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January 19, 2019 Saturday

4:06 PM Sassy
Hope you’re having a super Saturday!

Here’s a fun tune. She reminds me of teenage me. Heard of her?

Kacey Musgraves – Follow Your Arrow (Official Music Video)

4:50 PM Phil
Love this tune. She’s a lot of fun

4:50 PM Sassy
I adore her facial expressions

I never heard of her, but she’s doing a concert in Boston tonight and a friend is going.

4:52 PM Phil
Going to be a good show

4:52 PM Sassy
My friend has seen her several times, says she puts on an awesome show

4:53 PM Phil
Oh yeah, I like her

4:53 PM Sassy
She’ll be in your area on Thursday.

4:53 PM Phil
Lot of attitude which I like

4:53 PM Sassy

I told my friend I looked like her as a teenager and she didn’t believe me, so I showed her that photo of me at 14 and she was blown away. Heh

4:56 PM Phil
Pretty close

5:07 PM Sassy
You making supper?

5:38 PM Phil
Soup and salad

Was delicious

5:38 PM Sassy
What kinda soup?

5:39 PM Phil
Turkey vegetable

5:39 PM Sassy

I made mac & cheese with diced ham

5:40 PM Phil
I love Mac and cheese but try not to eat it. I’m trying to focus on lean protein, veggies and fruit and as few carbs as I can

5:41 PM Sassy
Good plan.

5:41 PM Phil
Trying to make that stuff taste good can be a challenge though
I prefer pasta, pizza, fried chicken, steak
Thank god I love seafood

I find I have a lot more energy when I eat right. I’m pretty energetic anyway but I like to be the energizer bunny

Did have anchovies on my salad

5:44 PM Sassy
Fishy fish.

5:44 PM Phil
Love those fuzzy little suckers

5:45 PM Sassy
Hubby adores them.
I mostly want them waved over the top. Heh

5:47 PM Phil
I’m a fan

5:57 PM Sassy
Snow has started.  This is Storm Harper.

Supposed to get snow, sleet, rain, more snow then a flash freeze with ice over the next 24 hours. Yippee!

6:13 PM Phil

6:15 PM Sassy
A fella is supposed to fly in tomorrow and take me to dinner… we’ll see if the airlines cooperate!

6:18 PM Phil
Hope it works out!

6:20 PM Sassy
Thanks! Half want to see him, and half don’t want to go out in the mess.

6:46 PM Phil
I hear that, I try not to go out in it anymore

6:58 PM Phil
Might be worth it

7:10 PM Sassy
Back home! Picked up Hubby from downtown Boston

Roads are wet, not bad

9:41 PM Phil
Well that’s good!

9:56 PM Phil
Hopefully will be the same tomorrow

9:58 PM Sassy
Yes please

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