Breakfast Casserole recipe

July 2, 2019 Tuesday
5:59 AM Phil
9:01 AM Sassy
Good morning Philip! Here’s another breakfast casserole recipe you might like, and a recipe blog by a German American gal with 7 years of recipes and a great tagging system so you can find stuff easily!

Make-Ahead Veggie and Sausage Breakfast Casserole

9:21 PM Phil
Oh cool!
Thank you!
9:22 PM Sassy
You are most welcome!

Gotta keep my favorite cook stocked with new ideas!

Second best use of pasta

July 1, 2019 Monday

8:53 PM Sassy
Happy Monday! Happy July!
Glad to see you made it back to the beach!
10:23 AM Sassy
For all my pals who traveled to Italy recently. Second best use of pasta!

11:08 AM Sassy
So thankful for our neighbors to the north and those who have moved here to brighten my life and our community!

3:23 PM Sassy
Late lunch at Mae Asian Eatery in Cambridge – our first time

Thai iced tea
Tom ka gai (coconut chicken soup) 
Hubby’s Tom Yum – spicy chicken soup
Golden bags with potatoes and peas
Spring rolls
Chicken and shrimp yellow mango curry
Indonesian fried rice with crispy chicken
9:21 PM Phil
Thank you!
Back to work tomorrow.
Had a fabulous weekend. Tuna tostada was spectacular!
9:27 PM Sassy
It looked tasty! 
I had an exciting day at MGH learning to massage my lymph nodes so my breast will stop swelling. Coulda used your help there!

An interesting mix

June 30, 2019 Sunday

From: Sassy
To: Josh
Sent: Sun, Jun 30, 2019 at 12:09 PM
Subject: June tunes

Hiya Josh! Hope your June is ending well. 

You been behaving? Hope not!

I am enjoying my second week of retirement! Wish you were here to go on adventures and tell me the best parts of being retired and how to avoid the bad parts.

The past 10 days have been an interesting mix of doing absolutely nothing, catching up on chores around home, and celebrating with friends and family. I find it a little odd that people consider retirement a major event to be celebrated, but I am okay with free fancy dinners and brunches!

I made it through my annual physical and a visit with the radiation oncologist. Rolling along and feeling good!

Hope life is treating you well and you will be up north again soon with time to meet a bodacious buxom Boston babe! Mwah!


251 days to go

June 30, 2019 Sunday

2:38 AM Sassy
The countdown has started (251 days!) to next year’s Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race. Yesterday was the first day to sign up – They had a picnic and 40 mushers entered right there! 
2:43 AM Sassy
Several of the Alaskan mushers run tours of their kennels in the summer, including a ride with the dog team! See Julie Johnson’s report on her adventure to Nic Petit’s place. Check out the photo of Nic holding FIVE PUPPIES! and the mountains around Girdwood. Wow!

11:59 AM Sassy
Breakfast at a new place – NU Kitchen Somerville

Serving area
Fun sign
Back dining room
Smoothies for my sister: 
1) Mighty Beets Juice – beet ∙ lemon ∙ ginger ∙ carrot ∙ cucumber, and 
2) Kalefornia Dreamin’ Supercharged Smoothie – kale ∙ spinach ∙ 
chia seed ∙ banana ∙ fresh apple juice coconut milk
PortaPesto Chorizo – fresh cracked eggs, chorizo, 
portabella mushrooms, mozzarella cheese 
and basil pesto on toasted ciabatta.
Short Rib Torta – short rib, scrambled egg, tomato, 
avocado, house hots, cheddar, pressed ciabatta
Spanish Scramble for me – 3 eggs, chorizo, fresh salsa, 
parmesan cheese, black beans, fresh cilantro, 
onion and sour cream

7:02 PM Sassy
Awesome dinner at All Seasons Table Restaurant in Malden

Classic wonton soup for me 
Crispy honey ribs for me 
General Gao’s chicken for Hubby
Tofu & vegetables in black bean sauce 
Pineapple walnut shrimp for me

Meet #32 Brett – Lots of Kisses

June 28. 2019 Friday

Lots of kisses

It is so lovely being retired! I could sleep late, take my time getting ready and drag my husband with me out to the burbs for lunch and dinner, with a lovely afternoon with The Northerner in between!

I put on a comfortable blue outfit – a navy blue polo shirt, blue & white patterned leggings, blue Crocs, a light blue bra and blue and white patterned panties!

Hubby and I enjoyed the Chinese buffet at the Bamboo restaurant. Their shumai are so tasty! It was oddly empty today and instead of tables of businessmen, there were a lot of grandparents with youngsters! 

He dropped me off at the hotel just before 2:30 pm and went off to hang out at Starbucks. I scurried to the bathroom in the hotel lobby, so I don’t waste time doing that when I can be with a handsome man. I checked in – there was no one around! I waited in the lobby and about 3 minutes later the Northerner appeared! He had a plaid cotton button-down shirt and khakis.

He smiled and said he was surprised to see me because he didn’t see my car outside. I stared at him while I pondered how to explain that. I wasn’t sure how he’d react to the news that my husband had dropped me off, and I didn’t want to say anything in the lobby.

He asked, ‘Did you buy a new one? Or park somewhere else? Or what?”

“I’m crafting an answer that won’t freak you out,” I answered. He chuckled.

I handed him the key card and we headed to the elevator. Once safely tucked inside, I explained that Hubby had dropped me off. He admitted it was wise not to have said that earlier out in the lobby, and that it was a little freaky but he’d get over it.

We went up a floor, down the hall, right and on down that hall to the end to Room 3030. I rubbed his back and he sighed as he opened the door.

The moment I set my purse down on the desk he was behind me, wrapping his arms around me, kissing my neck. I told him I was so ready for it… that waiting had been tougher than usual since I am a retired lady with more time to think about what we would do. I rubbed against him and found a rock hard cock. He told me I was not the only one who had been waiting impatiently!

He helped me shed my top and bra and had taken off his shirt somewhere along the way. He squeezed my breasts and nibbled my neck. It was glorious to feel his skin against mine!

He shed his pants and underwear and pressed his cock between my legs. He pulled down my leggings and panties, and bent me over the desk further so he could tease my slit with his cock. Mmmm….

He rubbed until I was dripping, then toyed with sliding inside but we couldn’t quite make it work this time… not sure if it was the angle or what but we quickly adjourned to the bed. I flattened out on the right side of the bed and he joined me, lying on his right side, putting his mouth on my left breast and his fingers on my clit!

I told him I was thinking of him as I got dressed this morning… looking in the mirror at my breast and knowing his mouth would be there soon and looking lower and thinking about his fingers and now it was all happening! He sucked and bit my nippled gently and his finger hit just the right spot on my clit and I was soaring!

I moved around so my legs were over his hip and my ass backed right up to his midsection and he grabbed a condom off the nightstand and rolled it on in record time and was inside me! I slammed back against him. He was balls deep and moaning. He kept fingering me and sucking on my breast, and my hips were popping toward him. Mmm…

I told him that me makes me feel so good, he knows just what to do make me burn. He smiled.

He pounded me and I opened my legs further to get him in deeper. He finally shuddered and was still but stayed inside me.

He rested and stroked my arm and leg.

I suddenly realized we had not kissed at all and I needed some kissing! I told him I was going to roll over and kiss him a lot. He raised an eyebrow and pulled me toward him. I cuddled on his chest and kissed him over and over and over. Every time I stopped for a few seconds he came closer and kissed me even more! It was so sweet! I had an intense feeling of being wanted!

I kissed my way down his body, disposed of the condom, and sucked on his cock a bit while I squeezed it and pulled it and twisted it. He moaned and whispered, “good” in a way that made it sound like it was so good he couldn’t talk but he wanted to get that one word out.  He let me do it for longer than usual! 

He pulled me up for more kissing, then flattened me out for more breast and clit play. I had a strange fantasy about people at work making a porn video in the office! My mind created a bizarre scene with cameras and lights and tables and naked colleagues! I was not involved, just marveling from the sidelines. Bizarre!

I came back to the present and asked him what he’d like next. He said it was up to me. I told him my brain had turned off a ways back and it was up to him to say this time. He shook his head and said he couldn’t believe that my excellent brain couldn’t figure out something. He offered to give me choices, maybe that would help? He said I could do more of what we always do that is so good, or something different, but he likes it all. That was no help!

I finally decided I would do cowgirl. I was feeling energetic, so I rolled on top of him and told him to prepare to be surprised and squished. I put his cock between my breasts and slid up and down a bit. I don’t think we’ve ever done that this way – he looks quite surprised and pleased!

I stared at the top of his cock as it disappeared and reappeared, licking it each time. He was grinning by then!

He insisted I never squish him. He grabbed for another condom and rolled it on, then helped get me into just the right position. I raised up and grabbed his cock and lowered myself over it and sunk down on the first try! He got the most blissful look on his face. He grabbed me around the waist to press me down a bit more, then sucked on my right breast and moved his hips under me to pound up into me!

After a bit I rose up and arched my back. He helped me stay upright and held my waist and pounded some more. Suddenly I felt him tremble and he closed his eyes and there was an explosion inside of me! I could feel his cock pulsing! I collapsed down onto him and he took a deep breath that sounded like satisfaction!

I rolled over and cuddled next to him. We kissed some more. I sucked on his pinky. Then two fingers, then his thumb. We rested a bit.

He asked me how the retirement thing was really going? I told him it was mostly wonderful, not having to deal with my boss and work and commuting, that so far I had done a good mix of nothing and catching on stuff around the house and getting out to the doctor and so forth. I told him how it creeps into everything in odd ways, like what to have for breakfast because I am so used to grabbing something to eat in the car and now I don’t have to but what do I want to eat?  I don’t have to get up so when do I want to get up? 

He told me he had made a mistake last night and I braced for some awful news, then he said, “I watched the second Democratic Debate last night!”

I chuckled and asked, “Why would you do THAT?”

He said he had lasted about 10 minutes before he got so disgusted and had to turn it off. He bemoaned the fact that none of them seem to have any idea what to say or how to say it, and that he had this image of Trump winning again and he would have to leave the country! I patted on his chest and told him to stop watching the TV. He said he was so worried about climate change and them interfering with women’s right to choose and mistreating immigrants… it was so tough not to despair! He complained that we have all these laws and no one pays attention to them and how no one will pass more because what is the point if no one follows the ones we have, like business people not wanting to stop illegal immigration because it would stop the flow of cheap labor. I didn’t know what to tell him.

I got up to go to the bathroom. My stomach was unhappy and I had to spend too long in there. But he had calmed down by the time I got back. It is good to hear him so concerned and about issues I think are important, and it sounds like he has no one else to talk with about it, so it is good I can listen, but I am sad to see him so unhappy about it.

I seemed very relaxes and open.  I asked if he’d had a beer for lunch and he said did!  He went out to a dive bar with his colleagues and ate a burger. I wondered why he had time to do that but not meet me for lunch… but I didn’t voice that.  I could not have done it today with Hubby around anyway. 

 I am lucky to have whatever time he decides to share. He asked me if I could tell he had a beer by his breath, and I admitted that I could not. He said one, especially with food, doesn’t seem to affect him.

He checked the clock – it was 4:30 already! I said “Time flies” and realized I had completely stopped thinking about the time so almost two hours! Being with him is magic that way.

I asked about his summer plans. He said doesn’t have many, though he will have to go north to see his family. His mom has not been feeling well. His phone pinged several times and I was surprised because he usually does not bring it into the room and if he does, he turns the sound down. He apologized, told me his mom was in the ER and his sister was probably keeping him in the loop! Wow… I said it was totally okay if he needed to answer it. He read the texts and said everything was under control… thank goodness!

He can’t take much time off now because he has to go on family wedding trip for two weeks at the end of the year. I gave him suggestions of fun places to see on his trip.

He had mentioned he might be able to get away and see me again in the morning, so I asked if that was still going to work. He said he had re-thought that plan because the window of opportunity was earlier and shorter than he’d thought and he could do it if I really wanted to but he thought it would be rushed and too risky. I told him I wanted to, but it did sound too risky and I never want him to take unwise chances. So we agreed to pass. I will miss touching him but am glad not to have to go back out there at dawn! I should’ve planned better and just stayed out there overnight!

We had some more kissing then he checked the clock again and it was 5:15 pm. He said he wanted to stay but really had to go. I hugged him tight and told him to remember when things get wacky that I think he is a wonderful guy. He scoffed and said his real life rarely gets wacky… but he would store that info away and smile.

He hopped up and headed to the shower. I went to the bathroom and tried to fix my hair. I texted Hubby to tell him I was ready to go. Brett came out of the bathroom and asked if I was summoning my ride. I told him I was and he shook his head, saying it was still freaky that Hubby knows, but whatever works.

I threw on my clothes and he gave me the money for the room and left money for the maid. I checked my phone – it said it was 90 degrees outside! I was able to walk out with him. He held my hand and talked about how his shoulder hurt yesterday so he switched from using a certain weight machine to a different one at the gym, but the other machine was squeaking so he took that as a hint to switch to the treadmill and he was very glad I picked cowgirl today so he didn’t have to use his shoulders much. Heh.

We strolled through the empty lobby and he said he hoped he could find time again soon, then headed off to his car.

I sat on a bench outside in the shade. There was a nice breeze. I caught up on Facebook and Hubby appeared.

We went off to dinner at the Tuscan Kitchen and I relaxed over a lovely plate of antipasto meats and cheese and figs. and ran over the afternoon events in my mind, feeling that warm afterglow that makes life worth living!


From: Sassy
To: Brett
Sent: Fri, Jun 28, 2019 at 9:47 PM
Subject: Thanks and such

Hiya Brett! Hope you had an easy trip home.

Hubby and I went on to Tuscan Kitchen and enjoyed a leisurely dinner so the traffic was mostly gone and we made it home easily!

Thank you again for a lovely afternoon! I marvel anew at how we manage to make wonderful memories every time. I will be smiling for ages at your ability to bring out my Sassy side!

Hugs with groping and a bunch of wet kisses!


Paella station

June 28, 2019 Friday

7:10 AM Sassy
Retirement day 7 – what day is it? Do I care?

2:04 PM Sassy
Best Chinese buffet at Bamboo Bedford

My plate of delights – shumai, spicy green beans, 
General gao’s chicken, Peking ravioli, steamed shrimp and
 half an egg roll!
Dining room with colorful tapestries
Buffet row 1 and 2
Buffet row 3 with sushi boats and desserts

7:48 PM Sassy
Sumptuous Italian supper at Tuscan Kitchen


 Dining room

 Prosecco cocktail for Hubby

 Salumi and local cheeses with figs and honey

 Table dried flowers

 Chioggia Beet salad with fennel, orange, toasted pistachios, 
goat cheese and a honey Chardonnay Vinaigrette

 The bar

 Giant Shrimp scampi over House Made Cappellini, 
Cherry Tomatoes, Vermentino Burro Fuso sauce

 Roasted Butternut squash cappellaci in sage browned butter 
with parmesan reggiano

Torta Calda Al Cioccolato – Warm Chocolate Cake, 
Milk Chocolate Sauce, Toasted Almond Gelato, Candied Almonds

9:41 PM Sassy
Scroll down through the photos of the new Encore Casino near me until you see their paella station! Wowzers! Never seen the likes of that!

10:20 PM Phil
Wow! Looks amazing

10:35 PM Sassy
There are 15 new restaurants there… probably all wacky expensive, but we’ll watch for some occasion to go wander around. You having fun?

Hand crafted donuts

June 27, 2019 Thursday

8:21 AM Sassy
First time breakfast at Davis Square Hand Crafted Donuts & Bagels!
The huge menu
The rug in the entry
The donut rack
The second floor dining area 
Decor on the second floor
Maple Bacon donut for Hubby
Coffee roll for me
Sausage egg and cheese on toast breakfast sandwich for Hubby
Ham cheese and egg wrap for me

4:15 PM Phil

[photo of him holding a tropical drink and smiling]

Enjoying the day! Hope you are too.

4:37 PM Sassy
You’re looking hot and happy!

I am relieved to have gotten through my physical. She said I am, “Such a success story!”

5:10 PM Phil
That’s awesome!

8:01 PM Sassy
Superb seafood supper at Court House Seafood Restaurant in East Cambridge

A crab cake and a stuffed clam 
Hubby’s steak tips and rice pilaf
Seafood platter – clams, scallops, shrimp and fish 
with a baked potato