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April 24, 2018 Tuesday

8:38 AM Sassy
What better way to mark the arrival of her latest great-grandson yesterday than for the Queen to ride on horseback on the grounds of Windsor Castle? It was only two days after she turned 92, and she was in great form, as ever, riding her Fell pony, accompanied by her head groom, Terry Pendry.

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8:44 AM Sassy
Good morning Philip!   I’m off to the office.  Have a super Tuesday!
9:33 AM Phil
Good morning! You too!
12:19 PM Sassy
Warning!  I’m going to be in Rockville and Bethesda 5/4 and 5/5.  You probably can’t meet on a weekend, but if you might and want to explore possibilities, let me know!
3:12 PM Phil
Well damn!  I will be away.  
4:26 PM Sassy
Figured.  Ah well.  I’ll go back to fantasizing.  ; )
7:26 PM Phil
What brings you south?
7:27 PM Sassy
Visiting with friends of Hubby, hope it will perk him up
7:41 PM Phil
Ahhhh, that’s cool
8:15 PM Sassy
They have a big annual gathering and we used to go every year but haven’t been in 8 years.  Will be fun to catch up with them. 
8:15 PM Phil
That’s neat!
8:27 PM Sassy
Where will you be? 
8:43 PM Phil
Going to a cigar festival – a buddy and I bought tickets to go
8:44 PM Sassy

8:48 PM Sassy
Addicted to All Seasons Table in Malden
Shrimp and veggies tempura appetizer
House special pan-fried noodles with chicken, shrimp, beef and vegetables 

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