June 19, 2019 Wednesday

8:15 AM Sassy
Good morning Philip!

4:30 PM Sassy
Annual eye exam! Dilation! 

Checking off these last appointments before I leave! 

[photo of my face showing my dilated pupils]

[photo of my face with my glasses and wacky plastic sun guard behind them to protect my dilated eyes]

4:40 PM Sassy
Celebratory ham & cheese croissant at Swissbakers in the Smith Center in Harvard Square

7:08 PM Sassy

Gaga covering Elton John for the Grammys tribute… with him sitting in the front row… oh my!

5 minutes

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The Great Gig in the Sky

May 4, 2019 Saturday

From: Sassy
To: Brett
Sent: Sat, May 4, 2019 at 10:03 AM
Subject: 3 minute you know

Ella Chi Great Gig in the Sky – Johnstown April 2019

I found the Brit Floyd Facebook page. Lots of photos and video links. The one above is from a recent US concert.

Hope you got home easily. I made it in record time! No one was on the roads until I hit the highway.

Thank you again for a special evening and double header. Baseball is so fun! And your balls are the best!


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Meet #31 Brett – Day/Night Double-Header

May 3, 2019 Friday

From: Sassy

To: Brett
Sent: Fri, May 3, 2019 at 7:37 AM
Subject: Sassy time

Good morning! Happy Friday! Ready for a Sassy evening?

I am home taking it easy until it’s time to take off to see you! Whee!!!!

I hope this day flies by!



Meet #31
Day/Night Double-Header

May 3, 2019 Friday

I had my first late evening with The Northerner!

I took the day off to relax and give myself plenty of time to get ready and get out to the suburbs. I put on my fireworks shirt and black leggings, with a black bra and some wild blue/white panties, black socks and shoes.

The driving was terrible – a combination of bad traffic due to going much later than usual, and awful foggy drizzly weather! It took me almost three times as long!

I checked in at the hotel and sat in the lobby for a few minutes willing Brett to be early, but finally gave up and went on to the room. Of course, without him to guide me, it was the furthest away from the lobby it’s ever been! I went up a floor, then down the hall, over another hall, down another hall, around a corner and finally to the hall I wanted…I found room 3128.

I wasn’t sure how risky it was to text him, but decided to send him the number and “okay?” He replied quickly, “Yup”. I was so relieved not to have to hike back to the lobby to meet him!

I took off my shoes and socks and ate the warm chocolate chip cookie the front desk gave me. I took photos of the view out the window, the big chair, the bathroom and the bed, then sat in the big chair and put my feet up on the ottoman, and took another photo and sent it to Phillip. I looked at naughty photos on Tumblr.  He wrote back right away! and talked about the cat hair on my leggings?!

I was going to snark back, but at that moment Brett knocked! I opened the door and stood behind it, so no one could see me from the hall. He peered around the door and broke into this huge smile. I stepped back so he could enter, and shut the door. He had on a silky blue dress shirt – I rubbed it and he gathered me into his arms for a long hug and apologized for being late. I told him it was okay, that I’d kept busy.

He took off his clothes and took off my top and bra. I admired his sexy black boxer briefs. He asked what I did while I was waiting. I told him I looked at Tumblr. He wanted to see what I’d been looking at, so I pulled up my account on my phone. We sat at the end of the bed looking at naughty photos. There was a series of big-breasted women – he was surprised I would look at those. I told him I get ideas for how to pose and what to wear and look for ones I might send to him! Then a series of men eating woman popped up. He asked if I like looking at that. I said yes, I had been thinking about it a lot lately.

He set down my phone and pulled up my right foot to massage it. It felt so good! He massaged the other one then pushed me back on the bed with my legs hanging over, took off my leggings and panties and knelt on the floor and went down on me! I had been wanting this so much and gearing up to ask him to do it and he just did it!

He is so good… teasing, tasting, nibbling, flicking… mmmm. I got so worked up! He did it for quite awhile, which is the key to me getting enough out of it. My hips rolled and my shrieks got louder and he hummed against my lower lips. Oh my…

He moved up my body, kissing his way to my breasts and my lips. I tasted my juices and smiled. He grabbed a condom from the nightstand and rolled it on, then pressed me into the bed, pulled up my legs around his waist and drove his hard cock inside me! He pounded me, sliding most of the way out and then plunging in again… over and over. I watched his face, played with his hair, rubbed his shoulders and arms, and played with my own tits to add to the action. I rose up to meet his thrusts… mmm… so deep and wet and hot!

He asked me to roll over so we could finish doggy style. I cheerfully rolled onto my hands and knees and he slid back inside, even deeper this way. He was quickly lost in the rhythm and came hard deep inside me, shuddering as he finished.

We collapsed together and cuddled for a few minutes, then he launched into a discussion of how we should behave at the concert in case he runs into people he knows. I am supposed to be a stranger who happened to be sitting with him. He said we should go in right before the start, and leave before the encore so we lessen the risk of being seen together. Makes sense to me. I was surprised he had asked me to go, but pleased that he’d thought it out and let me know what would keep him from being too nervous. 

We talked about the concert and looked at the setlist on my phone, then looked at restaurants around the venue and checked Google Maps to see how long it would take to get there. We decided he would drive.

He took a quick shower and I threw on my clothes and off we went! We piled into his car and I used my Google Maps on my phone to get him where we needed to go. It was fun to be the co-pilot for a change! We had a wonderful discussion about his work, and the car, and the band we’d be seeing.

We found street packing a block from the show! We walked around checking out various restaurants, and ended up at a cute little Cuban bistro called CM Bistro. He had a Cuban sandwich and a Bud Light. I had the same sandwich and a lemonade. I managed to pay the check when he went to the restroom! He seemed inordinately pleased that I did that.

We went to the concert, I stayed a little behind him in the crowd like I was there on my own. We had great seats on the first level near the sound board.

Once the lights went down, I could not behave! I touched him arm and tapped out the beat of the song. Then I rubbed his leg. Then a little higher. He smacked my hand gently when I rubbed across his lap. I looked him in the eyes and licked my lips. He asked me what I was doing, and I replied, “Tempting you!” He laughed and turned away. I added, “That’s why you brought me, right?” He nodded and smiled with that mischievous twinkle in his eyes.

I left him at intermission – he had moved over a seat, and was scanning the crowd, so nervous about being seen by people he knows. I went to the bathroom to give him a break and lessen the risk. I continue to be surprised he brought me.  There was a long line for the women’s room, but I chatted with the people around me and that helped the time pass. 

The second half started and he moved back to sit next to me, cuddling in close. I swayed to the music and tapped on his leg. I thought I would end up knowing some of the music, but there was only one song. I focused on the light show and the handsome musicians and rubbing on him.

Here’s a video from a show that same week of the song I knew. 

Brit Floyd – Another Brick In The Wall -The Happiest Days Of Our Lives

We left the moment the concert was over, another part of his plan to avoid seeing anyone he knows.  It had started to rain a little, so we walked quickly.  We stopped in at a convenience store so I could get water and a Snickers chocolate bar. We found the car and I guided him back to the hotel. We talked about the concert, and he thanked me for going and paying attention and being so pleasant (I categorize those comments in the “unlike my wife” column).

We went back to the hotel for another romp in the sheets! He focused on my chest and my clit to get me wet then I threw my legs over his hips and got to the 90 degree angle necessary for him to enter me from underneath,. He slid in easily and pounded away for quite awhile. He finally asked if I could turn over for another doggy finish and I did and he did and wow!

It was after midnight by that time. He said he wished he could stay but had to go. He took a quick shower and we scurried to dress. I said I was amazed we had spent so long together – a day/night double-header with dinner and a concert – and were still talking to each other! He laughed and told me I make it so easy.  I was touched and nearly cried but took a deep breath to squelch that. 

Most of the times we meet, I am fine with how long we spend together and can leave easily but tonight it was tough… I wanted to stay over with him.  Figures that when I get to see him for a longer time, I want ever more!  I wanted to ask him to come back in the morning but instead I asked him to walking me to my car because it was so late, and I needed a few more moments.  In theory, it shouldn’t be much of a risk with no one around. 

He gave me the money for the room, then walked me to my car and said he’d see me soon. PLEASE LET THAT BE TRUE!

I texted Hubby to tell him I was on my way. He told me his latest prospect had dumped him. So instead of being able to go home and collapse, I envisioned having to try to comfort him somehow. It made my evening seem all the sweeter. *sigh

I drove home easily – there was no one out on the roads in the suburbs and the highway traffic was light. I put off thinking about Hubby, marveled at how Brett continues to grow and change and please me, and reveled in thoughts of his tongue flicking my clit!

Follow Your Arrow

January 19, 2019 Saturday

4:06 PM Sassy
Hope you’re having a super Saturday!

Here’s a fun tune. She reminds me of teenage me. Heard of her?

Kacey Musgraves – Follow Your Arrow (Official Music Video)

4:50 PM Phil
Love this tune. She’s a lot of fun

4:50 PM Sassy
I adore her facial expressions

I never heard of her, but she’s doing a concert in Boston tonight and a friend is going.

4:52 PM Phil
Going to be a good show

4:52 PM Sassy
My friend has seen her several times, says she puts on an awesome show

4:53 PM Phil
Oh yeah, I like her

4:53 PM Sassy
She’ll be in your area on Thursday.

4:53 PM Phil
Lot of attitude which I like

4:53 PM Sassy

I told my friend I looked like her as a teenager and she didn’t believe me, so I showed her that photo of me at 14 and she was blown away. Heh

4:56 PM Phil
Pretty close

5:07 PM Sassy
You making supper?

5:38 PM Phil
Soup and salad

Was delicious

5:38 PM Sassy
What kinda soup?

5:39 PM Phil
Turkey vegetable

5:39 PM Sassy

I made mac & cheese with diced ham

5:40 PM Phil
I love Mac and cheese but try not to eat it. I’m trying to focus on lean protein, veggies and fruit and as few carbs as I can

5:41 PM Sassy
Good plan.

5:41 PM Phil
Trying to make that stuff taste good can be a challenge though
I prefer pasta, pizza, fried chicken, steak
Thank god I love seafood

I find I have a lot more energy when I eat right. I’m pretty energetic anyway but I like to be the energizer bunny

Did have anchovies on my salad

5:44 PM Sassy
Fishy fish.

5:44 PM Phil
Love those fuzzy little suckers

5:45 PM Sassy
Hubby adores them.
I mostly want them waved over the top. Heh

5:47 PM Phil
I’m a fan

5:57 PM Sassy
Snow has started.  This is Storm Harper.

Supposed to get snow, sleet, rain, more snow then a flash freeze with ice over the next 24 hours. Yippee!

6:13 PM Phil

6:15 PM Sassy
A fella is supposed to fly in tomorrow and take me to dinner… we’ll see if the airlines cooperate!

6:18 PM Phil
Hope it works out!

6:20 PM Sassy
Thanks! Half want to see him, and half don’t want to go out in the mess.

6:46 PM Phil
I hear that, I try not to go out in it anymore

6:58 PM Phil
Might be worth it

7:10 PM Sassy
Back home! Picked up Hubby from downtown Boston

Roads are wet, not bad

9:41 PM Phil
Well that’s good!

9:56 PM Phil
Hopefully will be the same tomorrow

9:58 PM Sassy
Yes please

Les Misérables Flash Mob

January 11, 2019 Friday
7:22 AM Sassy
Happy Friday kid!

I get to see the Periodontist today to get the other half of my mouth hurt… deep cleaned. whee

11:12 AM Phil
Woo Hoo! Happy Friday! Gonna snow!

11:13 AM Sassy
Another odd storm where you get it and we don’t!

11:14 AM Phil
It will be pretty at least.

11:30 AM Sassy
A friend sent me a fun flash mob video!

Les Misérables Flash Mob – Orlando Shakespeare Theater

Funky American Woodcock

January 9, 2019 Wednesday
6:51 AM Sassy
Good morning Philip! Have a wonderful Wednesday!

10:37 AM Phil
Good morning! Getting cold here. 

Happy  day!
10:39 AM Sassy
My “little sister” turned 50 yesterday. How wacky is that?!

10:39 AM Phil
Wow! We are getting old!

10:40 AM Sassy
We had the entire classy wine bar just for her friends and family to celebrate with her.

10:41 AM Phil

10:41 AM Sassy
You would’ve liked the place

Open bar, lots of special dips and breads, passed appetizers…yum

I’m home playing with toys. ; )

3:58 PM Phil
Sounds like my kind of place. I like toys!
4:00 PM Sassy
Wish I could play with you!

4:00 PM Phil
Me too! I’ve got a toy

4:04 PM Sassy
Oh yeah?

4:07 PM Phil
It grows when you rub it or blow on it

4:07 PM Sassy
Oh! I’d like that. No batteries. 

4:09 PM Phil
Nope! It’s heated too

4:10 PM Sassy
May I lick it?

4:11 PM Phil
Absolutely. It throbs when you do that and may leak

4:13 PM Sassy
S’okay… I can swallow it.

May have to suck on it…

4:15 PM Phil
It will grow and get harder and may thrust a bit too

4:22 PM Sassy
Mmm…sounds good.

A woodcock dancing!

Funky American Woodcock

This male American woodcock has some glide in his stride and some dip in his hip. Here he is performing an early morning “sky dance” to woo the woodcock ladies in springtime at Moosehorn National Wildlife Refuge in Maine. 

Love funky birds dancing on public lands? Join our E-network and stay abreast of the ways you can help protect wildlife, wildplaces and wild signature dance moves: 


Footage by Keith Ramos / USFWS
Center for Biological Diversity

4:27 PM Phil
He’s got the motion down

4:27 PM Sassy
Such funky fun!

4:29 PM Phil

4:29 PM Sassy
I’d dance for you

4:31 PM Phil
Shake that thang

4:37 PM Sassy

4:40 PM Phil
Love it! Makes my toy grow

4:41 PM Sassy
I was hoping it might

4:42 PM Phil
That started when you mentioned toys

4:43 PM Sassy

4:44 PM Phil
You can always make my cock leap to attention.

4:48 PM Sassy

I get pretty wet when you’re around

4:50 PM Phil
[photo of his erect cock]

I get pretty hard around you. Good combination!

I have ideas for that sweet wet pussy

4:57 PM Sassy
It needs attention

5:00 PM Phil
I have a longer tongue, thick fingers, and a stiff cock. Will those do?

A tongue on your clit and a toy should get things started

7:58 PM Sassy
Mmmm…. I closed my eyes to imagine that and fell asleep!
8:09 PM Sassy
Hope you went on and had fun.

8:13 PM Phil
I did, imagined exploding on your fabulous tits

8:17 PM Sassy

8:21 PM Phil
[photo of his legs in sweatpants with bare feet on the coffee table and a dog stretched out on his lap]

Thank you for the suggestion.

8:45 PM Sassy
Awww… puppy! She is so sleek!

And TOES! 


9:02 PM Phil

9:04 PM Sassy
They always make me think of a magical night in a hotel room in RI with your feet in my hands and a plate of snacks and your stories

9.09 PM Phil
[smiling emoji with hearts around it]

11:41 PM Sassy
A nifty photo from The Golden Globes of members of the band Queen, the movie producer, actors from the movie and the band’s long time manager!

John Tesh in Positano

December 21, 2018 Friday
7:33 AM Sassy
Happy Friday kid! This is the best Friday of the year with 11 days off after it!!

8:31 AM Phil
Happy Friday! I have six days off followed with a day of work and then four more off so this indeed good! Off to the beach in the AM. Going to see the Little Mermen tomorrow night.

8:32 AM Sassy
Hooray! What’s Little Mermen?

12:07 PM Phil
It’s a band out of NY that plays Disney tunes. They get great reviews so my favorite brewery and then Mermen

1:34 PM Sassy
That sounds right up your alley!

1:36 PM Phil
The kid is going to go with us so great beer, a chance to see the lights down town, fun little show and dinner at downtown. Sounds like a great night to me. Wings with my buddy for lunch to start it off.

2:33 PM Sassy
I’m home! It’s awful out!  64 and raining?  Doesn’t feel like winter! We broke a record! The previous record high was 62 set on this date in 1957.
So glad to be done for the year!  Starting 11 days off! 
Love you!

3:28 PM Phil
Raining here but the sun is coming back out.
Love you back!

4:48 PM Sassy
Lunch at Border Cafe – tasty gumbo and etouffee!

10:21 PM Phil
Watching KD Lang, love her voice

10:25 PM Sassy
She is awesome!

10:26 PM Phil
Yeah, what a voice
Needed a break from these idiot politicians. Bunch of morons

10:27 PM Sassy

Mattis leaving is scary…

10:38 PM Sassy
Heard this on the radio today for the first time… classical guitar and piano make for a special combo 

Carol of the Bells • John Tesh • Christmas in Positano, Italy

10:55 PM Phil
Mattis was the voice of reason. We should all be concerned. Trump is a moron and his team are equally inept. The emperor has surrounded himself with fools. 

I’ve been to Positano

It’s as beautiful as it looks

11:27 PM Sassy
I was thinking you had been there.