John Tesh in Positano

December 21, 2018 Friday
7:33 AM Sassy
Happy Friday kid! This is the best Friday of the year with 11 days off after it!!

8:31 AM Phil
Happy Friday! I have six days off followed with a day of work and then four more off so this indeed good! Off to the beach in the AM. Going to see the Little Mermen tomorrow night.

8:32 AM Sassy
Hooray! What’s Little Mermen?

12:07 PM Phil
It’s a band out of NY that plays Disney tunes. They get great reviews so my favorite brewery and then Mermen

1:34 PM Sassy
That sounds right up your alley!

1:36 PM Phil
The kid is going to go with us so great beer, a chance to see the lights down town, fun little show and dinner at downtown. Sounds like a great night to me. Wings with my buddy for lunch to start it off.

2:33 PM Sassy
I’m home! It’s awful out!  64 and raining?  Doesn’t feel like winter! We broke a record! The previous record high was 62 set on this date in 1957.
So glad to be done for the year!  Starting 11 days off! 
Love you!

3:28 PM Phil
Raining here but the sun is coming back out.
Love you back!

4:48 PM Sassy
Lunch at Border Cafe – tasty gumbo and etouffee!

10:21 PM Phil
Watching KD Lang, love her voice

10:25 PM Sassy
She is awesome!

10:26 PM Phil
Yeah, what a voice
Needed a break from these idiot politicians. Bunch of morons

10:27 PM Sassy

Mattis leaving is scary…

10:38 PM Sassy
Heard this on the radio today for the first time… classical guitar and piano make for a special combo 

Carol of the Bells • John Tesh • Christmas in Positano, Italy

10:55 PM Phil
Mattis was the voice of reason. We should all be concerned. Trump is a moron and his team are equally inept. The emperor has surrounded himself with fools. 

I’ve been to Positano

It’s as beautiful as it looks

11:27 PM Sassy
I was thinking you had been there.

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