AM men so far

January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

I am feeling a little better this morning – regrouping, taking stock of where I am and trying to figure out where I am going.  I feel done with Ashley Madison but don’t see a clear alternative.  Here’s a quick summary of my contacts since I joined AM in mid-September:

  • 10 men contacted me that I replied to 
  • 6 Met 
  • 3 Had sex with (2 good, one bad)
  • 8 Gone
  • 2 Still talking (Mr Truck and Panties Man)

Month            Met       Status Comments


   #1                   No        Gone    Guilt king, stood me up

   The Lawyer     Once     Gone     Regular guy, so sweet, too busy to cheat

   Dancing Man    Once     Gone     Regular guy, One and done without a word

   Panties Man     Once     Active   Kinky, sweet, too busy to cheat

   The Professor   Once     Gone     Vanilla, erudite, lunch and silence


   Mr Truck          No       Active     Email king, porn king, kinky


   Speedy             Once     Gone      Selfish, shorter, thinner, one and done

   Period Man       No         Gone      Too many periods!


   SmoothGuy       No        Gone     Nice guy, said he won’t cheat

   Volt                Once     Gone     Great guy, generous, guilty

Meeting the Professor

Thursday, November 29, 2012

A chaste hour

Richard Branson
I escaped work for a blissful hour today to eat lunch with “The Professor.”  After emailing for two months and a couple of mundane phone calls, he surprised me yesterday with an offer for lunch today.

Lunch is a good offer!  It means he is willing to spend more than the time it takes me to drink an iced chai latte, and pay for food!

For those who like stats – The Professor was the second man to contact me on Ashley Madison, back on September 21.   He is the fifth man I’ve met:

  1. The Lawyer      has disappeared
  2. Dancing Man     once and done
  3. Panties Man      still chatting and showing off beautiful panties 
  4. Speedy             once and done
  5. The Professor

We met at a restaurant.  For the first time since the end of September when I got plantar fasciitis, I walked somewhere!  I was okay walking over and back, then could not walk the rest of the day without agony.  Ah well.  It feels like I am allotted a certain number of steps per day, say, 200? After that?  OUCH.  

He was sitting at the bar grading blue books when I found him.  I adore it when the man is already there.  He looks like his photos!  Yay!  And he does have the biggest briefcase I’ve ever seen!  He stood and shook my hand.  I told him I’d go get a table while he packed up.  We had a quiet corner.  I sat at a 90-degree angle from him so we’d be closer together.  Maybe he’d take my hand?  Or play under the table?  I need touch so desperately!

We ordered lunch and talked. He talked about the online women he has met… not sure if that’s a good sign or not.  He told me enough to google a couple of them which concerned me but I have not told him that much.  He pushed me to tell him my name and where I work.  I didn’t.  He made me laugh.  He laughed at a couple of my stories.  It felt comfortable.

He did not touch me.  He paid for lunch.  I walked him to the subway and got a chaste hug I solicited at our parting.

At that moment, I had no clue if he would ask for more.  I did not have the urge to grab him, but he was not repulsive.  If he pursues me, fine, if not fine.  I waited a little while to see if he’d write, then wrote him a two-sentence thank you note for lunch.  

He wrote back late that evening… kvetching about being stuck on the subway on his way home due to an accident, hoping the rest of my day went better than his.  I wrote right back… no response.  I wrote again a week later when I came across a funny “grading bingo card.”
Never heard another word.  Even though I had told him that I hate the silence… that a “thanks but no thanks, best of luck” would be fine and he’d agreed.  Ugh ugh ugh.  I shouldn’t let it shake my self confidence, but it does.  
I miss our daily emails and the phone calls.  He was a challenge to communicate with but I felt like last week around Thanksgiving he finally got it that I am a nice person, just wanted to make him smile.  It makes me sad that did not even rate a farewell.  It makes me very leery to meet a man if it means I am cut off from him completely.  Ugh.  If he doesn’t feel the connection, I suppose it’s just as well, even if it feels completely uncivil.   It seems to be the way it is with AM men.  I don’t like it.  Ah well.

Onward and upward!

Setting up lunch

From: Scot
Monday Nov 26, 2012 11:37 pm
To: Sassy
Re: Thanksgiving 
Hey, S,
Yes, I know, it sounds positively inhuman, but I’m HAPPY to be back at work and AWAY FROM MY FAMILY.  This last week was a LITTLE TOO MUCH FAMILY “TOGETHERNESS.”  Don’t get me wrong: I love my parents, siblings, nephews, etc., but I’ve got a limited tolerance for their manifold idiosyncrasies.  
For example, I’m glad I don’t have to hear my near-senile father berate yet another innocent waiter about the frankly invisible defects in his balsamic-free, tomato-free, lactose-free, gluten-free, wheat-free, everything-else-that-makes-his-“system”-malfunction-free granola-and-vegetable-yougurt-concoction.  Let him go back to NYC and be a curmudgeon there.  I’m DONE.
Anyway, so much for that.  On to more important matters.  When do I get to finally meet you in person?
From: Sassy
Tuesday, Nov 27, 2012 12:21 am
To: Scot
Re: Meeting
Hiya Scot,
Meet?  When you ask me?  🙂
Hmmm… ages ago we said tomorrow.  But you’d rather not trudge around in the snow, I bet.  I don’t want you falling for me that way!  Let me know what works for you.  I am usually open any day but Wednesday at lunch. And any late afternoon.  
I dunno… it’s only been two months.  Are you sure?  🙂
From: Scot
Tuesday, Nov 27, 2012 12:34 am
To: Sassy
Re: Meeting
Do you want to meet this Thursday for lunch or a late afternoon snack/drink?  I’d really like that.  It’s no problem for me to cancel my office hours.
From: Sassy
Wednesday, Nov 28, 2012 8:03 am 
To: Scot
Re: Meeting
Hiya Scot, 
Tomorrow sounds great!  I hate to rob your students of your excellent counsel, but do rather want to see your smiling face.  Does the 12:30 pm plan make sense for this time or did you want something different?  I could also get out about 4 pm if that works better.  Let me know.  
Thank you!
From: Scot
Wednesday, Nov 28, 2012 10:24 am
To: Sassy
Re: Meeting
Dear S,
A 12:30 meeting would be terrific, but could you run the logistics of getting to that particular site past me again?
From: Sassy
Nov 28, 2012 2:32 pm 
To: Scot
Re: Lunch details
Hiya Scot, 
I hope your Wednesday is going well.  I’m having another nutty day at work, but smiling at the thought of having a good reason to escape for an hour tomorrow to see you!  Here are the details of the lunch plan.  It may be a sunny day, if the forecaster are to be believed.  
Thanks again for agreeing to travel over here!   I picked a restaurant near the T exit 
[directions redacted]
They have great food.  
If your plans change, please let me know at [Sassy’s Google Voice #].  I am not a flake… I will be there at 12:30 pm or call you, unless I get squished under the Mass Ave bus.  It looks like it will be cold, so wait inside.  They usually won’t seat people until everyone is there, so go to the bar and I will find you.  Likewise, if I get there first, I will head to the bar.  I’ll be the one in blue with a lighter silk scarf.  
I know these meets can be nerve-wracking.  If there is anything that will make it easier, don’t hesitate to say.  This should be fun!  I am very excited to fill in more pieces of the Scot puzzle!  
From: Scot 
Nov 28, 2012 10:22 pm 
To: Sassy
Re: Lunch details
Hey S,
GREAT.  Looking forward to it.  I’ll see you at 12:30 tomorrow.
Remember, I have a BIG briefcase.  That’s because I live on the T, and I sometimes need to carry a lot of student papers around.  Tomorrow, it will be full of sub-literate essays submitted by the students in my class.  Also, my hair is a bit longer than in my AM profile.  Look for the tall guy with the beard and the blond ‘fro.


Professor’s holiday

From: Scot 
To: Sassy 
Sent: Sunday, November 25, 2012 12:48 AM
Subject: Thanksgiving
Hey S,
Just a quick note before I crash.  I’m exhausted.
This has been a FUN Thanksgiving, even though the lack of sleep is getting to me.  Apart from having to line-edit a bunch of sub-literate essays, I’ve inherited the task of entertaining my five-year-old niece, whose parents are relieved to have me take her off their hands for six or eight hours every day.  Don’t get me wrong: I love the job.  She’s the cutest little girl in the history of the world, but, whoa, is she a terror!  It takes all of my ingenuity to keep her from destroying the house.  
Still, I’ve loved rediscovering the books I used to read to my daughters when they were little.  I even find myself remembering the particular cadence with which I used to read certain sections so as to produce the optimum five-year-old response.  And it still works.  Yay.  Everybody else in the house is busy with cocktail parties and chitchat.  I get to play with her.  Lucky me.
Anyway, I’m wiped out right now.  Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Talk to you soon.

From: Sassy
Nov 26, 2012 2:58 pm 
To: Scot
Subject: Re: Thanksgiving
Hiya Scot,
I am dashing between meetings but thinking of you.  So glad that your holiday turned out better than you had thought!  My niece put on a concert on Thanksgiving, playing two songs with both hands!  
Hope you’re having a good day back at work. 

Sentimental soul

To: Scot
From: Sassy
Mon, Nov 19, 2012 at 7:57 PM
Subject: Holiday prep
Hiya Scot, 
Did your week get off to a good start?  Hope so! 
Awww… glad you liked my humble words.  What did I say that was so great… tips to make the holiday a little less stressful?  I hope it works!  It makes me so happy to help. Someone should benefit from all my years of tweaking the family into shape.   I was in a discussion years ago about what my “shirt” says, i.e. what people think when they meet me.  Someone said, “Talk to me and I will make it better.”  And everyone nodded!  So even if you can’t see “my shirt” I think you’ve figured it out anyway.  
I was meeting with my boss from 4-4:30 pm and wishing I was talking to you instead.  I don’t know what topic we would have landed on, but it would have to be better than my project list.  
Are you finding the students are taking off already?  About a third of my co-workers are already gone.  Two are staying to the bitter end, going home Wednesday afternoon or not at all, so I won’t be unassisted.  Bad things happen when I have to answer the office phones. 
Thank you for giving me something good to think about when my life is a little chaotic.  I won’t say your name aloud at dinner Thursday when my sister asks what we are thankful for, but know that you are on my mind.  
I dare you to count the items that pass through your hands in the soapy water… my sister is having 18 people and making too many dishes with pots and pans and utensils.  I will have you beat on the washing front for sure!  Hmmm… wonder what I should bet? 
Oof… that was way too serious!  I’d better wink at you and flash my chest as I dash away.  Hugs!
From: Scot
To: Sassy
Sent: Monday, November 19, 2012 11:54 PM
Re: Holiday prep
Hey, S,
Actually, yes, the week did get off to a good start–although, as you suspected, a hefty percentage of my students have already left for Thanksgiving break.
As to what was so “great” about your e-mail–I honestly don’t know, except that it just came across as genuine, a message from someone who didn’t have a hidden agenda or a score to settle.  Sad to say, at this point in my life, and in my line of work, I don’t get too many communications like that.  So I’m appreciative when I do receive them.
In any event, I gave a stunning lecture today!  To judge by the glazed expressions on the faces of my students, I didn’t set many pulses racing.  Oh, well.
Look forward to speaking with you–and, hopefully, MEETING you–soon.
To: Scot
Tue, Nov 20, 2012 at 8:13 PM
From: Sassy 
Re: Holiday prep
Hiya Handsome.  
Did you finish work with a flair?  I had a wild day but hope tomorrow will be better.  
Does anyone ever tell you that you look like Richard Branson?  He’s quite good-looking! 
Geesh… you are such a cynic!  Are you a tough world-weary curmudgeon or a sweet dog someone has kicked too often?  Never mind… it doesn’t matter.  I like both parts.  
Ah – you have discovered my terminal flaw.  I am nice.  My agenda is hardly hidden.  I want to make you happy, and get some passion in return.  That’s it!  
Don’t let the family get you down!  Pop in hear and I will try to make you smile.  
From: Scot
Wednesday, Nov 21, 2012
To: Sassy
Re: Holiday prep
Hey S,
Well, the house is PACKED with relatives, but one of them is my lethally cute five-year-old niece, so I’m happy.  I’ve actually been able to get some work done, too, which is good.
No, actually, I’m not a cynic.  Far from it.  My daughters kid me about how sentimental I am, and how I always seemed to cry when I read to them when they were younger.  Oh, well.
Hope your holiday is going swimmingly, and I look forward to seeing you soon.

Thanksgiving Tips

To: Scot
Sat, Nov 17, 2012 at 12:31 AM
From: Sassy 
Hiya Scot, 
Wow… I bet you are something when you get in the zone in lecture.  Do you have class next week or will you be all mentally constipated from not lecturing?  We have to work until 12:30 pm Wednesday, then have the rest of the week off!  I am looking forward to a quiet weekend… hope you have a good one!  
From: Scot
To: Sassy
Saturday, November 17, 2012 2:44 AM
Hey, S.,
I have to work until Tuesday at 5:00 pm.  Then the REAL ordeal begins, when my sister and her husband and two kids; my OTHER sister and her INSUFFERABLE husband; and my brother and his fiancee come to stay at my house.  My parents, bless their hearts, actually sprung for a hotel, but otherwise I’m hosting my whole dysfunctional family.  Fun, fun, fun.  It’s moments like this that make me want to open a vein.
Can I give you a call on Monday?  I have a window from 4:00 to 4:30.
From: Sassy
Sun, Nov 18, 2012 at 12:29 AM
To: Scot
Hiya Scot, 
I hope you had a relaxing Saturday.  I sat at the computer catching up with old friends.  Something about Thanksgiving makes me want to know how they’re doing and let them know I am grateful we keep in touch.  I feel as if I’ve traveled to so many places!  I heard from folks from Australia to Wales and many states in between.  
Wow!  That was quite a stream of disdain! Ah, family.  I hope this year will be better because you have a sassy woman to think about.  🙂   Look into using Google Voice so you can call me from your cell without it appearing on your phone bills?  Then you can escape to the porch or go for a post-prandial constitutional and vent to me.  
I used to despise family gatherings, as my older sister and father considered them the perfect occasion for a debate on the philosophical implications of… whatever.  And it would devolve into shouting that sent the rest of the family scurrying away with indigestion and mental anguish.  To fix that, I made us go out to such fine buffets as the Boston Harbor Hotel or Turner Fisheries. Amazing what doesn’t happen when you’re out in public!  And no days of work for my mother, no clean up but alas.. no leftovers.  And I made us go to the movies – no talking there and then a debrief that was amicable for the most part.  It broke the pattern and brought peace.   That is the role of the middle child… peacemaker! 
Now my little sister with the big house hosts (she has the Martha Stewart gene) and invites orphans.  The presence of “strangers” as my mother calls them, makes everyone behave!  And I taught my husband, who gets horribly offended easily, to think, “It’s interesting that they think that,” instead of jumping on people for their wacky ideas.  There was a glitch two years ago when everyone WOULD NOT SHUT UP about cancer two weeks after I was diagnosed and before I knew what the treatment plan would entail and I was very frightened and did not want to think about it.  I ate in the kitchen with my tiny niece who sang Alice’s Restaurant with me!  So now I consider holidays a mild inconvenience.  A free meal.  A day off work.  I am very lucky not to have to travel or cook or host… just clean up until my hands turn into prunes and my back aches.  
Please don’t open a vein before I meet you!  Wait… that didn’t come out right.  I don’t recommend blood-letting at any point.  Perhaps just some leeches? I know… I should not joke.  But I want to make it easier.  I can’t seem to improve my own life this week, but maybe I can add a few smiles to yours?  
Thank you very much for making time to call, but with things so crappy at the office, I don’t dare disappear to talk.  Believe me, I would much rather be talking to you!  Is there any time around the lunch hour?  I know this week is odd, so if not I understand.  I suppose leaving our talks for a rare treat will keep me from taking them for granted.  Hmmm… as with sex, I’d like to get them all the time and see how long it would take to have that happen!  
If all else fails, this time next week it will all be over! 
Hugs with groping!

From: Scot
Nov 18, 2012
To: Sassy
Hey S,
That was a GREAT email.  Thank you.
I’m really sorry things are so unpleasant at work.  Some of my colleagues are jerks, but basically I love my job and wouldn’t trade it for anything.  Still, there are times when I want to quit in frustration and storm out.
Actually, that strategy of inviting strangers to act as a pacifying influence sounds very effective.  Maybe I’ll try it.  I have some Ph.D. students who are too broke to go home for the holidays; perhaps I’ll invite them over on Thanksgiving or subsequent days.  Their presence probably would prevent my sister’s husband from being the all-out ass he normally is.  And they’d get some free food out of it, which, Lord knows, they need.  Good idea.
Lunchtime on Monday is, I regret to report, booked solid.  Lunch is a luxury where I teach.  I guess we’ll have to communicate via email until the holidays are over.  Bet I have to wash more dishes than you!

Meeting Speedy

Monday, November 12, 2012
Speedy asked me to meet him at the Red Roof Inn, halfway between us, about 45 minutes from me. It was the perfect day to go – no traffic due to the holiday.  It was an easy place to find, just one turn off the interstate.  
I got up early, and he called me.  He asked me to arrive earlier, said the room wasn’t going to be ready until 12:30 pm but we could sit in the car for awhile.  I showered, shaved, clipped my toenails, then put on my favorite work outfit – blue slacks, blue jersey top and lighter scarf. 
I left home about 11 am.  He called me about 10 minutes after that and we talked most of the way down the highway.  
11:50 am
I got there first and parked behind a little shed toward the back of the parking lot, which was mostly empty. I got out to enjoy the unusually warm sun.  I leaned against my car and looked around at the woods, the nearby highway and the hotel.   
12:00 pm 
He drove up and smiled great big at me.  I gave him a thumbs up and he got out of his car for a quick hug.  He is a little guy – he said he’s 5’9″ tall but he is a little shorter than I am, and I’m 5’8″.  He is trim and nice looking, had on a thin-striped blue & white dress shirt and jeans.  He reminds of Seinfeld, with lovely silver hair.

Jerry Seinfeld

He gave me a hug, then we leaned against my car.  We talked and I held his hand and stroked his wrist.  He said, “Let’s sit in your car.”

We jumped right into touching and kissing.  He didn’t want to kiss for very long, like 3 seconds. Odd.  He got me going with his hand between my legs. I was puzzled that he wanted to do so much in the car when we were heading inside, but maybe it was a test?  I was a little shy, but he pulled out his cock and I saw the pre-cum and I had to taste it.  It was an odd angle but I got him relatively deep.  He is long and big around.  It seemed like he expected me to just suck him all afternoon.  *sigh

12:40 pm
I finally kicked him out of the car to go try to check in early.  A big truck pulled in next to my car so I moved it closer to the door.
12:50 pm
He texted me the room # – 227.  I went in and took the elevator up.  The desk clerk was in the back watching TV and never even looked up.  I knocked on the door and he let me in.  We had a nice hug, then I looked around the room and pulled out my supplies – wipes, water, granola bars, lube. He drank some water but we didn’t end up using any of the rest of it. 
He sat on the bed and took off all his clothes except his shirt.  I helped with that.  I want a man to undress me, but he just looked at me and waved like “get rid of all that,” so I took off my clothes.  I cuddled up to him and he sighed in that way that men do when they get that first naked hug.  I tried to kiss him, but he stopped me very quickly and told me he needed me to suck on him again.  So I did that for awhile more.  I felt rather disappointed that he was not doing anything for me. 
We rolled around.  I asked him about the condoms we had discussed.  He tried to talk me out of it. I hate that.  He toyed with me in various positions a la missionary and then put me on my stomach and lied on top of me, revving me up but not going inside.  That felt amazing with his hard cock sliding around my ass and his weight on me.  I bucked back against him and he moaned well.  He did not go inside me… rimmed my ass, then lower… weird.  And then he wanted me to suck him more.  *sigh
I told him I needed his fingers.  He was rather rough but got me going.  He started hurting me, so I rolled over.  No oral. Grrr…. he stopped just as I was about to stop him and told me he was ready to come in my mouth.  I went down on him and fingered his ass, and he came relatively quickly.  I swallowed.  Tasted good.  He collapsed.  I stroked his face and played with his nipples.  I tried riding him, but he didn’t move much, just smiled, so I rolled off.  He played with my chest, gave me a nice mark on the right breast.  That made me hot. 
He said he wanted to cum in my mouth again.  *sigh  So I helped him get hard again, using my fingers and mouth and swallowed another load.  He asked me my name.  I hate it when men do that, especially in bed.  I agonized over telling him but managed not to do it.  
So he didn’t do much of what he had talked about, except the blow jobs.  I get… nothing?  No oral, no vaginal sex because I stood firm about condoms.  And he gets three blow jobs.  Another selfish man.  I am an idiot.  
He made noises about needing to leave.  I asked if he could grab a condom and be inside me.  He said no, he had to go.  I kissed him and hugged him and he got up to clean up and dress.  I sprawled on the bed on my stomach, enjoying lying there, displaying my assets as he moved around, free to be naked as I am not at home.  He asked if I was going to stay over, and I said no, just resting and staying out of his way.  
3:50 pm
He gave me a quick hug and left.

I went to the bathroom to clean up and catch up on emails on my phone.  I ate a granola bar.  I marveled at how I managed this entire thing without him seeing me hobbling. I walked in alone, did a sultry slink along the furniture, then stayed on the bed!  Heh.  Here’s to not having to explain about plantar fasciitis!  

4:20 pm
I dressed and took off.  I missed a call from the Professor, so I called him back and talked for the 10 minutes he had left.  He can’t meet tomorrow.  He has a special meeting at work that sounds legit.  So he postponed for two weeks.  But asked if he could call me again tomorrow.  All good!

The traffic was very light, and I was home by 5 pm!

So… this meet wasn’t what I wanted it to be, but it had its moments.  I texted him when I got home, thanking him.  And he replied.  “Nice being with you.”  
I am not overwhelmed, but I try not to judge from the first time.  I’ll probably go again if he asks… see if he gets better?  Whee!

When Can We Meet?

From: Scot
To: Sassy 
Sent: Wednesday, November 7, 2012 12:33 AM
Subject: Meet
It was wonderful to hear your voice today.  It was also rude of me not to give you my number, since you were so generous with yours.  You can reach me at my office at [xxx-xxx-xxxx] and on my cell at [xxx-xxx-xxxx].  The former is preferable, since, unfortunately, my wife scans the phone bill every month–although I have a slew of teaching assistants, and normally I can blame unusual calls on my having to harass them to finish grading papers or bluebooks.
Needless to say, I’m delighted with the results of this election, especially on the state level.  I’m an Elizabeth Warren fan.  I WANT a “professor” in the Senate representing me, not an overage frat boy who brags about his truck.
Anyway, enough of that.  When can we MEET?  I’d really like to see you face-to-face, and it’s easy for me to get away.  What days/times work best for you?
To: Scot 
From: Sassy 
Wed, Nov 7, 2012 at 12:30 PM
Subject: Re: Meet
Hi Scot,
I am thinking of you this morning, for several reasons.  There’s a Nor’easter coming and I have two doctors appointments today and I am still smiling!  Thanks to certain election results and you!  So relieved that I don’t have to hear another political commercial for a long while!  Isn’t it marvelous to have Obama and Warren and some new gay marriage states and a gay senator!  Whee!  So relieved.  
It was… magical to talk to you yesterday.  I had that amazing “I could just keep listening! He’s nice!” feeling.  And a few other reactions we might discuss later.  😉  It scared me – sometimes I get invested in meeting someone, and he disappears.  So your message wanting to meet was particularly nice.  I probably said too much… do keep my secrets!  I am old-fashioned about calling men… I wait for them to do it, but thanks for the phone numbers.  
So… I am flexible.  Do you want to meet at Starbucks for a hug and talk for a few minutes?  Or take a chance on lunch?  Or show me a quiet corner of a college library?  12 – 2 pm or right after work @ 5:15 pm is probably best for me, but for you I could have a “doctor’s appointment” any particular time of day if you want to research… me.  
Hope you have a great day! 
From: Scot 
To: Sassy 
Nov 8, 2012
Subject: re: Meet
Dear Sassy,
It was magical to talk to you too.  And, yes, I’d very much like to meet you soon.  I’m sorry to be so tardy with my response; I’m line-editing a bunch of sub-literate rough drafts, and I’m about ready to slit my eyeballs in frustration.  But I should be done with this by the end of the week.
Next week would be absolutely ideal for a meeting.  Tuesdays and Thursdays are best for me, and while I can schedule a post-5 P.M. encounter, earlier would definitely be better.  I can tell students I’m changing my office hours; they don’t have an exam for a while, so they won’t care.  I’d be delighted to take the T to your neck of the woods, if you like.
Incidentally–and while I probably don’t need to say this–I’m completely harmless, at least on a first encounter.  You don’t need to worry about me saying or doing something maladroit.  I’m past forty, and I know how to behave myself.  
So, what days and times are best for you?  I’m at your beck and call.

Slutty Saturday Seven

From my private journal
November 4, 2012 07:48 pm – Slutty Saturday

 My my my… what a day this was!  Conventional wisdom says weekends are the quiet time in the cheating world, as people have to focus on their families.  That’s usually true but NOT TODAY!  
After a quiet week swapping p0rn with Mr Truck, I heard from SEVEN men today… TOO MUCH!  I seem to be fulfilling Marian Daniell’s mother’s advice that every woman needs seven men in her life.  Heh.  

I had friendly online chats with 2 chatters, a delicious phone call with a blogger and contact with 4 AM men! The emails, IMs and phone calls were flying!  
TWO new AM men sent me messages yesterday!  They spent money to contact me.  Wow.  Nothing like the “start the month off fun” guys! 
1) MidKnight
A brand new AM guy!  Late 40s.  Okay.  Nearby in the same city.  Nice.  6″2 195.  Another tall and skinny one.  I can deal with that.  Hmm… “unhappy husband of an unappreciative wife.”  No no no… don’t bitch about your wife in your profile!  “Looking for a lady who has a wild side.  Fun.  Companionship.”  That’s better.  Vague but fine.  He posted a lovely photo of himself in a suit and tie, standing in a law library.  Heh.  Bet it came from his work web site.  I worry about men who show their face.  Really?  But it was a nice face.

I sent him my mischief Yahoo email and he pinged me on Yahoo IM mid-afternoon!  It’s awkward to start out chatting without any previous emails, but I ran with it.  He seemed distracted, said he was watching college football with his son, and didn’t have long.  Gosh, mister, way to make a woman feel wanted… NOT! I got to ask a few questions.  Good answers!  Another lawyer!  He took off after about 20 minutes saying he’d ping me tonight.  But he never did.  

Lesson learned: I can have a lovely chat, just start feeling a spark and liking the guy and wanting to know more and… he didn’t feel it and that’s it.  How could he not get that I am THE BEST WOMAN EVAH?  Hee hee.  Ah well… I hope he found another lady and had lots of fun. 
2) Speedy 
The second brand new guy on AM!  Let’s see… 50.  Sure.  From… hunh… the next state over.  Hmm… if he will visit my area, do I care?  5″10 160… uh oh.  Shorter and skinny!  But… maybe I will take a chance… not pay so much attention to height and weight?  I want guys to do that for me, I should do it for them, right?  He checked a few random boxes.  Eh.  Then he wrote a little bit:

What really turns him on: “Would like to meet an intelligent, uninhibited, woman with a good sense of humor and a high drive.” Do I have a high drive?  I suppose so.  Sounds like me.  
He closed with: “I’m an intelligent, professional, fit guy, with a good sense of humor.  Communication creates chemistry. Let’s talk. Would be happy to share photos off of this venue.”  Makes sense.  But it doesn’t give me much to work from.  
He gave me his Yahoo email in his first message, so I responded there.  His second message included a photo – just his face.  He looks like… Seinfeld!  With gray hair.  Very distinguished!  Another suit and tie, probably his business website photo.  He asked if we could switch to IM.  Sure.  He gave me his real first time, and his work website… hmm… I’d rather not know!  But you know I googled him.  Nothing freaky.  We typed along and very soon he said he wanted to hear my voice, could he call me?  Wow… um… sure.  Definitely felt like a salesman needing to meet his quota.  Heh.  Moving very fast but it all sounds good, so I roll with it.  This is definitely the fastest I’ve ever gone from contact to the phone. We had a very sexy conversation.  He sent me an email right after, and called again just after dinner.  Wow!  Full court press!  It felt great! 
3) Rick aka “Panties Man” 
He was in the midst of writing a paper for school, pinged me in Yahoo IM to check in.  He is so polite and nice!  He couldn’t stay long but he made me feel special that he took the time to check in.  
4) The Professor
The great cypher professor checked in.  I gave him my phone number.  He said he would call on Monday from his office.  I never went to office hours in college but maybe I can get something from a professor now?  I bet he has a wonderful voice from all that lecturing!  
This definitely felt like TOO MUCH!  And it doesn’t count Stan or Tom or Philip… geesh.  
But who to give up?  How to step back?  Hmmm… which one is going to touch me?  Make me smile most often?  No way to tell… might as well leave all my irons in the fire until something happens.

Saturday summary

Saturday, October 20, 2012
Saturdays are too quiet!  Only one blogger emailed me.  No Philip. No attention from the AM guys.   Bleh.  I think I’ve managed to tick most of them off.  
– Panties Man sent me an incredible photo of magenta striped undies with lace and ribbon yesterday, which I told him were spectacular.  He wanted to see mine but I just couldn’t do it.  He said it was okay but has been silent since.  You probably don’t want to see a man in ladies underwear, but there is something very hot about a man’s junk covered in ladies panties!  
– I scared The Lawyer Thursday night.  He wrote about 6:30 pm to ask if I was ready to see him again.  Duh… YES!  Been waiting since Sept. 27th?!  He asked when.  I said pick me up in an hour?  Or name a time that works for you, I’m flexible.  No response.  
– The Professor is really vanilla.  He asked me to explain why anyone would be interested in anal sex.  Why is it my job to explain that?  He must not have liked my explanation… nothing since then!  
– The Coach told me he was going to Omaha Mon-Wed on business.  and never wrote again.  *sigh
They may pop back up, but…. ugh.  I want someone who can’t wait to meet me!  Ah, well.  
So I am left with AMguy #1 who I’ll meet Monday if he doesn’t chicken out.  He admitted to being excited but nervous.  I told him there would not be a moral dilemma Monday evening because I am not going to have sex with him on the first meet.  Hope that doesn’t upset him.  But I am determined to just be me and if that’s not good enough, too bad!  I am planning to get to the restaurant ahead of him, so he can’t see me limping.  I hope I can finesse walking if we leave there together.  How am I supposed to meet men if I can’t walk?! *sigh 
I did get a new contact last night, the second from the other [defunct] site. The timing was funny – I logged on to archive The Coach, and was about to hit the logout button when it said, “You have new mail.”  Heh.  He’s not my usual type – older (56), shorter – only 5’10” and skinny and Jewish!  He wrote beautifully, mentioned baseball, plays and chocolate!  I had to write back.  He hasn’t replied but many guys don’t on weekends, so I won’t fret until Monday night.  He had that slightly discouraged tone of someone who has written to a lot of women and not gotten a response, so it was fun to write back and hope to make his day.  His profile says Bangor ME but he talked about being close by me… puzzling.  That is hours from here.