Sassy Answers: Movie Kisses #30

Hiya Readers!  Happy June!

It’s time for Sassy Answers when I take a little break from my writing about my sexy adventures to answer a question from a reader.

A friendly blog reader asked about my favorite movies, and what kind of movies I like.  That’s a tough question!  The most specific answer I can give is that I like movies with kissing.  🙂

This got me thinking about my favorite movie kisses.  I went looking for YouTube clips of them.  And it turns out there are about 30 of them, so I will share one with you every day in June!  There is a wide range.  These clips make me tingle every time I see them!  Enjoy!

To start us off at #30, here’s a clip from Disney long ago!

Movie #30: Sleeping Beauty
Year: 1959
Clip length: 2 minutes
Kissers: Mary Costa & Bill Shirley

Sleeping Beauty-Prince Philip saves Aurora

Let me know what you think? Share your favorites? Mwah!


Out and about

June 1, 2016 Wednesday 

7:10PM Sassy
Eating dinner at Olive Garden in Framingham

My raspberry lemonade being completely outclassed 
by Hubby’s frozen strawberry mango margarita
Zuppa Toscana (sausage soup) 
with their famous breadstick 
Spaghetti and sausages

8:23PM Sassy

Doctor say anything to do for your foot?
8:44PM Phil
Partial tear of the ligament. 
Lot of ice and scotch and it will be ok
8:45PM Sassy
Hee hee
Wish I could kiss it
8:48PM Phil
Not sure that would help. 
Scotch does though
8:48PM Sassy
You pouring it on your foot?
8:53PM Phil
Uh no!
8:54PM Sassy
Did you stay home?
I drove out to Framingham to hand over the stuff that belonged to my church friend who died in March to her cousin.  Done dealing with her estate!
8:59PM Phil
Nope, went to work and hurt it worse.
That’s a good thing
8:59PM Sassy
9:05PM Phil
The estate being done is a good thing.
9:06PM Sassy
So relieved
9:07PM Phil
I got in a hurry, jumped up and took three quick steps and it popped. Dr said that would teach me. Off to NY in the morning
9:07PM Sassy
What takes you up there?
9:09PM Phil
Cousin’s wedding!
9:09PM Sassy
9:15PM Sassy
10:07PM Phil
10:08PM Sassy
They doing a church thing or backyard or what?
10:09PM Phil
very small and informal
Love the app
10:10PM Sassy
Sounds lovely.
Yeah? Just a little present to take your mind off your foot.
10:23 PM Phil
I like it

Horse, corgis and dorgis

May 31, 2016 Tuesday
12:02PM Phil
Hope your week is good!
12:14PM Sassy
Good morning!  
Back at work trying to catch up on emails.  Whee.  
You back in DC?
12:27PM Phil
Nah, getting my foot looked at, did something to the arch
12:27PM Sassy
Ouch!  Hope they can fix it.
12:41PM Phil
Been bothering me awhile, I worked it pretty hard yesterday and it’s sore today
12:53PM Sassy
Fingers crossed for you.  Let me know what they say… 

Have you messed it up before?  Likely to be RICE – rest, ice, compression, elevation.  And sole supports.  Hope it’s not plantar fasciitis… had that, hated it… hurt like a SOB for 6 months!
12:55PM Phil
No, I’ve had that too.  Gonna go soak it in ice
The right ankle is so bad that I compensate on the left which causes its own issues. Fusion is the only solution for the ankle and I’m a long way from that

HRH rides again!  Queen Elizabeth rides a horse at age 90!

6:34PM Sassy
Vanity Fair photo of Queen Elizabeth and her corgis and dorgis with a long article to celebrate her 90th

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Memorial Day thanks

May 30, 2016 Monday MEMORIAL DAY

1:32AM Sassy
Remembering those who served our country in the Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines, and Navy and made the greatest sacrifice. Thank you.

10:49AM Phil
Happy Memorial Day!
My iris is coming in!

11:24AM Sassy
Wow! Spectacular color. 

Hope you’re having a great day.
12:06PM Sassy
Did you hear Trump speak yesterday?
The news is full of him being at Rolling Thunder
12:13PM Phil
No, I stay away from all of that.
Just enjoyed the ride and little tribute

7:02PM Sassy

Delightful dinner at All Seasons Table in Malden. It was empty tonight!

 Classic Chinese wonton soup
Seafood scallion pancake and crab rangoons

Great Chinese and Blah Mexican

May 28, 2016 Saturday
11:57AM Sassy
Mom says hello!
She is outside on her veranda, with her sweater off! So you know it’s warm today.

1:36PM Sassy
Took Hubby to the Bamboo’s Chinese Japanese lunch buffet in Bedford. Best choices I’ve seen around here.

 The entrance
 My place with spicy green beans, peking ravioli, lo mein, 
pork strips, sushi, General Gao’s chicken, crab rangoons,
 beef with broccoli and pork fried rice 
 Chinese buffet 
 Sushi and dessert buffet 
 Chinese buffet up close
Elegant flowers at the entrance
8:15PM Sassy
Trying another Mexican restaurant in the Assembly Row area – Papagayo

Tortilla chips with salsa and guacamole
The interior and open kitchen
My shrimp tacos and black beans
Hubby’s chicken and beef fajitas

Meet #9 A new hotel

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May 27, 2016 Friday

I had the day off, so I slept late and started getting ready about 11:30 am. I was a symphony in dark blue – put on my navy blue shorts and a navy blue t-shirt, navy blue panties and a blue patterned bra with flowers and butterflies! I don’t usually wear shorts out of the house but I can’t find my summer pants! And it’s a beastly hot day!

I checked Google Maps… the big roads were already starting to fill up with Memorial Day holiday weekend traffic, so I decided to take the back roads out through the suburbs. I knew my way to within about 2 miles of the restaurant he suggested, so it would be an easy navigation.

I gassed up the car and headed northwest to Bedford. I “went off the edge” of my personal map at Third Avenue in Burlington and continued on to the Bamboo restaurant. I was early so I sat in my car reading Facebook on my phone, then stood at the corner where he could see me from the front or the side parking lots.

At 1:15 pm I started to wonder… and he tapped me on the shoulder! He had that “I want to grab you but I won’t do it out here in the open!” look on his face. He motioned for me to proceed and we strolled into the restaurant. It was quite fancy with beautiful fresh flowers at the entrance. The hostess seated us a booth. He sat where he could see the door.

The waitress came over and asked if we wanted the buffet. I looked to him to answer and he looked at me to confirm, then he told her yes. She said we could go up. I walked around to check out the options. There were two rows of Chinese appetizers and entrees and rice, then another row of sushi and desserts. Wow. I filled a plate with a little of everything! It was the best buffet I’ve seen in a long time.

We returned to the table and I took a photo of my plate, explaining about how I started posting photos of food while I was sick to let people know I was out and eating well, and give us something else to talk about. Now everyone expects it and asks after me if I don’t post food photos! I enjoyed the crab rangoon, the Peking ravioli, the spicy green beans with pork, the General Gao’s chicken, half an egg roll, a boneless sparerib, veggie lo mein and a sampling of sushi! He was being good and didn’t go back but I had to try the shumai that had been out the first time, and a tiny square of chocolate cake. I took photos of the buffet. It was all so tasty!

We chatted about what I did on my vacation. I showed him photos of the beach in RI and my baked stuffed lobster. I screwed up and said something that gave away where I work. Oops. He looked pleased and assured me my secrets are safe with him. At least I did it in person and not via email where a suspicious wife or offspring could see it! He told me about working in his garden.

At 2:15 pm we decided it was time to see if we could check in early at the hotel. They’re not supposed to let us in until 3 pm but usually bend the rules.  I paid the lunch bill. It was inexpensive and I thought it was a good time to prove he doesn’t always have to cover everything.

I drove up the road to the Doubletree Hilton at Bedford Glen. It’s a big step up from the places we’ve been!

I got a deal through Google so it was about the same price. I checked in and got their trademark chocolate chip cookie. I went back to my car and he was there, parked two spaces over. We strolled around and down and over to room 2040. It’s a big place! He held my hand. He knows I crave being touched… he listens and takes care to do that for me. So sweet!

The moment we were in the room with the door closed, he grabbed me from behind, nibbled on my neck, squeezed my breasts and sighed. Ah… I sighed too. So wonderful to be wanted! 

The room was lovely!  He closed the drapes and took off his clothes. He turned up the air conditioning and helped me get my clothes off. I adore that! He stood behind me some more and I rubbed my ass against his very hard cock. Mmmm…. He turned me for a long kiss. My knees started to go weak so I pulled away and collapsed across the middle of the bed on my stomach.

He rubbed my back and played with my ass. I turned slightly and he worshipped my left breast. I played with his hair and moaned a lot.

He made his way down my body, flattened me and pulled up my legs, put a pillow under my ass and startling nibbling my lower lips. He is very talented with his tongue! I went a little crazy when he added a finger inside me to the mix. I pulled on my nipples while he licked and sucked on my clit. Oh my oh my! I started shaking and talking dirty to him.

He looked up and the fire in his eyes? Wow. He moved up over me, grabbed a condom from the bedside table, rolled it on and sank his cock into me. Oh yes… so good. So so good. He moved back and forth, his face a study in concentration. I was sassy… asked if that felt good… called him a naughty man. Told him how much I like his bad boy self… he smiled and pushed harder, kissed me hard and went even deeper. He carried on much longer than usual. His face was bright red… I began to wonder if he’d gotten his hands on some little pills but it doesn’t matter. He finally made a different face and said he was about to finish. I ramped up my chatter… DO IT! Fill me up… and he did! He stayed inside for a long while, staring at my face… looking blissful. Then collapsed and rolled over next to me.

He started asking me questions about my mom, my work, my community projects. I adore how he remembers and asks the right questions and listens. I talked too much, then noticed it and started asking him questions. He rubbed on me the entire time… stroking my shoulder, trailing a hand over my breast… filling up my touching quota to last a long time!

About 4 pm I got up to pee and splashed cold water on my face. I came back with a cold towel. I put it on his face for a few seconds, then down his arms and hands. I blew on his skin to cool him off.

When I returned to the bed, I aimed directly for his midsection with my hands and mouth. He was hard as a rock again and very red. I unsheathed his crown and sucked it down my throat. He moaned. I squeezed his balls gently while I licked him up and down, then sucked on the crown again, sticking my tongue into the opening. I looked up and he opened his eyes, smiled at me with that little twinkle I adore. I sucked him, bobbing up and down. His hips moved and he put his hand in my hair. I licked his balls and cupped them while I sucked on him some more. I tasted pre-cum. Yum. I had hopes of him finally letting me take him over the edge but he pulled me up for a kiss.

I asked if he wanted to go inside me again. He nodded vehemently! I suggested he roll me over and go in doggy style. He thought that sounded great! He was very quick, pulling me onto my knees, pulling my ass up, putting on another condom and going deep inside me in about 3 seconds! Bam! Bam! Bam! Oh yeah…

I talked to him… told him how much I adore how he feels inside me, how fantastic it sounds when his skin slaps against mine. I asked if he likes watching himself go in… and he moaned. He pulled me on and pushed me away, then pulled me closer. Oof… that is so good! I couldn’t talk anymore as he sped up… he came again! Yay!

He collapsed next to me and tucked me in next to him with his arm around me and my head on his chest. I asked if he came again hard and he smiled and nodded.

He talked about plans for the summer – his garden, a concert, and his hopes to see me again soon. He told me to be sure and tell him when I have time off, in case he can get away from work too.

I told him about a funny adventure I had with kissing a rock star years ago… screwed up again and said my first name. I don’t think he heard me or understood what I said. My brain must have been really addled!

He said today seemed especially awesome. I agreed. I was touched that he said so.

I looked at the clock and mentioned the time… he said he should get going. I want to keep him safe. He took a quick shower. I checked my phone. It rung and I ignored it while we were having sex but I began to worry that something had happened to my mom… strangely there was no sign of a missed call. Odd.

He put on his sexy black boxer briefs. He has a great ass! I stayed naked and let him get an eyeful of my backside and my front side and my side side. Heh. He leaned over to give me a goodbye kiss. I was careful not to touch him. I try not to transfer any scent to a man post-shower. He took off at 5:20 pm.

I read Facebook on my phone and took my time dressing and taming my hair and tidying up the room, waiting for the worst of the traffic to be over. I made sure I had everything, left the keycard on the desk and took off about 6 pm with a big smile on my face.

Royal Dresses

May 27, 2016 Friday
10:30AM Sassy
Happy Friday kid!

10:48AM Sassy


Dresses worn by the Queen for two of the most significant occasions in Her Majesty’s life will be seen together for the first time ever at the Summer Opening of the State Rooms at Buckingham Palace (23 July to 2 October 2016).

Happy Friday!
12:04PM Sassy
You having fun?
12:05PM Phil
At the Harley shop, hanging out, so yeah 
12:07PM Sassy
Yay! I’m off for lunch and ”dessert” with The Northerner.
12:21PM Phil
12:46PM Sassy
: )

10:25PM Sassy
Fascinating article about Korean defectors
The Secret Life of Jim Jong Un’s Aunt who has lived in the US since 1998

Planning with the Northerner

May 26, 2016 Thursday
From: Sassy
To: Brett
Date: Thu, May 26, 2016 8:36 AM
Subject: Re: Rainy days
Hiya Brett!  
I’m great!  Yesterday was so beautiful!  I took off work and headed to RI for a beautiful beach and delicious food!  I stood in the sand wishing you could be there to hold my hand and grab my ass.  Heh.  
So wonderful to hear from you and know you’ve been thinking of me.  I almost didn’t get your email… I have a new phone (left T-Mobile and started with Google Fi) and had not signed in to Yahoo yet so it didn’t tell me I had a message.  I was cleaning out my old phone and it told me!  Phew.  I think I’ve fixed it now.  My google voice phone number is not working… so no texting until I figure that out.  Whee. 
In theory I get out of work at 3 pm on summer Fridays, so we may be able to make that work!  Were you thinking this Friday or just some Friday sometime? 
Big hug with groping! 

From: Brett
To: Sassy
Date: Thu, May 26, 2016 9:05 AM
RE: Rainy days
This Friday or Friday sometime,  depends on you.
From: Sassy
To: Brett
Date: Thu, May 26, 2016 10:20 AM
Subject: Re: Rainy days
Good morning Brett! 
Both!  🙂 
I’m off work this week, so tomorrow would be easy for me.  
If you want to be in a hotel again, I found a good deal on a nicer place near Burlington.  Is that okay or too close to work for safety?  It’s at 44 Middlesex Tpk.  

From: Brett
To: Sassy
Date: Thu, May 26, 2016 10:36 AM
RE: Rainy days
That would be fine with me.  I like good deals.  My calendar is clear in the afternoon.

From: Sassy
To: Brett
Date: Thu, May 26, 2016 11:04 AM
Subject: Re: Rainy days
Okay!  The reservation is made!  It’s $112 with tax, but don’t worry about the extra if you have 5 $20s. 🙂 
Do you want to meet there at 3 pm?  Or somewhere earlier for lunch or something? Looks like it’s going to be quite warm outside.  And inside.  
From: Brett
To: Sassy
Date: Thu, May 26, 2016 11:36 AM
RE: Rainy days
Is check-in at 3:00 or could we get in a little earlier?  I think I could get out from work around 1:00.  Maybe we could meet for a late lunch around 1:15 and make the most of our time with wondrous anticipation through a meal that will seem way too long.
brett 😉

From: Sassy
To: Brett
Date: Thu, May 26, 2016 1:23 PM
Subject: Re: Rainy days
Hiya Brett! 
Whooeeee!  I am so excited!  Tingling a bit in fact… this is going to be so fun. 
We might be able to go in a little early.  I’ve found that when I ask they say no, but if I show up they usually do it.  Probably not before about 2 or 2:30 pm… 
When will you have to leave?  I’d like to tell Hubby when I might be home. 
Let’s meet for lunch.  Do you have any favorites?  Tell me where to find you.  I don’t know that much about that area or your preferences.  Should keep it light before our work-out.  🙂 

From: Brett
To: Sassy
Date: Thu, May 26, 2016 1:42 PM
Subject: Re: Rainy days
I would want to leave a little earlier than usual, between 5:30 and 6:00.  Coming home too late on a Friday especially before a long weekend might arouse suspicion and I just want to keep that possibility near zero.
I would recommend the Bamboo restaurant(Chinese buffet), but that is not conducive to keeping it light.  Other possibilities nearby include:  The Melting Pot (I’ve never been…is fondue), Flatbread(Chain), Lemon Grass(Thai) or there is a restaurant near the Hotel on the other side of Middlesex Turnpike. That last restaurant keeps going out of business, so I’m not sure what it is now.  You can choose from amongst those. (or even suggest something else)
At any of these, I might meet someone I know but Bamboo is by far the riskiest for that.  You will be an colleague from an old job if that happens.
From: Sassy
To: Brett
Date: Thu, May 26, 2016 1:49 PM
Subject: Re: Rainy days
Hi Brett! 
No worries – I figured you’d need to go earlier.  I want to keep you under the radar too!  
Oh my…  The Bamboo looks wonderful if you won’t be too nervous there.  I can exercise some willpower and not overeat.  Maybe.  It’s certainly close, has easy parking and has good Yelp reviews.  And with a buffet it’s easier to control our timing and not have to deal with a waiter every 5 minutes.   If it’s too scary, Flatbread looks good too.  I’ve been to the one in Somerville.  Tasty pizza!  
 Let’s plan to meet at the Bamboo about 1:15 pm in the parking lot.  If you want to go on to Flatbread from there, that’s fine.  
I hope this gives you interesting things to think about for the next 24 hours.  

From: Brett
To: Sassy
Date: Thu, May 26, 2016 3:17 PM
RE: Rainy days
I love the Bamboo and the extra level of nervousness will add to the edge.  I much prefer Bamboo over Flatbread.  Lots to think about.  
See you soon.

New Pooh!

May 26, 2016 Thursday

8:28AM Sassy
New Pooh!

A BRAND new Winnie the Pooh adventure which sees him meeting the Queen for the first time has been released to celebrate both of their 90th birthdays. the Pooh and the Queen

5:10PM Sassy
At Texas Roadhouse… eating chicken!  Ha!

6:16PM Sassy
Spring flowers!

I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for the tiny white Lily of the Valley.  They grew all around the front porch of our house in the old home town.  So pretty!  and they smelled wonderful on a spring morning!

The first time I went back after we moved, someone had dug them all up!  So sad… they cut down all our huge trees too.  Will never understand that.  *sigh