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Monday, August 4, 2014
I was off from work, taking a vacation day to catch up on stuff at home.  I had hoped to go out on an adventure, but Hubby was having a bad day and sleeping so I sat at my computer and watched porn for awhile.  I talked to a blogger about the new AM guy, asked his advice on whether I should jump back in.  He was very encouraging.  I looked at the message I’d drafted yesterday, tried to make it a little shorter, funnier.  I finally got it to where I could send it. I wanted to send it before lunch time so he might look at it.  
Monday, August 4, 2014
From: Sassy
To: FunFan
Sent: Monday, August 4, 2014 11:38 am 
Subject: Connection 
Hiya F.F.! How are you this fine day? I hope your week is off to a grand start. I am off work and smiling at your message! You are a great writer – it’s wonderful to read such upbeat words from a fellow who can send five paragraphs with no typos. 🙂 
Europe, eh? Intriguing! What country would I want? Hmmm… doesn’t matter. I’ve gone from London to Rome and met great people everywhere. Have you been in MA a long time? I was raised in upstate NY, came here for college and stayed. 
Age means little to me. It’s not an accurate measure of a man’s maturity or compatibility! You sound quite vibrant! 
I am curious. How did you find AM? What brings you here? Are you a “none at home, need something” or “have something, want something else” or “have something, need MORE!” type? I’m in the first category sadly, so basics – holding hands, a hug, a back rub – are treats for me. But I want so much more! 
What would you like to know? Ask whatever… I am very open and you can’t offend me unless you are Republican or a Yankees fan, and I have even transcended those for a nice man. 
I’ve been told I’m the nicest woman ever, a great communicator, very discreet, no drama. I’m looking for fun and passion and a confidante. I am demure and proper in “real life.” I want someone to look beyond that and unleash the wild woman! I can not leave my husband, so I want to find someone who will be happy being my sweet sexy secret. Can that be you? 
Let’s move off AM to email? You can find me at the same username on Yahoo. I find that a better interface. Hugs with groping! – Sassy 
He wrote back in about three hours! And he figured out how to find me on Yahoo! 
From: Mikhail
To: Sassy 
Sent: Monday, August 4, 2014 2:53pm 
Re: Connection 
Hi Sassy,
Thank you for getting back to me and sending my week off to a great start! My day is busy, but it’s nice outside. I wish I knew you’.re off.
Thank you for the inspiration, you are a greater writer!
What country – much further to the East than London or Rome, it was not my first choice for a place to be born, but even my Mom did not ask me.
I’ve been in MA over 30 years. Actually I spent about 18 months in upstate NY, near Albany, but was commuting home on weekends.
I found AM by chance, read about it somewhere. What about you? I’m in the first category, no doubt about it. None at home, need much more. People live much longer these days bit not all of them remain vibrant forever(:. You get the picture. Perhaps we need a law that marriages should last no more than 10 years:) What do you think? We seem to be looking for the same thing. And I’m not a Yankees fan, that’s for sure.
I want to know a lot, I’m also quite open. Let me start with practicalities. Do you often have days off? I work for myself, and can typically schedule my time during the week.
Actually, here is an idea. Are you in Boston today? The weather is great, and if you are ready to go for a walk of for coffee, or whatever with a complete stranger (who wants to get to know:)), I’m open. I’m 10 minutes away from Alewife, and can leave pretty much right now to hop on the T and meet you. But if it does not work, I’m looking forward to getting together some time soon, and will be asking more questions.
I’ll finish on that right now, will wait for your response.
Mikhail – now you can easily guess where I’m from.

And I didn’t like the message. There were typos but not too bad.  However, he pushed to meet.  No no no.  Guys!  DO NOT DO THAT!  He didn’t ask about me except details that would frame our meets. I could be any woman!  If I am going to meet you, I want to know that you are meeting ME, not just any random woman you can fuck. 
And he’s from Eastern Europe?  I can’t justify it, but I had a bad reaction to that.  And I fought against it – it made me want to meet him to see if he could be better than the stories I’ve heard about men on chat. I read over the message several times and could not think how to respond. 
He wrote again before I could decide.  
From: Mikhail
To: Sassy 
Sent: Monday, August 4, 2014 4:42 PM
Subject: More on Monday afternoon
Hi again,
I gather my rush offer of taking advantage of your day off did not arrive at a good time.
I’m re-reading your email, you are so funny – lol:)
What is your second favorite thing to do on a day off like that? Do you often have days off? What would be your ideal day off? That is if for whatever reason you cannot spend the whole day the way I’m thinking about:)
Back to personal story. My situation seems to be exactly (maybe some details differ) the same as yours. I’m not planning to leave my wife but I have no desire to become a monk. I need fun and passion in my life, and the only way to have them is when you share them with a very good lover and friend. And that should be one person:) I love the sex part of it, but love making is so much more. We both seem to know what we want and need so I should not be telling you things that you know as well as I do. Rubbing your back would be nice, followed by more, and much more.
I am very curious about you, and would like to find out about your favorite books, music, trips, other things. And I certainly want to know more about your intimate desires, but that is easier to show than discuss in email. I am very interested in us becoming friends and lovers, and while men have no patience, I want our connection to work, and to move ahead with the speed that you are comfortable with. Unless you have even less patience to get to know each other than I do:). Your comfort is the most important thing for me in trying to build a great love affair.
What would you like to know before we meet. If you want to exchange pictures, we can do that. What days are good for you? I’m flexible. Being two proper adults in what you call ‘real life’ we can pretend to have a business meeting, but I cannot hold your hand or rub your back during a business lunch(:. No, let’s show our passion to each other even if we don’t show it to the world.
Cannot wait to be next to you when you turn into a wild woman!
E-hugs, e-kisses, e-back rubs, and looking forward to the real thing,
This was better!  Fun, more about me, original phrases at the end.  So which guy would I be meeting? 
He wrote to me on AM to be sure I was getting his messages.  I wrote a quick note back to assure that I did, and would write back soon.  He wrote me again on Yahoo. 

From: Mikhail
To: Sassy 
Sent: Monday, August 4, 2014 10:03 PM
Subject: Good night Stranger
Good night Stranger,
I wish I could share with you all the dreams:)
Sending you lots (but never enough) E-hugs, E-kisses, E-everything, and wish they could grow into real hugs, real kisses , real everything soon.
Some watering and fertilizing should help as long as the ingredients are right. Are they? . The magic is around the corner. After I read you morning email I hate getting back into the skin of a proper gentleman, would rather be a wild creature.
Do you like skinny dipping? Let’s do it.
Good night,
There was something so poignant about it.  It touched me. Such fervent wishes!  Such beautiful allusions.  
I had a surprise call from The Jock that I met in April!  He was finally out on another business trip (the only time he contacts me).  He let me blather about Kris.  He identified with him, said his wife would probably react the same way.  I told him about the new AM guy.  He said to avoid Eastern Europeans.  I asked why?  He said they are likely too dominant for me.  I had not detected any sign of that, other than pushing for a fast meet, but promised to watch out. 
We talked for two hours and I got to hear him cum!!  Yum.

I was too tired to answer Mikhail but resolved to write something longer and good in the morning. But then I was too keyed up to sleep.  So I wrote back to him. 

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