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Oct 29, 2012
Re: Hi
From: Mr Truck
To: Sassy
I LOVE pussy for breakfast, it’s the breakfast of champions!
I got a delightful tingle in my ass & cock when you so boldly told me how you’re envisioning me with that stunt cock, a fucking 9 incher no less. Love how you immediately upped the ante from the one experience I told you about.  It’s like you already own my ass (as if I wouldn’t gladly hand it over to you whenever you wanted it anyway). And don’t think that I hadn’t given some thought to taking on something substantially larger after that very hot encounter. I think it’s kind of a natural curiosity or desire that both men and women share once they discover the pleasures of ass play. It’s been too many years since I had that great orgasm, but I’ll never forget how, once I relaxed my muscles, she slowly slid the dildo in and out, but then would pause every so often so she could take in the sight of me on the bed on all fours with that dildo buried half way in my ass and my half hard cock hanging down dripping precum. I soo want you to find my p-spot and me find your g-spot. I’m not big on turning the vibrator on actually, on me they tend to numb other sensations. But I do love the sound of a vibrator as a woman uses it, or I use it on her.
What’s the biggest cock (rough estimate) you’ve ever taken inside you?
(Insert your real name here)
Ah you certainly know all kinds of ways to get my attention, especially drooling on my nipples. I’m touching them and off as I write, wondering how big your nipples are. And I love your gifs, they are like little hot post-it notes for me. I could really use burying my face in your melons today, then kiss you as you jerk me off all over them.
I’ve had many affairs over the years, met some interesting women who became pen pals. There was the one with the dildo, met her on AM, saw her on and off for about 2 months.  Long long ago I had an affair with a woman who I was introduced to by a woman I had had an affair with! Saw her on and off for over 5 years. She was the only other woman besides you that I’ve met who enjoys the finer points of pornography. She would stroke me as we watched, increasing her stroke speed at all the hottest scenes and angles. She too loved looking at and playing with cum. I don’t think I’ve ever had a love affair where I went completely head over heels, nor where the woman did the same.  There was a Hispanic girl I saw for a year or so. She was pretty, long black hair, big boned, probably 225, huge mocha colored tits with dark chocolate nipples. I had wanted to tell you about her because you had mentioned the men who wanted to wear your panties. At her behest I put on this girl’s panties once, they were black and had a sizable creamy wet spot in the crotch because we’d been kissing and heavy petting for an hour. It was great, not to cross dress, but to feel her warm wet gooey spot at the base of my balls. Something not many men have felt!  There are some others I’ll either write or chat with you about. 
The guy you told me about sounded great, I have to go back and reread that if I still have it.  It’s great to share and learn from a woman’s current experiences with other men. I like the idea of a woman with a big healthy sexual appetite, one who might want and enjoy more than a single lover–even if she doesn’t act on her appetite. Ya know, I have sloppy seconds fantasies. I image meeting my girlfriend just after she’s been with her other lover. She’s obviously disheveled, hair messed up a bit, has red marks on her neck as well on other parts of her body, lipstick all rubbed off but the stain still visible on her lips. The first thing I do is tongue kiss her deeply while feeling her up, almost rudely, treating her like the sweet slut she and I know she is. Next she is resisting my hand as it makes its way down the front of her pants, feeling her warm crotch, and then putting my hand inside her pants & panties, as we both gasp when my finger penetrates her lips to reveal her juices mixed with her lover’s spent cum…

From: Sassy
To: Mr Truck
Sent: Saturday, October 27, 2012 2:52 PM
Subject: Re: Sassy videos
Hi again. 
I am so relieved you didn’t go… “eeww yuck!” at my videos. You are welcome to say, if I send something that doesn’t work for you, but it is great to share the ones that get me going and have you understand why. 
You’re right that I don’t usually pick masturbation vids, but that was not tough to watch at all.. almost sweet.  Her trembling thighs… wow.  And great sound.  And she looks real.  Hard to know whether to watch her expressive face or her hands.  
You write so beautifully about what you’ve done, what you’d like to do… maybe I will share bits of my erotica with you. 
From: Mr Truck
Oct 29, 2012
To: Sassy
I am definitely not a ‘yuck’ guy. I like a lot of things and it’s so amazingly hot to have finally have found another woman to share erotica with.
I was able to film a couple X-rated about 10 years ago on a vacation.  I spent the afternoon with a couple I had met on what as called Web Personals then. They were into exhibitionism. He was a tall kind of geeky but handsome, she was an Amerasian, petite, cute. We walked around some tourist stops, etc. He and I were shooting her (him on stills, me on video) letting the wind expose her panties, or her just sitting on a bench with skirt riding up. We had lunch, did a few hours more of shooting then headed back to their hotel. After about a half hour, they began to engage in heavy petting, so I began shooting. Soon all their clothes were off and they were sucking & fucking. It wasn’t hot at the time because it was unexpected and I was in video mode, more interested in getting the shot right. At one point he motioned to me to touch her, which I did, rubbed her tits and tummy with my hand but felt kind of awkward. I basically had an open invitation to fuck her with her husband but turned it down in the name of art 😉
I know what you mean about 69, and I’ve heard that from some women before. I feel the same sometimes, and I often stop so I can take in the beautiful sight of the woman’s vulva inches from my face while I feel and hear her feasting my cock. I like it both ways, top or bottom but really like your favorite, on the bottom with neck over edge of bed. I could almost be partially standing up, leaning over, fucking your face while kneading your tits, and spreading your legs to eat you. I like the flexibility that might provide for both of us.  Do you like licking and sucking a man’s balls?

Yes I watched football and couldn’t avoid seeing all the storm hype!!!  Stay safe Sassy!  

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