Polite Panties Man

Panties Man disappeared for another week, but then was so sweet to check in on me when I told him I’d been sick.   We kept missing each other, popping back forth between IM and email.  
·       Mar 29 8:24 AM Rick: Good morning! how the week flew by. It is as if we chatted yesterday, but it was a whole week ago. How was your week?
From: Sassy
To: Panties Man
Sent:  Sat, Mar 30, 2013 2:44 PM
Subject: Up and down
Hiya Rick! 
Hope you are enjoying this spring day!  In a word… my week sucked.  I got food poisoning and was a total wreck!  I thought I would die and wished I could!  Arrrgh!  I am finally feeling a little better today and hoping to make it to Easter dinner with the family tomorrow night.  Hope your week was better than mine! 
·       Mar 30 2:53 PM Rick: food poisoning??!! I had that once, and it was Awful!
·       Mar 30 2:54 PM Rick: glad you’re better, though something like that can take a bit of time to get over.
From: Rick
To: Sassy
Sent: Mar 30, 2013
Subject: Re: Up and down 3:59 PM 
That does suck!!  I had it once; horrible, horrible feeling.  Glad you’re better!  Hopefully you weren’t planning on hosting Easter yourself! 
 How are things otherwise?  I’ve been holed up all day catching up on things, so couldn’t get out again (and thus didn’t send you a note…)
I have thought often of what you said about that nightie.  I couldn’t take it myself, but would love to see and feel it.  And any time we got together, it would be a wonderful thing to share!  I’m getting quite excited (and need to shift in my seat) thinking about it!.
·       Mar 31 10:18 PM Rick: hey there. feeling better?
·       Mar 31 10:28 PM Rick: ready for another week of work?

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