Sting and U2

10:44 PM Sassy
Who accepted for Carrie Fisher?

10:45 PM  Phil
I’m a little behind, haven’t seen yet, distracted
10:55 PM  Sassy
Ah… just found out they announced it during the pre-show.
10:57 PM Phil
Nite Sass, off to bed with me
10:57 PM Sassy
Sleep well dear man!

Songs that Turn 50

January 27, 2018 Saturday

7:11 AM Sassy
Good morning!  Have a superb Saturday sweet man.

8:56 AM Sassy
Breakfast at Cafe Deia in Medford.  Forgot to take photos.  Heh. 

9:59 AM Sassy
Danish Pastry House delights in Medford!

 Raspberry lemon cream cake my sister got

Chocolate pecan pie tart, chocolate chip cookie 
and a chocolate-dipped waffle sandwich 
with cream center I took home
10:40 AM Phil
Good morning! You too! Going brewery hopping
11:21 AM Sassy
Just got home from breakfast with my sister, her beau and special guest – My niece!

4:40 PM Sassy
[photo of Mike’s Pastry]

Found this gem near Assembly Row! For a friend.

5:54 PM Sassy

Bet you know most of these!
17 songs that turn 50 years old this year!

Songs That Turn 50 Years Old In 2018




December 30, 2017 Saturday

11:53 AM Sassy
Another delicious vacation breakfast with a ham & cheese omelette, English muffins with raspberry jam and an iced chai latte!
12:23PM Sassy
Good afternoon!  Hope you’re staying warm and happy with some good wine!  We are into the double-digits again – 12 degrees!
12:26 PM Phil
Good Afternoon! 28 here. 
Popping out into the countryside to enjoy the day.

1:06 PM Sassy

Ed Sheeran & Andrea Bocelli Sing ‘Perfect’ In Stunning Duet


Ed Sheeran

I found a love for me
Darling just dive right in
And follow my lead
Well I found a girl beautiful and sweet
I never knew you were the someone waiting for me
‘Cause we were just kids when we fell in love
Not knowing what it was
I will not give you up this time
But darling, just kiss me slow, your heart is all I own
And in your eyes you’re holding mine
Baby, I’m dancing in the dark with you between my arms
Barefoot on the grass, listening to our favorite song
When you said you looked a mess, I whispered underneath my breath
But you heard it, darling, you look perfect tonight
Well I found a woman, stronger than anyone I know
She shares my dreams, I hope that someday I’ll share her home
I found a love, to carry more than just my secrets
To carry love, to carry children of our own

We are still kids, but we’re so in love
Fighting against all odds
I know we’ll be alright this time
Darling, just hold my hand
Be my girl, I’ll be your man
I see my future in your eyes

Baby, I’m dancing in the dark, with you between my arms
Barefoot on the grass, listening to our favorite song
When I saw you in that dress, looking so beautiful
I don’t deserve this, darling, you look perfect tonight
Baby, I’m dancing in the dark, with you between my arms
Barefoot on the grass, listening to our favorite song
I have faith in what I see
Now I know I have met an angel in person
And she looks perfect
I don’t deserve this
You look perfect tonight
Songwriter: Edward Christopher Sheeran

7:02 PM Sassy
Saturday night specials at Jimmy’s Steer House in Arlington

Crispy coconut shrimp with honey mustard sauce
Special appetizer – beef Wellington with red wine demiglace
My special salad
Hubby’s teriyaki steak with rice pilaf
Special filet mignon and lobster tail with rice pilaf

Oh Come, All Ye Faithful

December 10, 2017 Sunday

9:30 AM Sassy
Have a listen to a bopping version of this Christmas Carol!


O Come, All Ye Faithful – Pentatonix


11:03 AM Sassy
Tex Mex brunch at Lone Star Taco Bar 

Limeade, bloody Mary without alcohol and guacamole
Breakfast tacos – Scrambled egg, longhorn cheese, avocado crema, 
and roasted salsa on a flour tortilla with chorizo
Festive hat for the bison
6:20 PM Phil
Hope you had a relaxing Sunday. All the snow is gone here
6:54 PM Sassy
Wow!  That was fast.  Ours is melting but still enough to make walking a challenge.
6:55 PM Phil
Was nice today
6:56 PM Sassy
I had a yummy brunch with my older sister and her beau, a lovely nap, and a tricky project meeting.
6:56 PM Phil
Busy day!
6:56 PM Sassy
Out at Bertucci’s now.
What’d you get up to?

6:58 PM Sassy
Dinner at Bertucci’s in Medford – it was awful.  I need to remember not to go there!

Basil berry sparkler
The famous rolls with garlic parmesan olive oil
Sausage soup
Hubby’s spaghetti Bolognese with meatballs
Braised short ribs with polenta
Salted caramel chocolate cake

6:57 PM Phil
Church and then relaxed all day, playing a bit
6:57 PM Sassy
I looked at sex toys online, trying to pick one for my xmas
7:01 PM Phil
[photo of his grill with meat cooking and his cock in the foreground]
Love to help you with that and try them out
7:01 PM Sassy
Always good to see your meat.
7:01 PM Phil
7:06 PM Phil
Just for you
You talking about the lamb chops?
Both meats are juicy
7:11 PM Sassy
I like sauce on yours the best
7:28 PM Phil
I like your sauce on mine
What sex toys are you looking at?
7:33 PM Sassy
The Lelo Sona cruise
And the We-vibe wish
Clit fun
I was wondering about a toy for a man…a penis ring vibe or a vulva simulator
7:43 PM Phil
Gets great reviews!  
Cock ring would be fun but if you use any toy with a guy, it’s gonna be amazing for him
I’m guessing those sonic waves would feel good on a cock too
7:44 PM Sassy
I just looked at my collection and they’re mostly very female centered.  Sad.
You changed the chat colors.
7:46 PM Phil
Let the guy watch and it will be very male centered. You naturally have all the toys a man needs – great tits, tight wet pussy, hands and fingers, talented mouth and perhaps a tight ass. The guy’s gonna be very satisfied
And a very sexy attitude, which is so hot
8:14 PM Sassy
My my…you are giving me a big jolt of confidence!   Thanks!
8:18 PM Phil
And you aren’t afraid to flash your tits in an airport stairwell ;-P
8:18 PM Sassy
Ha!  Only for a very special man.  
I may get to see two men this week.  After nothing for 6 weeks…rains…pours…ya ya
Have you been to Qatar?
8:29 PM Phil
2 men? Wow, have fun!
8:33 PM Sassy
The Northerner is up for Friday. 
And I’ve been talking to a Brit since May who works in Qatar, he’s in town thru Wed night, so may see him.  He chickened out in June when he was last here, so we’ll see if he follows through this time!
8:41 PM Phil
Ah, damn Brits, you seem to enjoy the Northerner
9:20 PM Sassy
He is very sweet
9:31 PM Phil
That’s a good thing ; ) 
9:32 PM Sassy
I’m heading back to bed.  Wish you could tuck me in.
9:34 PM Phil
I’d like that. Sweet dreams xxoo
9:35 PM Sassy

Hoilday Party delights

December 8, 2017 Friday

7:58 AM Sassy
Happy Friday Philip!

George Jones – It’s Finally Friday
From the album “Walls Can Fall”


4:06 PM Phil
Woo Hoo!
4:50 PM Phil
Gonna get some snow
4:55 PM Sassy
Us too…all day Saturday.
4:55 PM Phil
Woo Hoo!
[photo of his hand with a cigar and snifter of Scotch, with the fireplace in the background]
3-8 inches
4:56 PM Sassy
Yes…same here.  Luckily no plan for tomorrow
I’m just finished cleaning after the holiday party at work.

5:21 PM Sassy
A festive holiday party at the office!  

Deviled eggs
Seared spicy ahi tuna and mango
Crudités and dips
Smoked salmon and boursin toast
Middle Eastern platter with hummus, tabouli, olives and grape leaves
Dessert table!
Chocolate dipped strawberries
Italian mini pastries
Caprese skewers with pesto
Gold utensils!
Gorgonzola cheese and a pistachio on an apricot
Lobster salad on a cucumber slice
Shrimp cocktail 
Appetizer table
Cheeses and fruit and crackers
Cheeses and fruit
Warm mulled cider (with rum to add)

5:32 PM Phil
Looked like a great party
5:34 PM Sassy
People said nice things!
I’m Lyfting home now.  Phew.
Hubby is staying over with a friend to keep her from offing herself, so I’ll be on my own!
8:49 PM Sassy
[photo of my family standing on the front lawn in 1971)
9:04 PM Phil
Wow!  That’s awesome
9:05 PM Sassy
We were all a little younger then…
9:11 PM Phil
Love your Dad’s hair!
9:13 PM Sassy
Note on the back says Summer 1971
it must have been early September due to the church Festival booth in the back left – that was always around my birthday
So I was 12.
9:56 PM Phil
That’s pretty cool!
10:00 PM Sassy
10:12 PM Phil
Fun to look at those old pics

President Lincoln’s Pets

November 3, 2017 Friday

5:29 AM Sassy
Wonderful bit of history with photos of President Lincoln’s pets!

Abraham Lincoln Loved Cats, Dogs, Goats, a Pig, a Turkey and his Horse.

5:48 PM Sassy
Having dinner at The Burren with a bunch of friends and hearing my favorite folk singer!  David Wilcox is such a terrific songwriter and storyteller and guitarist and singer!  I played some of his songs for you in the car when you were here the last time.

He sang my favorite song – “Rusty Old American Dream!”
[3-minute video]


Best Day of My Life

October 8, 2017 Sunday

8:33AM Phil
Good morning Sass. Hope you enjoy a relaxed and beautiful day.
8:34 AM Sassy
Good morning kid!  Xxoo

2:25 PM Sassy
Best breakfast in ages at Sichuan Garden in Woburn

Hot & sour soup
Hubby’s spicy pork, beef with onions and pork fried rice
Pork dumplings
2:29 PM Sassy
Mother Nature left a bit of color on our elevator rug

5:31 PM Phil
Went to church, came home $60k broker.  I’m staying home from now on but at least my football team won!
5:32 PM Sassy
Wait a minute… $60K WTF?
5:33 PM Phil
[Photo of his front lawn and home with a new car sitting in the driveway]
5:34 PM Sassy
What the heck is that?
5:32 PM Phil
[Name of a big car] Was time for the lady to get a car
We got 15k knocked off the price cause my brother in law worked for that company. Thank Goodness!
5:36 PM Sassy
They have lovely cars for $35-30K… why does she need a monster gas guzzler?
5:37 PM Phil
We cart the dogs around, tow a trailer occasionally and she has always favored a bigger car. That thing gets almost 28 miles to a gallon so not so bad.
I have a nice 28k ride and a $37k Harley so I can’t bitch too much
5:39 PM Sassy
[photo of a church group from about 1967]

Recognize any of these folks?
5:40 PM Phil
Oh my lord!
5:41 PM Sassy
I was able to name them all except the guy in the back left
Sis bought a “mystery weekend” package and it ended up being to Saratoga Springs.  Heh.  She couldn’t resist swooping over to the old hometown.
5:44 PM Phil
Wow!  Is that Susan’s dad? I love this! Dorothy, your mom and dad all sooooo young! What a cool picture!
5:45 PM Sassy
Yup – her mom and her dad.  The names are all there in my Dad’s best printing.
5:45 PM Phil
Thanks for sharing! This is fun!
5:45 PM Sassy
50 years ago.
5:45 PM Phil
5:46 PM Sassy
She ran into Nancy G and Roger B
5:46 PM Phil
Almost time for Yankee Baseball!
5:46 PM Sassy
Said the church looks nice – they replaced the floor in the hall and closed in the office
She said the parsonage looks unloved.

Thought you’d get a kick out of that photo.
Is Mrs. S still alive?  I think the rest are dead except one.
5:50 PM Phil
I drive by every time we are in town. Parsonage does not look like it did
5:54 PM Sassy
The last time I was there they had cut down the trees that sheltered the house and dug up all the lily of the valley around the porch… it looked so bare and sad.
6:12 PM Phil
Just looks worn out now like the town
6:13 PM Sassy
I was struck by how the towns around where we grew up have gotten developed and nothing in our hometown.  I wondered why.
6:14 PM Phil
Yeah, strange how it worked out
I still love to go visit but it’s a shell of what it was. Used to be a hopping little town
6:16 PM Sassy
I can’t remember when I went last… sometime in the 90s
Yankees gonna do something better tonight?
Woohoo!  The Red Sox won one!
6:48 PM Phil
I hope so, my boy is such a fan
6:49 PM Sassy
Would be more fun to play the Yankees than Cleveland…

If both of us can pull out 3 wins!
7:06 PM Phil
That would be the series to watch!

7:07 PM Sassy
Drove through Kelly’s Roast Beef for supper.  Their fried shrimp are so crispy and good! 
8:20 PM Sassy
Here’s a catchy tune and a cute doggie!  Made me smile.  Hope it does it for you too!

American Authors – Best Day Of My Life (Dog Version)

8:23 PM Phil 
Love it!
9:54 PM Sassy
[plaque of “I think it’s important to realize you miss something, but not want it back.” 
 Paulo Coelho]

I think you get this…
10:02 PM Phil
Oh yeah. I get that one big time
10:57 PM Phil
Yankees Win!!!!
10:57 PM Sassy
Yay!  Such a pitching duel!  Wow!
10:58 PM Phil
What a game!