Gateway Diner

September 24, 2017 Sunday

11:07 AM Phil
Good time?

11:11 AM Sassy
It was fine.

Talked to [3 people – names he’d know redacted] and about 40 others

11:16 AM Phil
Oh good, I’m glad. I like to go and chit chat.
Got to see people who are no longer here and I’m grateful for that

11:17 AM Sassy
They treated me like a celebrity or an interesting alien
[Woman’s name redacted] hugged me.  She was such a bitch in school!

11:18 AM Phil
I like her, always did. She rides a bike.

11:18 AM Sassy
It was just “meet in the hotel bar”

No speeches, no food, just standing around

[Name redacted] came from way out west with his wife, just retired after 30 yrs in the military

11:21 AM Phil
Nothing wrong with a bar thing, we did it a touch more formal but I’d actually prefer to mingle over drinks. When you do dinner, you just spend time with those folks. I liked the pre-dinner mingle best and several people came for that and skipped dinner. I was just happy to see everyone

11:22 AM Sassy
I made plans to see see people who live near me in MA

11:28 AM Phil
I remember all of those people. Interesting to see how life turned out for people and how they turned out. Many were the same as High School, same people, same smiles. The older I get, the more I care about family, a few close friends, old friends who impacted what I became, helping others and I find I just don’t give a rat’s ass about superficial people or famous people who don’t have a clue

11:29 AM Sassy
I talked with [name he’d know redacted]. He said your church chorus is mostly done since the leader died last year.

I was a good girl, went up to person after person, hugged, chatted even though it was tough to find any common ground.

11:33 AM Phil
That’s too bad. The leader I worked with is doing other things. That group included people of incredible faith, kids who enjoyed the music, kids hooking up, socially awkward kids who found a place, but it worked. It was a family and a highlight of my lifetime

Good girl

11:35 AM Sassy
My brain is so odd… knew so many people and others I swear I never heard of them.

Interesting to be around all people my age

11:40 AM Phil
Yeah it is.
I work with mostly young people and it is interesting to hear of their experiences

11:42 AM Sassy
Breakfast at the Gateway Diner in Albany

Hubby’s ham and cheese omelette 
with home fries and wheat toast 
My eggs over easy, wheat toast, home fries and bacon
Biscuit with sausage gravy
11:43 AM Sassy

Heading home down the highway.

Have a super Sunday watching guys kneel.

Fuck me later. : )

11:52 AM Phil
I’d fuck you any time.

I’m not watching anyone kneel. Those rich assholes can kiss my ass. I’m going to a friend’s house to enjoy good company and conversation.

This evening, I will have my cock in hand thinking about your tight hot pussy. Safe travels!

3:49 PM Sassy
Made it home! Pike was full and fast!

7:32 PM Phil
Oh good! Happy to hear.

7:42 PM Sassy
You have some fun?

8:41 PM Phil
I did

Great lunch with friends and a win for my team makes for a great day!

High School Reunion

September 23, 2017 Saturday

8:48 AM Sassy
Good morning kid!

Off to reunion!

1:49 PM Sassy
Lunch with old friends! At the Ala Shanghai Chinese Cuisine Restaurant in Latham!

3:15 PM Phil
Have fun!

7:21 PM Sassy
Reunion time at the Desmond Hotel.  It so fancy here.  Seems odd not to have it in our hometown, but this is lovely.  Whee!

9:30 pm Sassy
Talked to so many people!  Everyone behaved.  Strange and wonderful to see them.  Survived two hours.

De-camped to Olive Garden on Wolf Road near Colonie Center for a late dinner.  Woot!

Foxwoods fun

May 27, 2017 Saturday

2:26 PM Sassy
We’re off to Foxwoods to lose some money at the slots, have a fancy dinner and go to a concert! Staying up in Plainfield, CT (about 30 minutes away) so we don’t break the bank.

4:21 PM Sassy
Had a little luck!

6:36 PM Sassy
Dinner at David Burke’s Prime Steakhouse at Foxwoods Casino

Hubby’s gin collins and my desert pear lemonade
Three beet and goat cheese salad
Table side Caesar salad creation
Caesar salad
Hubby’s Caesar salad with anchovies
The bustling interior
Hawaiian tuna poke
Clothesline bacon
Bone-in filet with shelled lobster, garlic spinach 
and potato hash special
Hubby’s 55-Day aged rib eye steak special 
with peppercorn sauce
Dessert – free blue raspberry cotton candy
9:12 PM Sassy
What a showman Barry Manilow is! He encouraged us to sing along and gave us glow sticks to wave! I forgot how many of his songs I know…I laughed, I cried, I celebrated with an amazing crowd of dedicated fans. He writes the songs that make the whole world sing!

Lake W getaway

Lake W Getaway

Aug. 13th, 2016 05:01 pm

We went to Lake Winnipesaukee!  Overnight! After 17 months of seeing my mom through her final days, jousting with calendars, and weeks looking for a lakefront room, the stars finally aligned to get us out of town to NH!  List of wonderful businesses we frequented: 

Kitchen Cravings – breakfast and lunch place
Tavern 27 – tapas and piano bar
Kellerhaus – ice cream buffet, candy and gifts
Walter’s Basin – lakefront American restaurant

Belknap Point Motel

Boat tour
U.S. Mail boat Sophie C 

Movie Theater
Gilford Cinema 8

Our trip started a little rocky.  We got on the road at 9:30 am and 5 miles out of town it started to rain.  It got so bad I thought about pulling over!  It was totally not forecast.  It hasn’t rained all summer and we’re in a drought emergency and the one day I can be away, it’s raining?  Hard not to take it personally, but I soldiered on and re-thought our plans and it slowed down to a drizzle by the time we got into NH.

We made it to Kitchen Cravings for a late breakfast at 11:30 am.  We often have to wait but they seated us right away.  It was my best breakfast of the year!  The people are nice and the food is wonderful and it’s got this great decor with historic photos and maps of the region!  I had the “Trainer” breakfast with a side of kielbasa and a unicycle – their french-toasted cinnamon roll delight!

We finished at 12:30 pm and there was a showing of “Star Trek Beyond” at Gilford Cinema 8, the movie theater across the street at 12:35 pm so we dashed over there and made it in to see it for a second time, only about 3 minutes late.  It was even better the second time, as I didn’t have to puzzle over the story and could hear more dialogue and appreciate the special effects.

We went over to the Belknap Point Motel. It was a low key place – perfectly fine for our purposes – with a spectacular view of the lake and mountains!

I went directly to the balcony, put my feet up and sat staring at the lake for over an hour.  It restores my soul.  While I was out there, the weather cleared up!  There is always something to see… boats, runners, noticing different islands and mountains and trees.  And a chipmunk!

Hubby brought in the luggage!  He was being so good.

We went in to Laconia and back out into the countryside to an old farmhouse to Tavern 27, a tapas place with a piano bar.  Hubby’s mom played piano in restaurants in the Midwest for 40 years, so he had a grand time talking with the pianist and remembering her heyday.  We shared the most amazing array of small plates – sweet potato chips with white bean dip (free starter), Scotch eggs with a creamy dijon sauce, French onion soup, lobster bisque, spicy grilled shrimp, duck confit egg rolls, and beef bourgeon on toast!

There was a Dairy Queen on the way back.  We don’t have them around us so we drove through for a little dessert.

The motel beds were quite delightful so I collapsed early and slept hard.

I woke up early and went back out on the balcony to watch the lake scene.  It is so peaceful!  We hemmed and hawed about whether to stay another night.  Hubby decided we should go home after dinner, so we packed up and headed out for another delicious breakfast at Kitchen Cravings.  I tried their hash with an egg and a side of kielbasa.  The hash was more like pulled pork but still tasty. 

We drove over to Weirs Beach.  We got tickets to the 2 pm sailing of the U.S. Mail boat Sophie C then wandered around the arcade, found 4 t-shirts for $20 for Hubby! It was beastly hot, so we bought water and sat in the car with the a/c on for a bit.

We had a lovely two-hour ride around the lake.  The captain is a great storyteller and historian.  We sat on the lower deck out of the sun.  There was a great breeze when we were moving.  We stopped at five islands – Bear, Birch, Sandy, Cow and Jolly!  There are summer camps at a couple of them, and the kids come down to get an ice cream or buy stamps.  As we leave, they climb up on the pier posts and dive into the water!

We went to Kellerhaus, the big ice cream buffet/candy/gift store up the hill.  They have a/c and lovely bathrooms.  We grabbed a few snacks then headed up the road to Squam Lake.  I had not been there.  It’s gorgeous!

We found a beautiful restaurant right on the water overlooking the marina – Walter’s Basin.  We had a window table and watched the boats going and coming while we ate a great American meal.  They bring out warm bread and butter, then I had French Onion soup and a juicy piece of swordfish with jasmine rice, green beans and carrots.  I heeded the siren call of the chocolate truffle mousse cake.

I was surprised that places weren’t more crowded.  With all the hotels booked, I thought we might run into lines and crowds.  Don’t know where the people were but we had no trouble getting in places, there were only 10 people on the boat that seats 40… yay!

From there it was a quick hop onto I-93 south, and home in less than 2 hours with a quick pit stop at the NH border at their fancy new rest stop.  We were only gone 36 hours but it felt like a real vacation!  We had a great mix of visiting old favorites and seeing new places.  I hope to get away again soon!

Lake W Boat Ride

August 11, 2016 Thursday
6:13AM Phil
The puppy is a cutie
8:01AM Sassy
Good morning kid!

9:00AM Sassy
Good morning from Lake Winnipesaukee! 

10:24AM Phil
Good morning!  Last work day for the next 22 days!

10:51AM Sassy
Wow! Big plans?

10:57 AM Phil
Lots!  The beach here for a couple days, then South to see friends, Disney and another beach at Sanibel Island. Take a two week break at home, and then a beach house with family, a week of work and then a Disney Cruise to Halifax with a night or two in NY cause we like it. Otherwise pretty standard stuff.  

And Tom Jones on Sep 25th!  McCartney was so good!  I saw a Beatle!  Sang my heart out all night long.

10:58AM Sassy
Oh my…that all sounds amazing!
10:59AM Phil
Looking forward to it!
Got to bed at 1:00 last night and up at 4. Got energy to spare!

11:00 AM Sassy
I got up early to look at the lake

11:02 AM Phil
I saw!  Gorgeous!
It soothes my soul

There’s always more to see…boats, runners, islands, mountains and the water….

11:04AM Phil
Yup, me too

11:31AM Sassy
Another spectacular breakfast at Kitchen Cravings in Laconia NH
 Beverages! Hubby’s hot chocolate in a polar bear mug 
and santa salt shaker.

 The lovely interior 

Hubby’s fluffy french omelet with ham and cheese 
and asiago toast
My small hash with an over easy egg and raisin toast

1:49PM Sassy
I’m on a boat! We’re headed out for a two hour tour of the islands 
The US Mail Boat Sophie C on Lake Winnipesaukee in NH

Fantastic tour of Lake Winnipesaukee on the mail boat Sophie C with stops on five islands – Bear, Birch, Sandy, Cow and Jolly!

6:08PM Sassy

My first visit to Squam Lake NH with a lakefront dinner!

Walter’s Basin dining room
 French Onion Soup
My Swordfish with jasmine rice and veggies
Hubby’s NY sirloin with garlic teriyaki glaze and parmesan truffle fries
Chocolate truffle mousse cake at Walter’s Basin

7:24PM Phil
9:41PM Sassy
Home again!  You have fun with the football?

9:43PM Phil
Oh yeah!

9:43PM Sassy
How’re they playing?

9:59PM Phil
I’m happy, work to do but they look good

Lake W and a Cute Puppy

August 10, 2016 Wednesday

10:00AM Sassy
We’re off to NH!  

12:30PM Sassy
My favorite breakfast of the year! Kitchen Cravings in Laconia NH

Beverages! Hubby’s hot chocolate mug definitely wins

Hubby’s roast beef blt club. Rbbltc ftw!

My Trainer breakfast with one of everything

My sides – duck bacon, kielbasa 
and a unicycle (cinnamon roll french toasted)

2:31PM Sassy
Seeing Star Trek Beyond Movie – Second time FTW on a rainy afternoon

We made it to our hotel overlooking Lake Winnipesaukee! Here’s the view from our balcony.

5:21PM Sassy
I keep trying to reach into the screen to snatch one of your oysters!

Terrific time at Tavern 27, the local tapas place in Laconia NH

A historic farmhouse

 The amazing bar in the corner

Sweet potato chips with white bean dip (free starter)

 The view from our table

Basil lemonade
Scotch eggs

Hubby’s Onion soup and my lobster bisque

Duck confit egg rolls

Grilled spicy shrimp

Beef bourginon

The piano bar and the owner on his perch by the door

Sunset over the back field

11:03PM Sassy
Cute puppy!  Look at those blue eyes!!
Catskill Animal Rescue Inc. added 3 new photos.

This baby boy will be ready for his new home soon. He is sweet, playful and too cute for words! Pokie is 10 weeks, a Jack Russell Chihuahua mix. Please contact us if you are interested, references required!

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