Cum slut

From: Sassy 
To: Mr Truck
Sent: Tuesday, October 30, 2012 9:59 PM
Subject: Re: Storm stories
Hiya Stan!  
I hope your “day after Sandy” went well.  It was so gorgeous here most of the day… just leaves down to show something odd happened yesterday.  And a big crack in a hall window at work!  
Aha… the stunt cock is sticking in your mind, eh?  It is a monster.  I must admit my first impression was, “You want me to put that where?!”  But I have been watching videos and getting used to the idea.  I hear a butt plug can make me tighter and better for you.  And do interesting things inside you.  Maybe you should ask for some special jewelry for Christmas, like a ring… a very special cock ring!  Hee hee.  One of my blogger pals wrote a funny post about wearing his metal one to the airport… oops.

It took me awhile to figure out that it’s okay to write about stuff I’ve never done… the first time I typed “strap-on” during a chat (never having seen one) was… interesting.  And I am relieved it doesn’t have to be something I could do.  Some stuff I write would take Cirque du Soleil training!  Though writing gets me a lot closer to doing things!  

I have to giggle at you being turned on by random ladies – being able to see the potential of the store clerk or the accountant.  So many men are looking for the super model and missing the incredibly hot business woman who would rock their world!
Alter ego!  Exactly!  I am definitely the Super Sexy Woman with the Clarice Kent people see.  Sassy is a very… intimate name.  Sass… even more.  They are a secret.  That you are in on.  And that is a very rare thing.  The sexy me.  The fun me.  The wise acre.  She only exists on the internet… and in a man’s arms.  You’ll probably run into the demure lady if we meet… and have to help me get out!  
What’s a cum slut?  Talk more about that… 
From: Mr Truck
Nov 1, 2012
To: Sassy
I’ve watched a few strap on videos, women on women and women on men. Some hot stuff. Fantasizing about anal is fun but in reality I’d have to stick to something way less than a 9 incher, although a lubed finger is always nice.  I bet you’d look great with a strap on and with a butt plug in. Have you had any ass play experiences? I think it would be hot to fuck you while you have a plug in, or how ’bout slowly fucking your ass while you had a big dildo up your wet cunt? I suppose most women don’t like the word ‘cunt’ but I find it sexy, often more erotic than the softer cuter ‘pussy.’
A cum slut in my definition is a promiscuous (in mind or reality) woman who loves to fuck and suck, swallows and plays with cum, loves it shot anywhere on her body, and loves looking at it in porn, AND talking about it.
By the way, when I eat pussy, I love to combine it with asshole licking. Do you like that?
Yes a little horny today!


Moving furniture

Year 3 -Week 12 November 
Thursday, November 1, 2012
Whoa!  Where did this day go?  With my evil assistant gone forever, I’ve been taking on a lot of tasks, and we moved furniture all around today to get the office like we want again.  Yay!

Hope you had a great Thursday!  Mwah!

Slurping sounds

From: Mr Truck

To: Sassy 
October 31, 2012

Thought I’d share this.

Interesting camera angle where all you can see are tits, mouth and cock. I LOVE her sucking and slurping sounds and her heavy breathing…


Truck fantasies

From: Sassy 
To: Mr Truck
Sent: Monday, October 29, 2012 8:12 PM
Subject: Storm stories
Hiya Stan!
Hope you had a good day.  My cable has been out from this hurricane… been trying to send this since about 2 pm!  Wicked bored but otherwise okay.  How are you doing? 
Wow!  Five messages!  You are so good to me.  I’m watching the wind ravage the trees through the murky mist… and now I have something so much better to do!  Let’s see if I can answer them all in one… make it easier going forward.  
Sounds like you had a productive weekend!  Did your family arrive despite the weather?  
Message #2
> I LOVE pussy for breakfast, it’s the breakfast of champions!
I was so wishing there was a man here this morning who would take me back to bed!  This weather seems perfect for exploring and whispering and cuddling and serious fucking! 
> I got a delightful tingle in my ass & cock when you so boldly told me how you’re envisioning me with that stunt cock, a fucking 9 incher no less. Love how you immediately upped the ante from the one experience it told you about.  It’s like you already own my ass (as if I wouldn’t gladly hand it over to you whenever you wanted it anyway).
Own your ass?  Oh my… yes please!  I’ll be very nice to it.  You inspire me… sadly it’s a case of “writing about something I’ve never done” but I have watched p0rn and read about it… many of the sexy bloggers are into ass play.  You should know what it’s like to be filled and have that spot used to its full potential!  
> What’s the biggest cock (rough estimate) you’ve ever taken inside you?
Hmmmm…I haven’t kept track but I think most of them were in the 6-7 inch range.  There have been thin and longer, some quite short… each has its merits.  I actually prefer the average to the huge, which is too tough to deep throat! 
Have you tried a cock ring?  I’ve read articles about them and wonder how they’d make you feel and how they’d feel hitting my clit as you pound into me.
> (Insert your real name here)
Oh, you are so sly.  🙂  Hmmmm…. why?  I associate that name with the demure, boring business lady who is no fun.  Sassy is the only one who talks to men in a sexy way. The demure lady is always going on about risk and mess and I try not to listen to her!  And I feel safer staying anonymous.  No one knows both parts of me. But if you have to know, explain why and I will tell you when I am lying in your arms. Maybe.
>Ah you certainly know all kinds of ways to get my attention, especially drooling on my nipples. 
I pay attention to what you say… find that it makes the fantasies (and then the reality) sooo much better!  
> I’m touching them as I write, wondering how big your nipples are. 
I’ll see if a photo can be had… or do you like to leave some things to discover in person? 
>And I love your gifs, they are like little hot post-it notes for me. I could really use burying my face in your melons today, then kiss you as you jerk me off all over them
It took me while to understand the gifs… but now I adore them.  Just a little something to spark things… like this:
Breast sucking, hips popping
> I’ve had many affairs over the years
Thanks for sharing about your ladies.  Very interesting!  It is nice know you are not new to this and can expand my horizons. 
I’ve never watched p0rn with a man… sounds like a great idea! 
> I don’t think I’ve ever had a love affair where I went completely head over heels, nor where the woman did the same.  
I lost my heart to the old flame… twice.  Once as a 14 year old who had no idea what it meant, and two years ago… when it meant intense longing and ache that nearly broke me in half.  I am hoping to steer clear of that and have fun!  It’s tricky because I associated sex with showing a man how I felt about him emotionally.  But I have started to see if can be more physical and less complicated.
I am so cheered that you are okay with larger women. Guys are so cruel online about it! 
> I put on this girl’s panties once, they were black and had a sizable creamy wet spot in the crotch because we’d been kissing and heavy petting for an hour. It was great, not to cross dress, but to feel her warm wet gooey spot at the base of my balls. Something not many men have felt!  
Interesting and very hot! Most men are very threatened by looking less than manly, but it is just fabric!  I so adore insights into how the other gender feels things.  I could deal with fabric, but not being mean to him about it.  “Nice” is too woven into my personality.
> Ya know, I have sloppy seconds fantasies. I imagine meeting my girlfriend just after she’s been with her other lover. She’s obviously disheveled, hair messed up a bit, has red marks on her neck as well on other parts of her body, lipstick all rubbed off but the stain still visible on her lips. The first thing I do is tongue kiss her deeply while feeling her up, almost rudely, treating her like the sweet slut she and I know she is. Next she is resisting my hand as it makes its way down the front of her pants, feeling her warm crotch, and then putting my hand inside her pants & panties, as we both gasp when my finger penetrates her lips to reveal her juices mixed with her lover’s spent cum…
Yowza that is hot!  I have written about something similar.  Often, my guy pals call me after a meet to brag and decompress.  I took that a step further and imagined meeting a guy for lunch and going back to the hotel room to talk, seeing the remnants of his busy morning, and ending up… seeing if he had any cum left.  🙂
Message #3 Re: erotia
> No surprise you’re a terrific writer of erotica! You do it so well and without even one dirty word 😉 Such great attention to detail and a real command of the pacing and the flow.
Thank you for your praise!  I hope to make it so the man can see himself there, with me, feel the heat… get excited for more. 
Often these ideas take over my mind and I have to write them down to get them out so I can think again!   Most of them are too long and specific to one guy to share, but I will try to find a few more to send.
>Mmmmm nothing like spurting inside you huh? I think you mentioned you like the feeling of warm creamy cum coating the walls of your vagina. Would be nice to use a hand mirror to watch as the cum finally makes its way out of you. A hand mirror would be nice also for you to watch me eating your pussy….Sending you wet kisses on your neck……
You do have wonderful ideas.  🙂
Message #4  Video
> I basically had an open invitation to fuck her with her husband but turned it down in the name of art 😉
I adore your stories!  Did you keep the tape and watch it?  Have you gone on in your mind over the years?   I have a bi-curious blogger pal who had sex with his wife and another man, and really wanted to do stuff to the man but just could not get up the courage… it is a great source of fantasies for him.
Message #5 69
>  I could almost be partially standing up, leaning over, fucking your face while kneading your tits, and spreading your legs to eat you. I like the flexibility that might provide for both of us.  Do you like licking and sucking a man’s balls?
Oh!  This sounds so delicious!  Yum yum… yes… I like to take you deep in my throat and press a finger inside you, and suck each ball in, and rim your ass… it’s my playground!  I want to feel your hips roll and hear you moan and beg or adjust me until it is the best thing you ever felt…
Welll… I am completely revved up now!  Man… I wish you could feel the muscles inside me, clenching. Pulsing… damn. 
BIG HUGS!  And a sensual kiss, too! 
from: Mr Truck 
Oct 30, 2012
To: Sassy
Hey there Sassy!
Glad you took the initiative to centralize our disparate emails, they were beginning to reproduced like rabbits……..mmm rabbits
My family did make it here.   We all kind of make fun of the storm hype.  I hear it’s much worse down around NYC/NJ.  
Yes you and I would do well exploring each other on a stormy day, or any day. And yes I too write about stuff I’ve never done, that’s what makes sharing fun fantasies so fun! One of the things that really got to me yesterday when you mentioned how you envisioned me was that it was with a stunt cock. I’ve never had a woman play with me with anything but a nondescript vibrator/dildo. So when you suggested something that looks like a veiny 9″ cock with a big head on it, inside me with lots of lube, I’ve not been able to get that out of my mind. I’ve been thinking about you, when I pull off your panties, revealing a nice butt plug buried in your ass. Again, this doesn’t even ever have to happen, just fun imagining it.  As far as porn, I don’t like a lot of the anal sex vids, they just look too damaging with giant cocks reaming a woman’s rectum. The one where the guy is not so big and he’s pumping very slow are nice.
I’ve never tried a cock ring, I understand they’re good for helping retain a stiff hard on, never considered the woman feeling it, so that’s something we’d need to explore….NOW!
That’s nice that Sassy is your alter ego, your bad girl. But I am so turned on by you being the demure boring business lady!  Those are just the kind of women I see in a bank or in the supermarket that I immediately want to fuck. I don’t need your real name.
I’d love to see a pic of your nipples, and I know I owe you a pic of me hard in my boxer-briefs. I’d really LOVE to see a full body pic of you, you can Photoshop-out your head for now! Hey your latest gif is nice, actually my eyes were drawn to her tight panties and her sweet little camel toe.
Who are the guys online who are cruel, not on AM though?  I find that many many men are looking for BBWs, have a natural attraction to big girls and the treasures they possess. When I’m with the wife (who’s short and skinny) I have to be careful about being caught staring at zaftig women. But I like all kinds of women, especially ones who are ‘nice’ like you. Nice goes a long way. I could see us being in love-lust, knowing and appreciating each other and caring in a loving affectionate way, like being in love in a parallel universe.
Loved your fantasy about ‘seeing if the guy had any more cum left.’ I like thinking of you as a cum slut or at least cultivating that in you.
No, the couple kept the tape, I shot it for them. Wish I could see it though. I too have very hotly fantasized about playing with a man in a MFM threesome. I imagine watching and hearing the woman sucking the man, only inches from my face or licking her clit as he fucks her, hearing his balls slap, again, only inches from my face. Then when he’s about to cum, the woman surprises me by holding my head still as he begins stroking with his cock pointed at my face, giving me about a minute to contemplate what’s about to happen. He then shoots his load all over my face. She then begins licking his cum off of me, cum kissing me as we both take turns kissing and licking his half hard spent cock. I like tasting my own cum and it’s so taboo having horny thoughts about tasting another man’s. I think about it a lot.
Mmmm you sucking each one of my balls as you finger fuck me is something I really need, every man needs servicing like that. Imagine the load you’d create inside me by doing that.
Ok I’m ready to jack my cock to some big girl porno…
Talk soon!

School Girl Outfit

Tuesday, October 30, 2012
Good morning!  Bits of blue sky and warm.  Back to work.
Have a terrific Tuesday!
8:11am Phil
Windy here today.  Otherwise a nice day.
Enjoy the day!

6:18 pm
Trying a new sushi place – The Fish Market in Allston

 My spicy scallop maki and Hubby’s sashimi 
My rock shrimp & veggie tempura and Hubby’s avocado ball stuffed with tuna

9:05 pm

Truck tales

Oct 29, 2012
Re: Hi
From: Mr Truck
To: Sassy
I LOVE pussy for breakfast, it’s the breakfast of champions!
I got a delightful tingle in my ass & cock when you so boldly told me how you’re envisioning me with that stunt cock, a fucking 9 incher no less. Love how you immediately upped the ante from the one experience I told you about.  It’s like you already own my ass (as if I wouldn’t gladly hand it over to you whenever you wanted it anyway). And don’t think that I hadn’t given some thought to taking on something substantially larger after that very hot encounter. I think it’s kind of a natural curiosity or desire that both men and women share once they discover the pleasures of ass play. It’s been too many years since I had that great orgasm, but I’ll never forget how, once I relaxed my muscles, she slowly slid the dildo in and out, but then would pause every so often so she could take in the sight of me on the bed on all fours with that dildo buried half way in my ass and my half hard cock hanging down dripping precum. I soo want you to find my p-spot and me find your g-spot. I’m not big on turning the vibrator on actually, on me they tend to numb other sensations. But I do love the sound of a vibrator as a woman uses it, or I use it on her.
What’s the biggest cock (rough estimate) you’ve ever taken inside you?
(Insert your real name here)
Ah you certainly know all kinds of ways to get my attention, especially drooling on my nipples. I’m touching them and off as I write, wondering how big your nipples are. And I love your gifs, they are like little hot post-it notes for me. I could really use burying my face in your melons today, then kiss you as you jerk me off all over them.
I’ve had many affairs over the years, met some interesting women who became pen pals. There was the one with the dildo, met her on AM, saw her on and off for about 2 months.  Long long ago I had an affair with a woman who I was introduced to by a woman I had had an affair with! Saw her on and off for over 5 years. She was the only other woman besides you that I’ve met who enjoys the finer points of pornography. She would stroke me as we watched, increasing her stroke speed at all the hottest scenes and angles. She too loved looking at and playing with cum. I don’t think I’ve ever had a love affair where I went completely head over heels, nor where the woman did the same.  There was a Hispanic girl I saw for a year or so. She was pretty, long black hair, big boned, probably 225, huge mocha colored tits with dark chocolate nipples. I had wanted to tell you about her because you had mentioned the men who wanted to wear your panties. At her behest I put on this girl’s panties once, they were black and had a sizable creamy wet spot in the crotch because we’d been kissing and heavy petting for an hour. It was great, not to cross dress, but to feel her warm wet gooey spot at the base of my balls. Something not many men have felt!  There are some others I’ll either write or chat with you about. 
The guy you told me about sounded great, I have to go back and reread that if I still have it.  It’s great to share and learn from a woman’s current experiences with other men. I like the idea of a woman with a big healthy sexual appetite, one who might want and enjoy more than a single lover–even if she doesn’t act on her appetite. Ya know, I have sloppy seconds fantasies. I image meeting my girlfriend just after she’s been with her other lover. She’s obviously disheveled, hair messed up a bit, has red marks on her neck as well on other parts of her body, lipstick all rubbed off but the stain still visible on her lips. The first thing I do is tongue kiss her deeply while feeling her up, almost rudely, treating her like the sweet slut she and I know she is. Next she is resisting my hand as it makes its way down the front of her pants, feeling her warm crotch, and then putting my hand inside her pants & panties, as we both gasp when my finger penetrates her lips to reveal her juices mixed with her lover’s spent cum…

From: Sassy
To: Mr Truck
Sent: Saturday, October 27, 2012 2:52 PM
Subject: Re: Sassy videos
Hi again. 
I am so relieved you didn’t go… “eeww yuck!” at my videos. You are welcome to say, if I send something that doesn’t work for you, but it is great to share the ones that get me going and have you understand why. 
You’re right that I don’t usually pick masturbation vids, but that was not tough to watch at all.. almost sweet.  Her trembling thighs… wow.  And great sound.  And she looks real.  Hard to know whether to watch her expressive face or her hands.  
You write so beautifully about what you’ve done, what you’d like to do… maybe I will share bits of my erotica with you. 
From: Mr Truck
Oct 29, 2012
To: Sassy
I am definitely not a ‘yuck’ guy. I like a lot of things and it’s so amazingly hot to have finally have found another woman to share erotica with.
I was able to film a couple X-rated about 10 years ago on a vacation.  I spent the afternoon with a couple I had met on what as called Web Personals then. They were into exhibitionism. He was a tall kind of geeky but handsome, she was an Amerasian, petite, cute. We walked around some tourist stops, etc. He and I were shooting her (him on stills, me on video) letting the wind expose her panties, or her just sitting on a bench with skirt riding up. We had lunch, did a few hours more of shooting then headed back to their hotel. After about a half hour, they began to engage in heavy petting, so I began shooting. Soon all their clothes were off and they were sucking & fucking. It wasn’t hot at the time because it was unexpected and I was in video mode, more interested in getting the shot right. At one point he motioned to me to touch her, which I did, rubbed her tits and tummy with my hand but felt kind of awkward. I basically had an open invitation to fuck her with her husband but turned it down in the name of art 😉
I know what you mean about 69, and I’ve heard that from some women before. I feel the same sometimes, and I often stop so I can take in the beautiful sight of the woman’s vulva inches from my face while I feel and hear her feasting my cock. I like it both ways, top or bottom but really like your favorite, on the bottom with neck over edge of bed. I could almost be partially standing up, leaning over, fucking your face while kneading your tits, and spreading your legs to eat you. I like the flexibility that might provide for both of us.  Do you like licking and sucking a man’s balls?

Yes I watched football and couldn’t avoid seeing all the storm hype!!!  Stay safe Sassy!  

Hurricane Sandy

Monday, October 29, 2012
Good morning!  Gross out and getting worse. So happy to be home!  Hope you have a marvelous Monday!
10:31am Phil
You too! Nice here
Heard anything from folks at the beach?  Here are a couple storm links from the coast. It just started pouring here and the winds are fierce:
Satellite – See the turn NW
Live cam- Ocean City MD under water (scroll to the bottom and click on island cams)
Eastern U. S. – Visible Loop (Flash) – Satellite Services Division/Office of Satellite Data Processi
Lots of wind and rain.  Cable is out.  Argh.  Wish you were here to keep me occupied somehow… 😉
6:21pm Phil
LOL, I am heading out for margaritas.  Getting windy here
Cable’s back!  Phew.  Scary how much I depend on the internet!  Hope you rocked those ‘ritas!  Wind and rain have stopped…yay!

Mr Truck Toy Talk

From: Sassy 
To: Mr Truck
Subject: Re: Hi 
Sent: Sat, Oct 27, 2012 6:27:45 PM 
Hiya Stan!
Thanks ever so much for your comments.  Wow… nothing like porn in the morning, eh?  🙂
It’s wonderful to share this way – a first for me.  It helps me to understand you… what it might be like to be alone with you.  And that seems like a very good idea! I like to hear your thoughts, until you can’t think anymore and your eyes roll back and… mmm… 
I got talked into buying a box of toys – “They’re on sale!” so I have five sitting under my desk.  Hope to have help figuring out how they can enhance things.  Great that you might have a clue!  
I can get my nipples into my mouth.  Though so far, I’ve seen that as a man’s job!  But might be convinced otherwise… As far as wanting to watch it?  I think that’s a guy thing.  🙂
From: Mr Truck
To: Sassy
Sent: Sunday, October 28, 2012 9:06 AM
Subject: Re: Hi
Love porn and sex in the a.m. my favorite time. A box of toys? Christmas cum early! I love seeing a woman lick and suck her dildo before inserting it into her voracious vagina.
Yes I’m up for the job of nipple sucking and about 20 other things I want to do with those bodacious ta tas of yours. I do like sharing them with a woman, both our tongues on them at the same time.
I’ve asked about your ass a few times and I’m almost certain you’ve not replied, but since my track record on email details has been bad lately I’ll apologize in advance if you already covered–or uncovered–your ass.
Do you enjoy 69? It can be fun and gratifying. Have you ever squirted? Some amazing videos of squirter girls.
You had earlier commented about me cuming before the guy in the video does: although I do prefer to shoot my load when the guy does, especially if his is copious, but often there are certain scenes where I focus in on something I want to, or are overwhelmed by that makes me want to orgasm over.
More soon!
From: Sassy 
To: Mr Truck
Sent: Sunday, October 28, 2012 10:19 AM
Subject: Re: Hi
Good morning Stan!
Oh, if only I could roll over and find you there!  Breakfast would be delayed…. 
I am seeing a 9 inch vibrating stunt cock inside you… slowly with lots of lube.  Want to find that p-spot that causes all the trouble! 

Or perhaps a tiny bullet with a delightful buzz?  The tiny rabbit key chain makes me laugh… would be fun to hand that to the cashier at the grocery store with my discount card to swipe, eh? 

While you are planning 20 things for my melons, I am drooling over tasting your nipples… finding out what makes your hips roll – a flick of the tongue or a gentle bite and twist?

Hmm… here’s a little breast squeeze for fun

I knew you wouldn’t let me get away without answering the ass question… not sure what to say!  There are lots of words for my chest but my sexy ass?  Old flame dreamed about it for 35 years?  It’s more than a handful?  Maybe you can tell me someday.   
Will you tell me about your extramarital adventures?  That’s the one question you’ve glossed over.  I don’t judge… find it all fascinating, so let it out. 
69 is a challenge… I used to hate it because I couldn’t concentrate on pleasing him while he was doing those amazing things to me! I have gotten better at relaxing and enjoying and sucking at the same time!  I’ve also started to make it a game… who can do better at distracting the other person?  I must say, the guy usually forgets what he’s doing first!  Do you like being on the bottom or the top when all that’s going on?  I am usually on the bottom with my neck hanging over the edge of the bed… but want to try it lots of ways. 
Squirting? I am not sure.  There were a couple of times I thought so… but I was kinda too busy to pay that much attention other than whoa that was… wow.   Is there a definition other than massives amounts of fluid and screaming? 
I should know better than to comment on ejaculation timing!  It’s all good… there are definitely videos where I am way ahead of the ending because of a hand or a cock or a mouth doing something spectacular that twists my insides and makes them roll.  
Are you watching football or battening the hatches for this super-hyped storm?  I took at look at a grocery store parking lot and it’s been a madhouse over there!  
Stay high and dry dear man. And think of the buxom wench!  

Closeup cock sucking

Sunday, October 28, 2012
Good morning!  Getting ready for Frankenstorm or Noreastercane…hope it’s all hype… Have a fabulous football day!
9:26am Phil
Hope so too.  Looks nasty. Nice weather here, ready for some football!
I don’t have to work tomorrow!  My employer (and just about everywhere else) is closed due to the storm.  Wimps. 🙂  Party time!  Wanna party with me, kid?!
11:22pm Phil
What ya doing sexy girl?
Smiling in your direction. 🙂
11:23pm Phil
Back at ya
Keeping an eye on the World Series…
11:24pm Phil
Me too
Watching p0rn with the other eye.  😛
11:25pm Phil
Porn? Anything good?
Yup. Wanna see?
11:28pm Phil
Let me get my cock out and in my hand
11:32pm Phil
I’ll just stroke anyway
nice sucking….
I could do it
11:42pm Phil
Nice. Nothing like a hot blow job and cumming in a willing mouth
11:52pm Phil
Great football game!
11:53pm Phil
You have a hot mouth. Love hitting the back of your throat
Mmmm…. feels so good.
11:54pm Phil
Feels good to cum in your mouth. Feels good to cum in your pussy too
best thing EVAR
11:56pm Phil
Was awesome.
Felt amazing. Hot mouth and tight pussy. Great combo
Hot mouth, hot hands, hard cock…
11:58pm Phil
Fucking your mouth was hot as hell. Came hard inside your pussy.
12:00am Phil
You seemed to like being pounded and feeling my cum fill you
Better than ice cream
12:01am Phil
Would love to fuck your big tits and cum on your face and lips
I want to see that… feel it…
12:02am Phil
Gotta climb in the shower and get off
Wish I was there…
Enjoy kid…
12:03am Phil
You would be on your knees sucking me
you bet
sticking my finger in your ass
12:04am Phil
Gonna think about your mouth as I cum
Oh hell yeah, finger fucking my ass as I fucked your mouth
Gonna find that spot…
make you moan
12:05am Phil
Not hard to do
Gonna spray cum all over the shower, spurt after spurt that could be flowing down your throat
Now I wish I was bathroom tile…
You’re getting me all wet…
12:07am Phil
Ha ha, good
May have to get out a toy…
12:08am Phil
Hope you get wet and decide to rub your clit
Wish I was holding it and fucking you with the toy before replacing it with a real cock
Oh yes!  Lie back, close my eyes, turn on the vibrations and think of you…
Man, I want that…
12:10am Phil
There you go
Enjoy Sass.
Bed time for me but I am going to get off first
Sleep dreams, kid.
12:11am Phil
Nite girl