Queen Victoria’s Shoes!

July 31, 2019 Wednesday

9:02 AM Sassy
Good morning Philip! 
Have a wonderful Wednesday!

4:24 PM Sassy
Queen Victoria’s shoes!

Video from Historic Royals Palaces Facebook page

[facebook url=”https://www.facebook.com/HRPalaces/videos/2064626940308111″ /]

Conservation of Queen Victoria’s silk shoes

7:43 PM Phil
Good evening! Hope your day was wonderful


June 19, 2019 Wednesday

8:15 AM Sassy
Good morning Philip!

4:30 PM Sassy
Annual eye exam! Dilation! 

Checking off these last appointments before I leave! 

[photo of my face showing my dilated pupils]

[photo of my face with my glasses and wacky plastic sun guard behind them to protect my dilated eyes]

4:40 PM Sassy
Celebratory ham & cheese croissant at Swissbakers in the Smith Center in Harvard Square

7:08 PM Sassy

Gaga covering Elton John for the Grammys tribute… with him sitting in the front row… oh my!

5 minutes

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No stick too big

May 9, 2019 Thursday

7:29 AM Sassy
Here’s a dog and a stick! Enjoy your Thursday!

[30-second video]

Everyone stop what you’re doing and take a moment to appreciate this small dog showing off his favourite sticks

No stick is too big

1:31 PM Phi
Love this. So typical doggie

4:34 PM Sassy
A turkey in Harvard Square checking out the summer fashion in the Anthropologie windows on Brattle Street!  I’ve never been this close to one.  Huge!

Welcome Archie

May 8, 2019 Wednesday
1:46 PM Sassy

Royal baby: Duke and Duchess of Sussex name son Archie


The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have named their newborn son Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor.
Introducing him to the cameras earlier in the day, Meghan said: “He has the sweetest temperament, he’s really calm. He’s been the dream.”
As they laughed, Prince Harry said: “I don’t know who he gets that from.” 
The announcement came after the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh met their eighth and newest great-grandchild for the first time at Windsor Castle.

7:16 PM SassyTake a look at Paris in the 1890s! I felt like a time traveler as I watched this 6 minute video. Note the moving sidewalk at the 4:45 minute point!

Scenes of daily life in Paris’ “Belle Epoque” 1890-1900 
(Colorized, sound added, and speed restored)

11:34 PM Sassy
Dig this catch. JBJ is at it again! And the Red Sox are finally at .500!

Jackie Bradley Jr great catch steal home run Red Sox vs Orioles

11:36 PM Sassy
What a night the Red Sox had! Pitcher Chris Sale had a 9 throws, 9 strikes “Immaculate Inning” in the 7th to get 3 batters out…Boom!

Sale Throws Immaculate Inning


Sexy massage video

May 7, 2019 Tuesday

10:26 AM Sassy
Good morning Philip! It’s Tuesday time! 
I am working at home today and the sun is shining and I adore you!!
6:10 PM Phil
Hey kiddo. Heading home. Long day. Hope you had a great day

6:22 PM Sassy
Hiya! Glad you are on your way. It’s been productive and relaxing!

Just came hard to a sexy massage video ; )


7:27 PM Phil
7:32 PM Sassy
You make it home?

7:36 PM Phil
I did!

Baby Sussex

May 6, 2019 Monday
8:53 AM Sassy
Good morning Philip! Here’s to a marvelous Monday!

9: 39 AM Phil
Good morning! Back at you!

9:40 AM Sassy
Baby Sussex watch intensifies!  Majesty Magazine’s Facebook page reports: 

“Buckingham Palace: ‘The Duchess of Sussex went into labour in the early hours of this morning. The Duke of Sussex was by Her Royal Highness’s side. An announcement will be made soon.'”

10:13 AM Sassy

Baby Sussex is here!

Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Sussex was safely delivered of a son at 0526hrs.
The baby weighs 7lbs 3oz.
The Duke of Sussex was present for the birth.
The Queen, The Duke of Edinburgh, The Prince of Wales, The Duchess of Cornwall, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Lady Jane Fellowes, Lady Sarah McCorquodale and Earl Spencer have been informed and are delighted with the news.
The Duchess’s mother, Doria Ragland, who is overjoyed by the arrival of her first grandchild, is with Their Royal Highnesses at Frogmore Cottage.
Her Royal Highness and her child are both doing well.

4:45 PM Sassy
Harry being a cute new dad!

Prince Harry confirms birth of baby boy

1 minute Video From the SkyNews

The Great Gig in the Sky

May 4, 2019 Saturday

From: Sassy
To: Brett
Sent: Sat, May 4, 2019 at 10:03 AM
Subject: 3 minute you know

Ella Chi Great Gig in the Sky – Johnstown April 2019

I found the Brit Floyd Facebook page. Lots of photos and video links. The one above is from a recent US concert.

Hope you got home easily. I made it in record time! No one was on the roads until I hit the highway.

Thank you again for a special evening and double header. Baseball is so fun! And your balls are the best!


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