Meeting The Russian

Thursday, August 7, 2014
From: Mikhail 
To: Sassy 
Sent: Thursday, August 7, 2014 3:45 AM
Subject: Getting together
Good morning Sexy,
I woke up in the middle or the night, and found your email. Thank you for reading my answers to your questions:)
Thursday noon – it’s already today – is fine. Yes, you…me…RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR
I don’t remember any one of those places but trust your judgment. Loud vs. quiet – do we want not to be able to listen to each other but only look at each other with lots of lust:), or do we want other people to listen to what we re talking about? Tough choice.

For food I’d go to Border but food’s my second priority. I’d rather eat you with my eyes over there. So you need to decide which place is the most comfortable for our conversation.  I gather I’ll recognize you from my dreams:). I am not asking you for your phone #, but if you need to call me or I don’t show up on time, or we don’t find each other feel free to call me.

If you need to make an urgent medical appointment in the afternoon, please do it, you can always cancel it or switch it for the next week if you choose so:).
Sweet dreams, and I’ll see you at noon in one of those three places, please let me know which one.
From: Sassy 
To: Mikhail
Sent: Thursday, August 7, 2014 8:49 AM
Re: Connection 
Good morning!  I’m so glad you can meet me today!! 
Let’s head for Border at 32 Church Street.  It has the right combo of food and some noise to cover our talking.  It’s a block from the T’s Church St. exit, or there’s a paid parking lot across the street. 
I will wait outside the door.  I am wearing a dark blue silk scarf and black top with dark blue slacks.  I have glasses and long silver hair. 
See you soon! 
From: Mikhail 
To: Sassy 
Sent: Thursday, August 7, 2014 9:08 AM
Subject: re: Getting together
Good morning Sexy,
So Borders it is. I’m also very glad that we can meet today.
Outside the door is fine. I’m not sure yet what I’ll be wearing, light pants and short gray hair, that’s for sure.
See ya! Cannot wait!
I told a blog fan I was meeting a Russian man for lunch.  
He said, “NO Russians.  Trust me on this.”  
I chuckled.  “He’s been here since the 80s!”  
“No Russians.  Really.”  I changed the subject. 
I mentioned it in chat.  A guy there said, “Oh, I’d avoid Russians if I was you.”  
“They tend to drink too much, and be very traditional in their gender roles,” he explained.
I have never run in to any ethnic generalizations on any other man.  It made me determined to meet him, to see if he fit those patterns. 
The Meet 
I was antsy all morning.  I got a lot done but as midday approached, I couldn’t concentrate.  My boss was away at a meeting, so I could re-read Mikhail’s emails, have all his details fresh in my mind.  
Finally the time came to go to the restaurant.  I arrived at 12:02 pm.  No sign of him.  Ugh.  I hate being the first one there, scanning the street… is that him?  Or that guy?  What about this one walking around the corner?  No.  I pinged a woman from chat to pass the time.  She wasn’t around.  
Finally an email – “Traffic half a mile away”  Okay.  I leaned against the building to settle in to wait.  I looked up and saw a man crossing the street, smiling at me.  Hunh… that was fast!  He was tall, slim and… not very good looking.  He looked like Mikhail Gorbachev!  But whatever.  Looks don’t matter to me once I like the guy.  
He approached me, asked, “Sassy?” and I smiled.  I hugged him.  But he didn’t hug me back.  That’s never happens!  Most men want to hold me, press my chest against theirs for as long as I let them!  He untangled himself quickly and I jumped back.  He waved his hand toward the door of the restaurant and held it for me.  I approached the hostess and asked for a table for two.  She seated us in a quieter corner at a four top.  He pulled out my chair and sat down on my right.  We looked each other over and smiled.  
I peeked at the menu but he didn’t.  I asked, “Do you already know what you want?” 
“We both know what we want.  Let’s get out of here,” he said. 
I was taken aback and replied, “I’m here for lunch and to get to know you.”  I touched his arm and he moved away.  Ugh.
It was very hard to hear over the chatter.  I wanted a bit of noise to cover any salacious conversation we might have, but this was too much!  I made a note to go elsewhere next time. 
Plus he had a very strong accent.  I like accents, and work with people from all over the world, but this was especially tricky. 
I engaged in small talk, “Have you been to this restaurant before?”  He shook his head.  
“What’s your favorite place to eat?” 
He said, “I like lots of places.”  
The waitress asked us about drinks and I ordered iced tea.  He asked for water.  He stared at me.  I stared back.  He looks like the Cold War president of Russia – Mikhail Gorbachev!

I felt like it was his turn to ask me something, say something, but he just stared.  I said, “You said there were so many questions you wanted to ask but you would do it in person…”  
He smiled and said, “You sure you want lunch?  We can go sit in my car.”  Aha!  I get it now.  He thought I would go off with him without eating and now he’s ticked!  Well!

The waitress returned with our drinks and asked if we wanted to order.  I said I was ready, and he stared at me then at her, and I said, “I think he needs a couple of minutes?” He nodded and she left us.  He made a production of opening the menu and looking at it, and I struggled to keep an open mind.  He was obviously upset that I would not leave with him.  Argh.  

He had told me he likes seafood so I pointed out a couple of dishes I’ve seen friends order and enjoy.  He closed the menu and said, “You must come here a lot.”  
“I don’t get out for lunch much, but I do eat here with co-workers quite a bit,” I answered. 
“You only have an hour?”  
“I can push it a bit, but yes, I shouldn’t stay too much longer than that,” I answered. 
The waitress reappeared and asked for our order.  I got my usual cup of gumbo and crawfish etouffee appetizer, and he ordered the veggie jambalaya.  Maybe now we could talk? 
“Could you skip out on the afternoon?” he asked.  
“Not today,” I answered.  I wondered if he was going to ask me anything other than something about how to get me alone fast. 
“When did you last have sex?” He asked.  Well… that’s a little better but eh… so typical and something that can open a can of worms. 
“About a month,” I answered.  He nodded. 
“About the same for me,” he said and sighed.
“What ended it?” he asked.  Ugh. I don’t want to think about that!! 
“He got caught,” I said.  “And you?” 
“What?” He asked. 
“How did your last affair end?” I clarified. 
“Ah, the same,” he said.  “Her husband saw texts,” he added.  He proceeded to tell me all about how she was busted and how tough it is to stay safe with all the technology and how wonderful she was in bed, and how their schedules matched and how she liked to skinny dip and that he would miss her, but he was okay now, ready to start again. 
I sat there thinking of Kris.  How he was intensely curious about me.  How he would briefly answer my questions about women he had seen then say it was more than 20 years ago and he couldn’t remember and ask me something else about me.  I thought of how Kris touched me, patting my arm, then my hand, leaning in to touch my shoulder and whisper in my ear.  
I realized I am not ready.  Especially not with this guy!  He didn’t care about me… I could be any woman.  Ugh. I decided not to share much… I was not going to see him again and did not want him going away with much info. 
The food arrived and I made myself calm down and eat.  He continued talking about his previous lady!  When we had cleared our plates, he paid the bill with cash and I thanked him quite sincerely for lunch.  He had dropped a whopping $11 on me.  It was the only good part of this outing!  
He asked if he could walk me back to my office.  I said that was a bad idea – too many people I know on the way.  He nodded, asked if I wanted to walk him back to his car.  I said I really needed to get back.  He asked if we could plan another meet.  I said I would email him.  He sighed and took my hand and said, “I would like that.”  I smiled and said, “I will email… soon.”  He got up and shook my hand and left me sitting at the table. 
I wondered how long I should wait to email to say thanks for lunch but no thanks.  I had to leave some time, to show I had thought about it, but not string him along.  I planned to wait until some time in the evening.  I tried to work but ended up drafting the email about two hours later and… hit send by mistake!  Oops! 
From: Sassy    
To: Mikhail
Sent: Thursday, August 7, 2014 2:58 PM
Subject: Re: Getting together
Dear Mikhail, 
It was a pleasure to meet you!  Thank you very much for lunch.  
I have considered carefully whether to see you again, and I am sorry to say that I can not do it at this time.  I thought I was ready to start again, but find myself only thinking of the other man.  This is not good.  You deserve better.  
Best of luck in your search for a wonderful lady! 
I prayed that he would not try to convince me otherwise, or say he’d check back with me. 
He replied half an hour later.


From: Mikhail 
To: Sassy 
Sent: Thursday, August 7, 2014 3:26 PM
Subject: Getting together
Dear Sassy,
Thank you for meeting me, and I understand your point.
Good luck to you as well!
Phew.  That seems final.  Hooray! I closed that door.

I was happy to have tried.  Back to the drawing board!

Setting up a meet

Wednesday, August 6, 2014
From: Mikhail
To: Sassy 
Sent: Wednesday, August 6, 2014 10:14 AM
Subject: Re: Good morning Stranger
Good morning Sassy,
I love your flowery expressions. I don’t think I’ve ever heard “I am bushed”. My wild guess is that it means you want to go to bed with a hot and sexy guy who will be rubbing your back, nibbling your ears, then kissing your blue eyes, and going down from there making a long trip with many sweet detours torturing you with his slowness. And you there is a lot to kiss and caress. Yummy!!! My second guess is that you are really tired, and want him to bring you to the state of ecstasy faster than usual. Are there any other interpretations that I’m not aware of?
Does your Mom live by herself? I gather she followed you by moving to MA from upstate NY. I’ve been through that with my parents too. But now my Dad (Mom passed away 7 years ago) is in a nursing home, where he is taken care of. I visit him once or twice a week, but all the pills, food, etc., are provided, so we can just talk. It’s sad to watch a very intelligent and active person losing all that.
Back to busy life. I’ll have hectic time in the last two weeks of August, if not before that. I still think it won’t be crazy. When does your hectic time start? Do you ever open these emails during the day?
You never told me about your fantasies, how important is it for you that our fantasies match? We can always learn something new from each other. Do you know much about tantric sex? Are you interested? What else is really important for you that you’d like to know about me? I don’t ask you about your family life, etc. Even if it defines the way we are in many ways, it’s not something that for me would determine whether we are up for a great affair. To me a great affair is when two people care about each other, and want to please each other both in bed and out of it within an unfortunately very short time that they have in their busy lives. And not really knowing you – not yet – I’m shy about asking more about your story. It does not mean that I don’t want to know more about you. Btw, what school did you go to? If it’s not a secret.
OK, back to work. Looking forward to hearing from you, and lots of good things that we will want to share.
From: Sassy
To: Mikhail
Sent: Wednesday, August 6, 2014 12:02 PM
Re: Good morning Stranger
Good morning hot stuff!  Your email has been tingling! 
Flowery expressions, huh?  People tell me I do have a big vocabulary.  I like to use different words.  Bushed is “really tired.”  Not sure how the word for small shrubbery came to mean that, but English is odd that way! 
I probably would perk up if I had a man close by to excite me! 
Mom is still on her own.  My sister is pushing her to move to assisted living but she is not ready.  With help from me and my sisters, she does okay.  My dad was in a nursing home his last three months.  That was a strange mix of relief that someone else could help and concern over how they did it!  We encouraged them to move here for 20 years, and they finally did it 7 years ago when their first grandchild was born.  🙂  I am so lucky she is close by. 
My crazy time at work starts Aug. 18 and runs through the 27th.  I am making a list now of all that has to happen and wondering how it will but we always make it through!  
I usually open emails in the early morning and during lunch, though may not be able to respond.  My boss is out at a meeting right now, so I am thinking about you… and taking a special chance to write! 
I don’t know anything about tantric sex, other than it’s a checkbox on AM.  Do you?  Would you teach me?  
My name… an old flame gave it to me fours years ago.  He found me online after 35 years and wanted to know if I was “the same sassy girl” he knew in high school.  He helped me find my “Sassy” side, and helped me believe a man could want me even if my husband didn’t.  But he was military, married and miles away, so he encouraged me to find a local man. I didn’t think anyone else would want me, but I am trying it because I fought breast cancer three years ago, and am whole and healthy now and want to live life to the fullest! 
My “real name” is for a busy business woman who takes care of her husband and mother and volunteers in her spare time.  She is quite boring and shy!  Sassy is sexy and fun!  And using another name protects me from bad men or their angry wives who would make my life bad if they knew real info. Sassy has her own email, phone number, and you may notice that I don’t put certain things in email or answer some questions. Having played with a military man, and heard stories from a lot of philandering people, I have learned a lot about how to be discreet and safe.  I hope that won’t be a problem for you.
I am thinking about meeting you, being with you.  Four practical questions: 
Please tell me that you know about condoms and use them routinely.  Have you been tested for STDs?  All this fun is great but I don’t want to risk my life on it.  Do you usually take a woman to a hotel? Do you know how to cover your tracks online? 
Perhaps a quick first look and a kiss if you want?  Do you know a good public place with easy parking or want me to choose one?  
Have a wonderful Wednesday! 
From: Mikhail
To: Sassy
Sent: Wednesday, August 6, 2014 1:40 PM
Re: Good morning Stranger
Hi Sassy,
and I like your name. Thanks for the explanation.
and thank you for making my day. I also have this tingling feeling about you, and it keeps growing. You have a magic remote power.  I’m happy to hear that you are getting ready to get together. Don’t
have much time now, will answer your critical questions between the lines, everything else later..
I am fairly busy Friday, I have a meeting starting in the late morning which may last who knows how long. This leaves us today or tomorrow. I have no limitations later today or tomorrow. We can meet somewhere for lunch tomorrow, and then if we want to continue, you may have your drs appointment. If you don’t need to rush home, we can get together after 5 today, but I would need to know soon, you can call me [his number]. because I don’t read my special email all the time. I may be formal on the phone, but that won’t be the guy you want to spend hot time with:). You may always leave me a message. See, I even trust you with my phone #. As for place, during the day it should be close to where you are. More inside:). I’m very excited about meeting you. Have a good afternoon,
From: Mikhail
To: Sassy
Sent: Wednesday, August 6, 2014 10:53 PM
Subject: Re: Good morning Stranger
Good morning hot stuff!  Your email has been tingling! 
You do have a very big vocabulary. If we compare American English with the British one, British is much more complicated I think. It’s probably happened so that poor immigrants like me could express themselves sufficiently. Like any other language, English has lots of unexplainable expressions whose sources are long forgotten. 
I wonder if perking up includes groping this man and bringing him very close to your precious body. Another mystery of English language which intend to resolve for myself, with a lot of your help, naturally. 
Parents are all stubborn, unlike us, but are not we lucky to have them – or some of them – around. Even with my dad being semi-senile now he tells me stories about his affairs. I doubt I’l ever catch up with him.
I believe I don’t need to convince you to put me on a very short list of things that need to be taken care of before the 18th. 
Thank you, Sassy, I appreciate our messages – they make my day much better. Can you imagine what may happen when we get closer to each other. What a dream!
I read about tantric sex a while ago, but it looked like something that could be done when you have a whole night with your lover, and don’t need to rush back into the real world. Not right away, but if we have a chance to spend many hours making love we should try it. Speaking of which, is it easy for you to get away for 24 hours? Does your husband go away on business or whatever? 
I usually see spelling cum, so what’s right? The only problem is that with a condom it becomes tricky, but we’ll try. I bet you that coming inside is much more pleasant, but if the lady wishes, especially a lady with the beautiful chest like yours – just thinking of it puts me on fire – it will be my pleasure to do it. Do you like watching porn? I have not watched them for ages. Toys – we’ll see. I had some toys but I think I tossed them some years ago. Will look in the basement. You are a fantastic conversationalist, and there are many ways to communicate your feelings, desires both using words and various parts of the body. we will learn each other’s body language in addition to words. And even if I don’t know all of your dreams (there is a good chance that you don’t know them either), two creative people can always create more and more things to enjoy and share. We’ll get to details soon. 
I did all of my schooling in Russia, never learnt anything in this country:)
When you confront extreme situations like cancer you really look at the life differently, and your friend was right. Hope you just found that local man. We live much longer, and sometimes I think that we should have a law that every marriage gets dissolved after 10 years. Period. And people who want to stay married after that should pay high penalty. What do you think?
Your name is not a problem.  Not at all. We want to enhance our lives and share the best pleasure there is in life, and we should be open with each other, but to a degree. If there is something that you don’t want me to know or I don’t want to share with you, that’s perfectly fine. As you probably see, by my nature I’m quite open, but I also have my limits.
We can talk when we meet about the practicalities, if you decide to continue.  Good thinking! I mean thinking about meeting me. If you are comfortable with that tomorrow – Thursday, that would be great! Since I don’t know where you are located, or let me put it differently, in what area you want to meet, I cannot say anything. Give me a hint, please… But I’m sure you know places in an area where you want to meet, so whatever you choose is fine with me.
From: Mikhail G
To: Sassy 
Sent: Wednesday, August 6, 2014 10:53pm 
Re: Connection 
Good evening Sexy,
I can finally write something more personal. And I hope we can get together tomorrow, for a first kiss only or for much much more, whatever you are comfortable with. I’ll go inside your curves below, oops, lines, to respond, and then come back here for more.
I’m back on top after answering your remaining questions. I hope we can meet tomorrow, not only because I’m so eager to get to know you but also because it will be a delay of several days.
OK, good night kisses, please let me know what you think.
E-hugs, e-kisses, e-much much more,
From: Sassy       
To: Mikhail
Sent: Wednesday, August 6, 2014 11:39 PM
Subject: Re: Good morning Stranger
Hiya hot stuff, 
Thank you for answering my questions – the serious and the silly.  All of it sounds good!  
So Thursday… tomorrow… you… me… could you meet me for lunch?  The parking is the tough part, but it is a quiet time so you might find a street spot and feed the meter, or pop into a garage?   
There are 3 places I’d recommend – do you know any of them?  Prefer one? 
Border Cafe 32 Church St – seafood, Mexican/Creole, loud 
Finale at 30 Dunster St and Mt Auburn – soup, sandwiches, groovy food and stunning chocolate desserts, quiet
Dolphin seafood at 1105 Mass Ave, up a floor – seafood basics, quiet
Let me know what you think and I can be there at noon if that works for you? 

The Russian’s fantasy

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

From: Sassy
To: Mikhail 
Sent: Tuesday, August 5, 2014 2:13 AM
Re: Good night Stranger
Hiya Mikhail, 
Thanks again for your messages!  I’m glad you get my sense of humor.  I always get nervous after I write, and you didn’t keep me waiting very long!  So sorry I was off the grid and couldn’t get back to you for awhile!! 
Forgive me if I need to email a bit before meeting.  I’ve had a couple of bad experiences when guys were in a hurry, so I want to explore and build up some trust.  And I don’t want to be with just anybody… I want to know you, so you know it is you I am there for.  It won’t take too long, but please be patient.  
How strange that you were around Albany!  I don’t hear that often.  Was it Schenectady?  I hate to guess your origins…Google says Mikhail is Russian or Ukranian… am I close?  What brought you to the US? 
I am an office manager at a big place, supposed to be there 9-5 but I do get days off or leave early for “doctors appointments”.  I am headed into a hectic time at the end of August, but most of the year I can be away from the office for part or all of the day.  Are you free weekdays only or can you have a late afternoon meet sometimes or a weekend time? 
My favorite day off involves a drive along the coast, lobster for lunch and seeing the ocean or the mountains.  I have a bunch of day trips marked in Google Maps, with everything from Ogunquit, Maine to Lake Winnipesaukee, NH to Tiverton, RI! 
If I were to take you out to dinner for a special occasion, where would you want to go?  What would you order?  Do you cook?  I don’t, but I make really good reservations!  
Do you have a fantasy… something you have not done or not done for a long time that I might fulfill?  I want some hint as to whether our styles mesh. 
Finally, thank you ever so much for the sweet good night wishes! They felt very special. Hope you have sweet sexy dreams!  Hugs with groping, and an ear nibble… Mwah!
From: Mikhail G
To: Sassy 
Sent: Tuesday, August 5, 2014 9:43 AM
Subject: Fantasy
Instead of working I’m thinking how to respond to your question about fantasies that we can go fulfill together. It’s not only sexual. I have never had any serious deviational fantasies. And my fantasies were always about specific people, I should rater say ladies, not in the abstract. Playing games like giving a complete control to one of us is probably as far as my imagination goes.
How about a ride by the ocean, maybe walking along the beach, feeling the pull but pretending that we resist it. Then we happen to find a secluded spot and go for skinny dipping holding our hands, caressing each other, talking sweet nonsense, and finally stop resisting the temptation. If you like skinny dipping, I know a nice place:). In the winter we can replace it by Jacuzzi.
What is your favorite fantasy? Are we on the same page here as well?
More e-kisses, trying to resist the temptation,
From: Mikhail
To: Sassy 
Sent: Tuesday, August 5, 2014 9:21 PM
Subject: Re: Good night Stranger
Good evening,
How was your day? The weather was great but like yesterday I had nobody to talk to outside(:.
I hope I did not ask any inappropriate questions this morning. In my mind I’m still trying to answer your question about my fantasies. Perhaps I’m too grounded in reality, don’t know. Honestly, my biggest fantasy now is to get to know you, and do my best to make sure that we enjoy things that we want to share I’m eagerly awaiting your answer to the same question, your fantasies may open a light for me. I’m not talking about such obvious things like a long foreplay, using various parts of your body to please your lover.
There was a good joke. An old guy – like me – had sex with a young lady – like you. Later she told her friend. It was fantastic, I could never imagine that a guy at his age can perform so well. We enjoyed the foreplay for almost two hours, and then we had great sex for another two hours. The guy also shared his impressions with a friend. It was horrible. I could not get an erection for a couple of hours, and then I could not get it off for another couple of hours. That’s almost my fantasy but with one exception. We can enjoy our foreplay but not without erection:)
I did have sweet dreams about you last night, hope for more. How about you flying over so that we can dream together.
Good night,
From: Sassy 
To: Mikhail
Sent: Tuesday, August 5, 2014 10:41 PM
Subject: Re: Good night Stranger
Hiya Mikhail! 
I had a busy time at the office trying to catch up from yesterday and roll along with today, then headed out to my Mom’s place in the burbs.  I take care of her pills and take her out for supper.  By the time I get home, I am bushed! So I will say sleep well and try to write more tomorrow. Mwah! 

Writing to The Russian

Monday, August 4, 2014
I was off from work, taking a vacation day to catch up on stuff at home.  I had hoped to go out on an adventure, but Hubby was having a bad day and sleeping so I sat at my computer and watched porn for awhile.  I talked to a blogger about the new AM guy, asked his advice on whether I should jump back in.  He was very encouraging.  I looked at the message I’d drafted yesterday, tried to make it a little shorter, funnier.  I finally got it to where I could send it. I wanted to send it before lunch time so he might look at it.  
Monday, August 4, 2014
From: Sassy
To: FunFan
Sent: Monday, August 4, 2014 11:38 am 
Subject: Connection 
Hiya F.F.! How are you this fine day? I hope your week is off to a grand start. I am off work and smiling at your message! You are a great writer – it’s wonderful to read such upbeat words from a fellow who can send five paragraphs with no typos. 🙂 
Europe, eh? Intriguing! What country would I want? Hmmm… doesn’t matter. I’ve gone from London to Rome and met great people everywhere. Have you been in MA a long time? I was raised in upstate NY, came here for college and stayed. 
Age means little to me. It’s not an accurate measure of a man’s maturity or compatibility! You sound quite vibrant! 
I am curious. How did you find AM? What brings you here? Are you a “none at home, need something” or “have something, want something else” or “have something, need MORE!” type? I’m in the first category sadly, so basics – holding hands, a hug, a back rub – are treats for me. But I want so much more! 
What would you like to know? Ask whatever… I am very open and you can’t offend me unless you are Republican or a Yankees fan, and I have even transcended those for a nice man. 
I’ve been told I’m the nicest woman ever, a great communicator, very discreet, no drama. I’m looking for fun and passion and a confidante. I am demure and proper in “real life.” I want someone to look beyond that and unleash the wild woman! I can not leave my husband, so I want to find someone who will be happy being my sweet sexy secret. Can that be you? 
Let’s move off AM to email? You can find me at the same username on Yahoo. I find that a better interface. Hugs with groping! – Sassy 
He wrote back in about three hours! And he figured out how to find me on Yahoo! 
From: Mikhail
To: Sassy 
Sent: Monday, August 4, 2014 2:53pm 
Re: Connection 
Hi Sassy,
Thank you for getting back to me and sending my week off to a great start! My day is busy, but it’s nice outside. I wish I knew you’.re off.
Thank you for the inspiration, you are a greater writer!
What country – much further to the East than London or Rome, it was not my first choice for a place to be born, but even my Mom did not ask me.
I’ve been in MA over 30 years. Actually I spent about 18 months in upstate NY, near Albany, but was commuting home on weekends.
I found AM by chance, read about it somewhere. What about you? I’m in the first category, no doubt about it. None at home, need much more. People live much longer these days bit not all of them remain vibrant forever(:. You get the picture. Perhaps we need a law that marriages should last no more than 10 years:) What do you think? We seem to be looking for the same thing. And I’m not a Yankees fan, that’s for sure.
I want to know a lot, I’m also quite open. Let me start with practicalities. Do you often have days off? I work for myself, and can typically schedule my time during the week.
Actually, here is an idea. Are you in Boston today? The weather is great, and if you are ready to go for a walk of for coffee, or whatever with a complete stranger (who wants to get to know:)), I’m open. I’m 10 minutes away from Alewife, and can leave pretty much right now to hop on the T and meet you. But if it does not work, I’m looking forward to getting together some time soon, and will be asking more questions.
I’ll finish on that right now, will wait for your response.
Mikhail – now you can easily guess where I’m from.

And I didn’t like the message. There were typos but not too bad.  However, he pushed to meet.  No no no.  Guys!  DO NOT DO THAT!  He didn’t ask about me except details that would frame our meets. I could be any woman!  If I am going to meet you, I want to know that you are meeting ME, not just any random woman you can fuck. 
And he’s from Eastern Europe?  I can’t justify it, but I had a bad reaction to that.  And I fought against it – it made me want to meet him to see if he could be better than the stories I’ve heard about men on chat. I read over the message several times and could not think how to respond. 
He wrote again before I could decide.  
From: Mikhail
To: Sassy 
Sent: Monday, August 4, 2014 4:42 PM
Subject: More on Monday afternoon
Hi again,
I gather my rush offer of taking advantage of your day off did not arrive at a good time.
I’m re-reading your email, you are so funny – lol:)
What is your second favorite thing to do on a day off like that? Do you often have days off? What would be your ideal day off? That is if for whatever reason you cannot spend the whole day the way I’m thinking about:)
Back to personal story. My situation seems to be exactly (maybe some details differ) the same as yours. I’m not planning to leave my wife but I have no desire to become a monk. I need fun and passion in my life, and the only way to have them is when you share them with a very good lover and friend. And that should be one person:) I love the sex part of it, but love making is so much more. We both seem to know what we want and need so I should not be telling you things that you know as well as I do. Rubbing your back would be nice, followed by more, and much more.
I am very curious about you, and would like to find out about your favorite books, music, trips, other things. And I certainly want to know more about your intimate desires, but that is easier to show than discuss in email. I am very interested in us becoming friends and lovers, and while men have no patience, I want our connection to work, and to move ahead with the speed that you are comfortable with. Unless you have even less patience to get to know each other than I do:). Your comfort is the most important thing for me in trying to build a great love affair.
What would you like to know before we meet. If you want to exchange pictures, we can do that. What days are good for you? I’m flexible. Being two proper adults in what you call ‘real life’ we can pretend to have a business meeting, but I cannot hold your hand or rub your back during a business lunch(:. No, let’s show our passion to each other even if we don’t show it to the world.
Cannot wait to be next to you when you turn into a wild woman!
E-hugs, e-kisses, e-back rubs, and looking forward to the real thing,
This was better!  Fun, more about me, original phrases at the end.  So which guy would I be meeting? 
He wrote to me on AM to be sure I was getting his messages.  I wrote a quick note back to assure that I did, and would write back soon.  He wrote me again on Yahoo. 

From: Mikhail
To: Sassy 
Sent: Monday, August 4, 2014 10:03 PM
Subject: Good night Stranger
Good night Stranger,
I wish I could share with you all the dreams:)
Sending you lots (but never enough) E-hugs, E-kisses, E-everything, and wish they could grow into real hugs, real kisses , real everything soon.
Some watering and fertilizing should help as long as the ingredients are right. Are they? . The magic is around the corner. After I read you morning email I hate getting back into the skin of a proper gentleman, would rather be a wild creature.
Do you like skinny dipping? Let’s do it.
Good night,
There was something so poignant about it.  It touched me. Such fervent wishes!  Such beautiful allusions.  
I had a surprise call from The Jock that I met in April!  He was finally out on another business trip (the only time he contacts me).  He let me blather about Kris.  He identified with him, said his wife would probably react the same way.  I told him about the new AM guy.  He said to avoid Eastern Europeans.  I asked why?  He said they are likely too dominant for me.  I had not detected any sign of that, other than pushing for a fast meet, but promised to watch out. 
We talked for two hours and I got to hear him cum!!  Yum.

I was too tired to answer Mikhail but resolved to write something longer and good in the morning. But then I was too keyed up to sleep.  So I wrote back to him. 

Should I write back?

Sunday, August 3, 2014 
I’ve been sitting on the shelf, trying to get over Kris.  I looked at Ashley Madison but was not enthused.  I enjoyed the Blog Fan’s visit, but now he is gone.  Now what? 
Then the universe tossed me an easy pitch to hit, like it always seems to do.  For the first time in 4 months, I got a great message from a new AM man! 
From: FunFan
To: Sassy 
Sent: Sunday, August 3, 2014 9:41 pm 
Hello Sassy    , 
You are an answer to my dreams! I just love what you say about yourself! And your sense of humor and warmth! And so much more – forgive the pun. And on top of that I’m a sucker for blue eyes! All I can wish for is to be an answer to your dreams. 
A couple of words about myself. I grew up in Europe where I learned the fine art of love making, and still have my sexy accent (somebody told me that, but they may have meant something else – who knows).I realize that I’m a bit older than you in the number of years of experience, but this comes handy sometimes. At least I’m always in a hurry to please my partner in crime but never in a rush to finish the pleasure. I do not look nor act my age! Working for myself, I have no trouble managing my time. 
Enough about myself, I’d like to find out more about you, and hope we can hit it off and enjoy many pleasures together, horizontal laughing being the best of them. 
I’m trying to imagine our first meeting. We get together for lunch, or coffee, or dinner, in a nice place, start talking, and the sparks start flying around us. The fire alarm in this small place goes off, everybody leaves, we are the only ones to stay, and start extinguishing the fire – you know what I mean, but the fire gets only stronger… 
Enough dreams, I’m looking forward to hearing from you, and will be happy to share my pictures. 
Isn’t that fantastic?!  Wow… five paragraphs without a typo!  A great opening!  So many great phrases!  He doesn’t reference anything in my profile except my eye color.  Hmm…  and I don’t like the “partner in crime” phrase – we would not be committing a crime – but… I get it.  I read it over several times, trying to read between the lines for any danger signs.  I worry about the way he said “please my partner” as I tend to attract subs and I can’t domme… but it was subtle and only in one spot.  
 I read his profile.  He’s from a nice suburb a good distance away (20 miles) and tall – says 6 feet – and trim at 190.  He’s the same age as Kris – perhaps that’s a good omen.  Ugh… I am comparing the new guy to Kris.  Natural but… ugh.  Limits? Undecided.  I don’t like that.  But at least it doesn’t say “Something short term.”  He’s attached.  Good.  He checked off a bunch of boxes, nothing strange, then wrote two sentences something like this.  
Checkboxes are funny
I want a sexy and passionate lady to enjoy the pleasures of body and brain.
So nothing exciting, but nothing bad.  If he had not written such a great message, I probably would have passed by. 
Do I want to answer?  I really don’t feel like starting again but… I’ve been thinking I can get by with the occasional visitor and playing online but… the AM guy wrote such a nice message!  I figured it was worth a try.  
I dug around in my email, looking for first messages I wrote to other men.  I pulled bits from three and tried to craft them into a nice message but that didn’t work.  So I started from scratch and ended with something pretty sassy!  But I didn’t sent it.  This seemed like a big step this time.  I was not sure I was ready… I decided to sleep on it.  I felt like Scarlett O’Hara, “I’ll think about that tomorrow!’