Slutty Saturday Seven

From my private journal
November 4, 2012 07:48 pm – Slutty Saturday

 My my my… what a day this was!  Conventional wisdom says weekends are the quiet time in the cheating world, as people have to focus on their families.  That’s usually true but NOT TODAY!  
After a quiet week swapping p0rn with Mr Truck, I heard from SEVEN men today… TOO MUCH!  I seem to be fulfilling Marian Daniell’s mother’s advice that every woman needs seven men in her life.  Heh.  

I had friendly online chats with 2 chatters, a delicious phone call with a blogger and contact with 4 AM men! The emails, IMs and phone calls were flying!  
TWO new AM men sent me messages yesterday!  They spent money to contact me.  Wow.  Nothing like the “start the month off fun” guys! 
1) MidKnight
A brand new AM guy!  Late 40s.  Okay.  Nearby in the same city.  Nice.  6″2 195.  Another tall and skinny one.  I can deal with that.  Hmm… “unhappy husband of an unappreciative wife.”  No no no… don’t bitch about your wife in your profile!  “Looking for a lady who has a wild side.  Fun.  Companionship.”  That’s better.  Vague but fine.  He posted a lovely photo of himself in a suit and tie, standing in a law library.  Heh.  Bet it came from his work web site.  I worry about men who show their face.  Really?  But it was a nice face.

I sent him my mischief Yahoo email and he pinged me on Yahoo IM mid-afternoon!  It’s awkward to start out chatting without any previous emails, but I ran with it.  He seemed distracted, said he was watching college football with his son, and didn’t have long.  Gosh, mister, way to make a woman feel wanted… NOT! I got to ask a few questions.  Good answers!  Another lawyer!  He took off after about 20 minutes saying he’d ping me tonight.  But he never did.  

Lesson learned: I can have a lovely chat, just start feeling a spark and liking the guy and wanting to know more and… he didn’t feel it and that’s it.  How could he not get that I am THE BEST WOMAN EVAH?  Hee hee.  Ah well… I hope he found another lady and had lots of fun. 
2) Speedy 
The second brand new guy on AM!  Let’s see… 50.  Sure.  From… hunh… the next state over.  Hmm… if he will visit my area, do I care?  5″10 160… uh oh.  Shorter and skinny!  But… maybe I will take a chance… not pay so much attention to height and weight?  I want guys to do that for me, I should do it for them, right?  He checked a few random boxes.  Eh.  Then he wrote a little bit:

What really turns him on: “Would like to meet an intelligent, uninhibited, woman with a good sense of humor and a high drive.” Do I have a high drive?  I suppose so.  Sounds like me.  
He closed with: “I’m an intelligent, professional, fit guy, with a good sense of humor.  Communication creates chemistry. Let’s talk. Would be happy to share photos off of this venue.”  Makes sense.  But it doesn’t give me much to work from.  
He gave me his Yahoo email in his first message, so I responded there.  His second message included a photo – just his face.  He looks like… Seinfeld!  With gray hair.  Very distinguished!  Another suit and tie, probably his business website photo.  He asked if we could switch to IM.  Sure.  He gave me his real first time, and his work website… hmm… I’d rather not know!  But you know I googled him.  Nothing freaky.  We typed along and very soon he said he wanted to hear my voice, could he call me?  Wow… um… sure.  Definitely felt like a salesman needing to meet his quota.  Heh.  Moving very fast but it all sounds good, so I roll with it.  This is definitely the fastest I’ve ever gone from contact to the phone. We had a very sexy conversation.  He sent me an email right after, and called again just after dinner.  Wow!  Full court press!  It felt great! 
3) Rick aka “Panties Man” 
He was in the midst of writing a paper for school, pinged me in Yahoo IM to check in.  He is so polite and nice!  He couldn’t stay long but he made me feel special that he took the time to check in.  
4) The Professor
The great cypher professor checked in.  I gave him my phone number.  He said he would call on Monday from his office.  I never went to office hours in college but maybe I can get something from a professor now?  I bet he has a wonderful voice from all that lecturing!  
This definitely felt like TOO MUCH!  And it doesn’t count Stan or Tom or Philip… geesh.  
But who to give up?  How to step back?  Hmmm… which one is going to touch me?  Make me smile most often?  No way to tell… might as well leave all my irons in the fire until something happens.

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