Polite Panties Man

Panties Man disappeared for another week, but then was so sweet to check in on me when I told him I’d been sick.   We kept missing each other, popping back forth between IM and email.  
·       Mar 29 8:24 AM Rick: Good morning! how the week flew by. It is as if we chatted yesterday, but it was a whole week ago. How was your week?
From: Sassy
To: Panties Man
Sent:  Sat, Mar 30, 2013 2:44 PM
Subject: Up and down
Hiya Rick! 
Hope you are enjoying this spring day!  In a word… my week sucked.  I got food poisoning and was a total wreck!  I thought I would die and wished I could!  Arrrgh!  I am finally feeling a little better today and hoping to make it to Easter dinner with the family tomorrow night.  Hope your week was better than mine! 
·       Mar 30 2:53 PM Rick: food poisoning??!! I had that once, and it was Awful!
·       Mar 30 2:54 PM Rick: glad you’re better, though something like that can take a bit of time to get over.
From: Rick
To: Sassy
Sent: Mar 30, 2013
Subject: Re: Up and down 3:59 PM 
That does suck!!  I had it once; horrible, horrible feeling.  Glad you’re better!  Hopefully you weren’t planning on hosting Easter yourself! 
 How are things otherwise?  I’ve been holed up all day catching up on things, so couldn’t get out again (and thus didn’t send you a note…)
I have thought often of what you said about that nightie.  I couldn’t take it myself, but would love to see and feel it.  And any time we got together, it would be a wonderful thing to share!  I’m getting quite excited (and need to shift in my seat) thinking about it!.
·       Mar 31 10:18 PM Rick: hey there. feeling better?
·       Mar 31 10:28 PM Rick: ready for another week of work?

The best lamb

Monday, April 1, 2013
Good morning!
9:05am Phil
Good morning!  Have a great week!
Good Easter?  Hymns? Wine? Dinner?
Hubby was a shit.  Wouldn’t go to dinner.
So I had fun w/o him!  Sis made the best lamb!  Yum!
2:40pm Phil
He sucks! Glad you still had fun!
My dinner.
3:00pm Phil
Those are lamb chops
Wow… those are a thing a beauty!  Encrusted in what?  I keep hoping that photo is a little door I can open and grab some, which could come in handy with more than food.  Yum.
6:21pm Phil
LOL, it’s mushrooms and they were just delicious!
Do you remember the little lady who sat in the back pew at church?  She was a third grandmother to us.  She adored lamp chops. We gave them to her for Christmas one year, raw out of the fridge, wrapped in butcher paper, ready to cook.  She was so tickled!  They always make me think of her and smile.

Traveler plans

Date: Mar 31 – 5:30 pm via AM
From: The Traveler 
To: Sassy 
Hi Sassy:
I don’t have to be submissive to be happy–you definitely meet my specs otherwise.  If full domination to you is groping, that’s fine. Let’s give things a chance.
Can you please give me access to your pic and let’s see what happens!
Date:  Mar 31st – 8:38pm via AM
From:  Sassy
To: The Traveler 
Hiya Fred, Great to hear from you. Thanks for clarifying your situation, and for taking a chance. Sounds great! Please email me at the same ID on Yahoo, and I’ll share a photo or two. I am wary of trusting AM that far. I am open Wednesday night if you decide you want to meet. Hope we can have some fun!
Via Yahoo
From: FredRRoberts
To: Sassy
Sent: Mar 31, 2013 9:25 PM
Subject: Let’s get together Wednesday!
Hi Sassy–here I am–please send me pics and we’ll go from there–really look forward to meeting you.
[attached his business head shot photo]
Date: Mar 31 – 9:30 pm via AM
From: The Traveler 
To: Sassy 
Just sent you an email. Wednesday looks great–can’t wait to see your pics!
Date: Mar 31 – 9:39 pm via AM 
From: The Traveler 
To: Sassy 
Please send pics to [his gmail address.]
Via Yahoo 
To: FredRRoberts
From: Sassy
Sent: Sun, Mar 31, 2013 9:43 PM
Subject: re: Let’s get together Wednesday!
Hiya Handsome, 
Thank for another photo!  Your photos are making me smile.  Here’s one of me from a year ago when I was going to a party and dressed up.  My hair is longer now, but otherwise about the same.  
Via Yahoo 
From: FredRRoberts
To: Sassy
Sent: Mar 31, 2013 10:45 PM
Subject: re: Let’s get together Wednesday!
Terrific. We are on for Wednesday night. Details to follow–wow!


Sunday, March 31, 2013

9:20am Phil 
Happy Easter!

 [Photo of him at the gym]

Happy Easter to you! I’m thinking about the huge thing Jesus did… God really loves us!

You cooking?

9:26am Phil 
Yes he does! 
No, going to the winery to sample wine, drink a bottle or two, and have dinner. Church at 1000 first of course
Oh, how lovely! I miss church the most on days like this. Wish I could sing the good old hymns with a couple hundred people. We’re off to Easter dinner as usual. Supposed to be 60 degrees here! Enjoy!
9:32am Phil
We make some noise! Up from the grave he arose! He Lives! The Easter hymns are my favorite. I’ll sing extra loud for you
Gonna be warm here too!
Makes me think of our hometown – that wonderful organist, the ladies and gents in the choir…and all the amazing lilies on the altar.  Christ the Lord is Risen Today, Aaaaaaaaah-le-lu-ia!  Here’s a new version! A Jackson 5 arrangement. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6UEIu29T4VM

9:38am Phil  
Another favorite! I suspect we may sing them all. What a glorious way to celebrate!

3:08 pm

Start of the Easter feast – deviled eggs, olives, ham salad and apples, salami and prosciutto, pate and fancy cheeses!

5:20 pm

Easter dinner – roast lamb, gravy, roasted green beans, root veggies, cucumber spinach salad with yogurt mint dressing, dinner rolls

Traveler tries again

Remember The Traveler from earlier this month?  The one who sent a blast email to a bunch of ladies in Boston hoping to meet while he visited?  The one I decided not to answer?  Well, here he is again.  With a personal message this time, with some personality!  It’s been such a quiet month.  I figure it can’t hurt to email him, see what he really wants. 
Date:  Mar 30 – 6:16 pm via AM
From: Traveler
To: Sassy
Hi there Sassy:
I could be the man for you! 6’4″, 215, well-built, athletic, handsome (see pic). Professional–smart, funny, caring.
Absolutely LOVE BBWs! Only attracted to larger, fun women. Wife has no interest in sex.
I travel to Boston a lot and will be coming to town next week. Would like to see you on Wednesday if it works out–we could do dinner in Boston.
Let me know if that works–happy to email/talk beforehand.
You won’t be disappointed.
Date:  Mar 30th – 6:58pm via AM
From:  Sassy
To: Traveler 
Hiya Fred! Thank you for your lovely invitation! And access to your photo. You are a handsome fellow! Unfortunately, I am not into most of the things you are looking for, so I won’t waste your time. I do hope you find a lovely lady to be your companion. 
If you end up facing dinner alone and would prefer company, I’d be glad to meet somewhere low key, talk and give you a nice hug with groping, but that’s about the limit of my domme tendencies! Safe travels and happy hunting! 

Dreaded Noro Virus

Friday, March 29, 2013
 9:13am Phil
Any better?
A little… barfing has stopped.  Still have fever, aches, liquid diarrhea and can’t keep my eyes open for more than about 30 min!  IT SUCKS!
9:15am Phil
You need a doctor
[photo of him smiling outside]
Weirdest thing is no hunger… have to make myself eat a little but my mind says “Nooooo!”  Trying to drink a lot of water, keep from getting dehydrated.  Bleh. I think it’s the dreaded noro virus that’s been going around.  I’ve never had anything like it!  
9:18am Phil
Just take it easy! I don’t like being sick and certainly not like that. Only been that sick a couple times and it was food poisoning each time. Thought I was gonna die
I hope it’s food poisoning… that usually gets over in about 24 hrs.
I can’t remember ever being this sick to my stomach, so tired. Thanks for letting me whine…
Kept dinner down!  Yay!  I think I’ve turned the corner.  Have a great weekend!

FFF Melody

It’s Flash Fiction Friday time again!  Tom posts a cheery photo (with cock!) and challenged us to write about it!  Whee!  Pop over to his blog to see what he and other bloggers did with this prompt:
Word Count: 250
Bonus Words: +50 if you tell us the last three songs you listened to
Required Word: Melody
Forbidden Words: Ke$ha, Miley, Rihanna
Extra Credit: Before writing, get up and dance to your favorite song!


“Why are you grinning?” Karen asked.  We were in the pasta aisle of the grocery store on a quiet Tuesday evening, picking up a few items after a lovely dinner out.  
“Was I?  Hmmm… listen to the music,” I instructed. “….I’m bringing sexy back…. those other fellas don’t how to act…”.  She knows it’s my favorite dance tune.  We shimmied down the tile between the Ragu and the Classico. 
“There’s more… tell me!” She demanded.  As the Musak switched over to the melancholy “…quarter after 1 and I NEED YOU NOW…” I answered. 
“Remember that DJ at the beach club – Esteban?”  
“Oooh… he was dreamy.  But he wasn’t interested in girls?” she drooled. 
“He was interested in me,” I admitted.  
“TELL!” Karen shouted so loud the clerk at the head of the cereal aisle leaned around to see if we were alright. The Musak clicked over to “Hips Don’t Lie” and we bopped to Shakira while I told my story. 
“That night in July… you left with… Riccardo?”  She nodded.  
“Tim drank too much.  I told him to sleep it off in his car and danced some more.  Esteban got off work and asked if I wanted to hear the latest Marc Anthony, so we went into his dressing room.  He gave me his headphones.  I sat on the couch while he was changing. The music was so hot… so smooth…”
“What happened?!” Karen whispered.  
“He sat down next to me naked. And switched to my favorite tune… he knows I adore ‘Sexy Back.”
“Whooo boy!  What did you do?”  
“I took off my sundress and gave him the sassiest blow job of his life,” I confessed. 
“Damn… did he…” she pushed for details.
“Oh yes… yum,” I answered, licking my lips.
“You naughty girl!  No wonder you’re smiling!”

Sassy Answers: Changing words

Dear Readers,

A lot of you have a story to tell and write to ask me questions about what it takes to write a blog.   It’s a lot of work, but for many of us, writing is not an option.  I have to write.  I started a diary when I was twelve, and have been writing about my life and loves in various formats ever since!  Sharing it with THE ENTIRE INTERNET can be time-consuming and scary, but the rewards are wonderful.  I get to interact with other bloggers and readers!!  The questions can be quite specific, like this one:

Q.  In order to stay anonymous, do you replace words and edit out details when writing posts for your blog?

A.  Yes!

Everyone thinks of having to change names… but there’s more.  Names, locations, work details – here’s the list of nearly two dozen keywords for entries about my old flame that have to be changed for a start, and I catch others as I transfer them into posts.  Thank goodness for “find and replace” feature in my word processing program!

Actual                                 Gets replaced with

Philip’s real first name             Philip
Philip’s real nickname              Phil
My real first name                   Sassy
Phillip’s nickname for me         Sass
Another pet name for me         Sass
Philip’s wife’s first name           His wife or My wife
My husband’s first name           Hubby
My last name                           blank
Philip’s last name                     blank
Philip’s favorite football team    My team, his team      
Military buzz words                  military (or non-branch specific or edited)
Names/ranks of his bosses         Bigwigs
My employer’s name                 removed
My project                               edit
His branch of the military          edit
His children’s names                 edit or remove entire reference
His other family members         edit or remove entire reference
My other family members         Sis, niece or whatever
His other ladies’ names             Beach Gal or Fred
Our hometown name                our hometown
Where I live                             remove details to generic Boston
Where he lives                         fix it to something else like my area etc. 
Details of his work                    delete
Details of my work                    edit or delete 
My adventures with the AM men bring on a whole other list of changes!  It’s fun to come up with nicknames and re-spin their stories so even they would not recognize themselves!  
I try to keep the flow of the sentence but you can probably tell most of the time when I am changing and editing.  It makes me sad to take out some stories, especially about his great work for this country, or my cool projects, but they aren’t what this story is about.  And I want you to be able to fill in your details, make this about your people, so too many specifics don’t help with that.  Some diligence to cover my details makes it easy to share the sexy stuff!