Celebratory Chinese dinner

April 25, 2019 Thursday

9:14 AM Sassy
Good morning Phil!
I’m off to work to run my 37th and LAST big event!
Think good thoughts for me between 4-5 PM!

5:23 PM Phil
Thinking good thoughts!

5:27 PM Sassy
Thanks! It worked! I am DONE! 

And the BIG boss told everyone I am retiring and deserve so much appreciation for my hard work! Ha! My good co-worker wrote a speech for him.

5:39 PM Sassy
And best of all? My boss had a bad dental appointment and didn’t attend!

6:33 PM Phil
Sounds like a great day!

6:35 PM Sassy
It started out bad-caterer didn’t have my order but we pieced together a new one with four hours to go!  They are miracle workers!  They sent me items they had one hand, so we ended up with

1) Cheese and crackers
2) lavash spirals of Turkey or veggies
3) Scallops wrapped in bacon
4) Chicken cordon bleu bites
5) spanakopita
6) brie with apricot jam in phyllo
7) veggie spring rolls and 8) mini pastries!

6:37 PM Phil
Yikes! Glad it worked out!

6:44 PM Sassy
You doing okay?

6:50 PM Sassy
Celebratory Chinese dinner at Changsho in Cambridge

 Pineapple passion cocktail for Hubby
 Front dining room 
 Back dining room 
 Soup dumplings
 Shrimp shao mai with sauces
 Spring rolls
Ma Pa Tofu

7:01 PM Phil
I’m good! Didn’t get home till 8 yesterday. New job is no joke, don’t even have time to eat but it’s great to be back in a job I love

7:03 PM Sassy
Yay! Stock up on “drawer food ” like mixed nuts or string cheese with high protein.

7:05 PM Phil
Gotta do something! I’m starved by the end of the day.
Spend all day running from one place to the next

7:05 PM Sassy
Do you have good assistants?

7:07 PM Phil
My deputy is terrific and the rest of the team works their tail off

7:36 PM Sassy
That makes a huge difference

7:55 PM Sassy
Honeycomb Creamery for dessert – Salted caramel crackle kiddie cup!

8:09 PM Phil
Oh absolutely

2 thoughts on “Celebratory Chinese dinner

  1. A bit of normalcy in our crazy world. So sweet to read the conversation of two people so connected by time and enigma of a lasting love that goes beyond physical. Thank you.

  2. Thanks for reading and commenting! Being a year behind in posting makes me so nostalgic for \”normal times\” so I appreciate the bond even more.

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