Hurricane Sandy

Monday, October 29, 2012
Good morning!  Gross out and getting worse. So happy to be home!  Hope you have a marvelous Monday!
10:31am Phil
You too! Nice here
Heard anything from folks at the beach?  Here are a couple storm links from the coast. It just started pouring here and the winds are fierce:
Satellite – See the turn NW
Live cam- Ocean City MD under water (scroll to the bottom and click on island cams)
Eastern U. S. – Visible Loop (Flash) – Satellite Services Division/Office of Satellite Data Processi
Lots of wind and rain.  Cable is out.  Argh.  Wish you were here to keep me occupied somehow… 😉
6:21pm Phil
LOL, I am heading out for margaritas.  Getting windy here
Cable’s back!  Phew.  Scary how much I depend on the internet!  Hope you rocked those ‘ritas!  Wind and rain have stopped…yay!

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