Prince named Louis

April 27, 2018 Friday

7:09 AM Sassy
Good morning Philip! Happy Friday!!
7:15 AM Phil
Good morning! Hard drive failed – can only get better!
7:16 AM Sassy
Ugh.  Mine died this week too!  That’s bizarre.

7:36 AM Sassy

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are delighted to announce that they have named their son Louis Arthur Charles.
The baby will be known as His Royal Highness Prince Louis of Cambridge.

from the Majesty Magazine Facebook page[0]=68.ARCk5SKNX7djYm-8nkehvWjlHgw2rkuGslzTvAg3GfrfzueV_2TgdDFplQ6RI6DubOD8ZF9flCh9C2QvvqQ6nANE9dgvgYUlMrhBq5-JKjA4UElC5VF09syRH3p-M_B8jKq–04s7y4VoUmyYouEc9V7yysOJvS2LtiXxt8PoC6mlSbRQvXfyEh2nzrT1q_d-x5MqR3HMW-HUJkNrSiGrN_nOJ2VOVCJdcFr2z8YoSmMZo2rbQwB0xI2ZzaRFHeb5FaakBFnpuM3v_G-kVQnfafd4CvbBbDKF5MiTuQ8b6ZzZ7CZ2cGzc9s8MrttM9pyaX2q5m8YFohSz8J-&__tn__=C-R

Beauty in the rain

April 26, 2018 Thursday

9:01 AM Sassy
Good morning Philip!  Hugs!
10:22 AM Phil
Good morning!  Happy NFL Draft day!
10:26 AM Sassy
Thanks!  That wasn’t on my calendar.
10:39 AM Phil

10:48 AM Sassy
Beauty in the rain this morning

11:14 AM Sassy
Hee hee
10:02 PM Phil
Good night at the draft for the my team I think.
10:13 PM Phil
Night sweet girl

Back to fantasizing

April 24, 2018 Tuesday

8:38 AM Sassy
What better way to mark the arrival of her latest great-grandson yesterday than for the Queen to ride on horseback on the grounds of Windsor Castle? It was only two days after she turned 92, and she was in great form, as ever, riding her Fell pony, accompanied by her head groom, Terry Pendry.

from Sally Bedell Smith’s Facebook page[0]=68.ARDqvbvbSS08XiXWuKdujVvulGsY6JnZa6wUeaVkOopkOq2sTDuwz05aRObo8AMJUiu968zMok-cDGyByLQ550SVDcsa5_gxqtshvEIwb2e9TQSjef8f9k3gM3tK54yP4phjCYK2oec77hfE4KlgCeUHG-2nKTQ1vyLIFVBCtplK0Jen2VYdw2xcMQ9ttsTQzFSeJjCgSmwqu4SVCyUIFP1cKKv76vct3yr9HtLg9tOO8FerIT2E-IZHdo7peTEQdk-_eQC2t2mGqngL3F4YwhQDZCnq3MqVG_9EuV-qJDzWcqIcH3cfpt17hlErU_h5Agzv3fsEJEm-E_WwM7_D&__tn__=C-R

8:44 AM Sassy
Good morning Philip!   I’m off to the office.  Have a super Tuesday!
9:33 AM Phil
Good morning! You too!
12:19 PM Sassy
Warning!  I’m going to be in Rockville and Bethesda 5/4 and 5/5.  You probably can’t meet on a weekend, but if you might and want to explore possibilities, let me know!
3:12 PM Phil
Well damn!  I will be away.  
4:26 PM Sassy
Figured.  Ah well.  I’ll go back to fantasizing.  ; )
7:26 PM Phil
What brings you south?
7:27 PM Sassy
Visiting with friends of Hubby, hope it will perk him up
7:41 PM Phil
Ahhhh, that’s cool
8:15 PM Sassy
They have a big annual gathering and we used to go every year but haven’t been in 8 years.  Will be fun to catch up with them. 
8:15 PM Phil
That’s neat!
8:27 PM Sassy
Where will you be? 
8:43 PM Phil
Going to a cigar festival – a buddy and I bought tickets to go
8:44 PM Sassy

8:48 PM Sassy
Addicted to All Seasons Table in Malden
Shrimp and veggies tempura appetizer
House special pan-fried noodles with chicken, shrimp, beef and vegetables 

North Shore Tour

April 21, 2018 Saturday

1:28 PM Phil
Happy Saturday Sass!  Hope your day is fabulous!
1:30 PM Sassy
Hiya kid!  Friends here from Rochester.  Took them to Gloucester, Rockport and now Essex for lunch!
You enjoying the old stomping grounds?
1:32 PM Phil
I am! Always good to be home! Taking Mom out tonight to dinner up in the mountains.  Have a great day!

2:22 PM Sassy
Day trip to Gloucester, Rockport and Essex with lunch at C.K. Pearl!

The famous Gloucester fisherman statue 
on the harbor front at the fishermen’s memorial 
 Gloucester Fishermen’s Wives Memorial 
 Clam chowder with fried clams and pork belly 
 Baked stuffed clams
 Shrimp cocktail
 Hubby’s steak tips with fries and asparagus 
 Fish and chips with slaw
Lobster roll with fries and salad
3:49 PM Sassy
Dessert at DownRiver Ice Cream in Essex.  Salty C – salted caramel ice cream!
9:21 PM Sassy
from Majesty Magazine’s Facebook page

The Queen took to the stage at her own star-studded 92nd birthday during an action-packed showbiz extravaganza at the Royal Albert Hall.

The Rosebud

April 20, 2018 Friday

7:50 AM Sassy
Good morning!  
Hope you have an easy trip North!
8:23 AM Phil
In northern Jersey! Thank you! Happy Friday!
8:25 AM Sassy
I’m back in bed, fantasizing about meeting you in NY
8:42 AM Phil

7:15 PM Sassy
supper at The Rosebud in Davis Square Somerville
Spicy shrimp and grits
Hubby’s hangar steak with crinkle fries

Internal sunshine

April 19, 2018 Thursday

8:24 AM Sassy
Good morning Philip!
Rain and 40s…brr.  
Makes it tough to go out but I’m making my own sunshine!  
Enjoy your Thursday!
9:10 AM Phil
I like that internal sunshine! 
Working from home today so I’m a happy fellow. 
My pal is coming over later for steaks and we’re off to NY for the weekend tomorrow morning!
9:26 AM Sassy
Wow!  I’m off tomorrow- have a meet with The Northerner!
10:26 AM Phil

[10-second Video of him driving and singing]
10:46 AM Sassy
Ha! You are too funny.  LOL
11:29 AM Phil
Hee hee
[emoticons – clown, devil, shit]

12:48 PM Sassy
From the Yarmouth Police Facebook page:


At the end of one of the most emotional and saddest days, and six-day period in American and Yarmouth Police Department history, our beloved 4-legged partner K9 Nero was released from his hospital and was taken home…in his fallen partner Sergeant Sean M. Gannon’s cruiser.

We thank all of the loving and devoted employees at Cape Cod Veterinary Specialists in Dennis and Bourne who helped rescue and save this innocent animal’s life—especially retired Yarmouth Police K9 Handler Peter McClelland, who entered the home after Nero was shot and has never left his side as he stayed with him in the hospital for 144 hours straight.

K9 Nero will stay with Officer McClelland–who loves Nero and is a close friend of the Gannon Family–until he fully heals and then will return to the Gannon family when everyone is ready.

Rest In Peace Sean, your beloved K9 Nero is home.

Hubby’s Jamaican 10-speed cocktail
Crab rangoons
Hot & sour soup
Seafood scallion pancake
Hubby’s pepper steak
House special fried noodles with beef, chicken, shrimp and veggies
A fun fortune! Especially if I add the words… “in bed” at the end! 

All over those tits

April 18, 2018 Wednesday
8:29 AM Sassy
Good morning Philip!   Have a wonderful Wednesday!
8:44 AM Phil
Good morning!  You too!
8:44 AM Sassy
I feel so much lighter today!  So happy to have the big event for work over!  
8:47 AM Phil
Hope it’s warmer
8:48 AM Sassy
Warmer but not warm…38 now, might get to 54.  But sun is shining!
8:54 AM Phil
Better than freezing for sure!
9:06 AM Sassy

8:01 PM Sassy
Ribs!  Texas Road House!  My hands were too messy to take photos but boy, were they meaty!

9:10 PM Phil

[photo of his smiling face and sexy shoulders in the hot tub]
9:10 PM Sassy
Howdy Handsome!
9:11 PM Phil
[photo of his belly button and erect cock sticking out of the water in the hot tub]
9:11 PM Sassy
Oh my…yum
9:12 PM Phil
: P
Thinking bout you
9:17 PM Sassy
[photo of my breasts – naked from the waist up standing in the bathroom at the sink]
9:22 PM Phil
Nice baby. I love your big nipples
Believe I’ll cum all over those tits in a bit
9:27 PM Sassy
Mmm hmmm.. sounds good
9:52 PM Phil
certainly does

9:58 PM Sassy
Stunning to see hundreds of officers from all over – humans and canines – saluting Officer Gannon, the officer shot with his police dog (who survived), one last time on the way to the cemetery in Yarmouth.  Here’s the 8-minute video from the Yarmouth Police page of the procession.  *sigh 

[facebook url=”” /]


April 16, 2018 Monday

8:27 AM Sassy
Raining, windy and 38…not the weather we wanted for the marathon runners but wishing them every success. Happy Patriots Day!

[photo out my living room window of a murky day]

8:44 AM Sassy
That tub pic may be the hottest photo evah!  Woooo….
Heading to the office, hope I don’t get soaked and freeze!  
Have a marvelous Monday!
9:02 AM Phil
Pouring here too! Stay dry!

Full frontal

April 15, 2018 Sunday
6:59 AM Sassy
Good morning!  Winter is back! 
Have a superb Sunday!   
I’m off to brunch as usual.  Mwah!

1:20 PM Sassy
Bountiful breakfast at Lantana Cafe in Medford
Homey interior
Classy tin ceiling
Fruity French toast with whipped cream
Eggs Lantana soft-scrambled with spinach and cheese
 with sausage, home fries and toast
My farmer’s breakfast
Buttermilk pancake with butter
4:45 PM Phil

[photo of his smiling face standing on his back patio]

Ugh! Nice here today but starting to rain.
5:54 PM Phil

[photo of his smiling face on the hot tub with full frontal nudity!]

Cum on in, waters fine

9:05 pm Sassy
Dinner at All Seasons Table in Malden – I had house special fried yellow noodles with chicken, beef, shrimp and vegetables!