Brett invites

August 1, 2016 Monday
From: Brett
To: Sassy
Date: Monday Aug 1, 2016 8:38 AM 
Re: A quiet week
I have not been to the North Shore Music Theatre and unless unaccompanied by my significant other, consider it highly unlikely as she does not partake of the theatre arts.
I got my kicks this past weekend at a concert with my children at Gillette Stadium.  It was my first time there and it was an impressive building.  There were a number of things I was unimpressed with (particularly the traffic) but otherwise things went pretty well.  It took all day Sunday to recover as I was up waaaaay past my bedtime.
I’m hoping that you and I might get together this week sometime.  There is no really good time for me, but it’s been too long.  Friday, as we’ve done before might be best, but I would take the chance on another day if it was better for you.  Maybe take a 1/2 day off work or something.
Let me know what you think!
From: Sassy 
To: Brett
Sent: Monday, August 1, 2016 12:59 PM
Subject: Re: A quiet week
Hiya Brett!  Happy August!
I can do Friday easily.  I checked the hotel rates, they are still low… $109.  Should I book it?
Glad to hear your concert was fun! Tell me more about it when I see you?
I am so excited to see you! And touch you… and taste you!
From: Brett
To: Sassy
Date: Monday Aug 1, 2016 10:25 PM 
Re: A quiet week
Let’s book it and plan on a few hours of fun!
From: Sassy Lassie
Sent: Monday, August 1, 2016 10:58 PM
To: Brad Mills
Subject: Re: A quiet week
Hiya Brett! 
I booked the room!  Let me know if you want to meet for lunch somewhere or meet there or what.  Please let this week fly by so I can be with you!

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HELP! Winter Vacation Suggestions

August 1, 2016 Monday

Good morning Dear Readers!

Hope your summer is going well. Or whatever season it is where you are. 🙂

I need your help. Please give me your expert vacation advice!

Let’s say a nice man asked me to meet him somewhere warm in January or February with great restaurants, fun attractions to see and a waterfront hotel with a balcony or a rental house with a water view. I’m thinking the Southern U.S. – Sanibel? Miami? The Florida Keys? New Orleans? Phoenix? I haven’t been on many winter vacations and may be missing a wonderful answer.

Where would you recommend?  Hotels?  Restaurants? Sites to see?  Chocolate shops??

Please comment below or email me (click on the same sassy girl link next to my cleavage on the upper right, and it takes you to my profile with my email link on the left!)

Thanks for any clues!


Done with Don

July 30, 2016 Saturday

From: Sassy
To: Don
Date: Sat 07/30/16 11:02 AM
Re: Connection

Good morning Don! It’s a pleasure to hear from you, wherever you are. Thanks for the heads-up. Should I write now and then, send you tantalizing stuff? Or should I wait until you’re home?


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From: Don
To: Sassy
Date: Sat 07/30/16 8:28 PM
Re: Connection

You can send me all the tantalizing stuff you like. Just keep in mind that I am involved at my destination. Off to the West on Tuesday for the week.


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Hmmm…this message ticked me off. Not sure what it was, but I suddenly felt like it was okay with him if I did a lot of work to keep in touch and entertain him, but he wasn’t promising anything. Honest but… I don’t feel like doing that.

I also don’t get the feeling he is really interested. If he comes back around when he’s home, we’ll see. I am going quiet for now.  Not my usual style but between the weed thing and his terse messages, I am done.

Put it in gear

July 30, 2016 Saturday

5:39PM Sassy
That is such a great photo of you! I was going to say it would make a good profile pic, and you already put it up! Made me want to grab you. Ha! Looked like a delightful day.

6:10PM Phil

6:12PM Sassy
You behaving?

6:13PM Phil

6:14PM Sassy
Sorry to hear that

7:02PM Phil
[purple devil emoticon]

7:02PM Sassy
Here’s a bike passenger you might like

Against The Wall | Beautiful day for a bike ride 😉

8:36PM Sassy
Delightful dinner at a Cambridge sushi bar -Le’s Sushi

Limeade and Thai milk tea with boba
 Wonton soup
Fresh rolls, Hubby’s beef lo mein 
and my volcano spicy scallop roll

Spring rolls 
8:51PM Phil
Hot rider!

9:09PM Sassy
Doesn’t feel like my thing, but it’s fun to watch them having fun.

I like to show one man…in private.

9:37PM Phil
Much more secure and free in private

You can be very naughty and fun in private

9:58PM Sassy
Only with the right man

9:58PM Phil

9:59PM Sassy
You inspire me

9:59PM Phil
I’m just an old guy but you make my motor rev

10:00 PM Sassy
I want to put it in gear and drive you crazy.  : )

10:01 PM Phil

10:03PM Sassy
You’d let me play with your stick right?

10:03PM Phil
Oh Yeah, you can shift it any time you like

10:04PM Sassy

10:05 PM Phil
I’d let you put it some place warm and wet

10:09PM Sassy
Aha! That sounds great! My mouth is ready.

10:05PM Phil
Mmmm I would love to feel your hot mouth on my cock

10:13PM Sassy
I would love to taste you.

10:14PM Phil
Wish we had found a place for that last time

Although sucking on your nipple in a stairwell wasn’t bad

Rubbing my hard cock against you with all those people walking by was cool too

I was bad but loved it

10:18PM Sassy
It was so fun!

I would’ve done more…you make me forget where I am!

10:26PM Phil
Mmmmmm, I really really wanted to fuck you, feel that hot wet pussy around my cock.

Couldn’t figure out how to pull that off

10:28PM Sassy
I want you.

10:28PM Phil

10:29PM Sassy
Keep an eye out for a chance, please?

10:29PM Phil
I will

10:29PM Sassy
I’ll make it worth your while

10:29PM Phil
Would you let me fuck you?

Pound your pussy till we both came?

10:30PM Sassy

10:30 PM Phil

I’m good for two or three

10:31PM Sassy
I’ll suck for one…

10:31PM Phil
I like that

I’ll fuck for the other

10:32PM Sassy
And we’ll laugh

10:32PM Phil
Always do

10:32PM Sassy
Maybe some oysters

10:32PM Phil

And some lobsta

Gonna take my now very hard cock to bed

10:36PM Sassy
Sweet sexy dreams!

10:36PM Phil
[photo of his cock very close up with a drop of pre-cum at the tip]

10:37PM Sassy
Mmmm…lick lick lick

10:37PM Phil
Dripping for you

10:37PM Sassy
You are so hot!

10:38PM Phil
Like to rub that across your lips before sliding it into your mouth

10:38PM Sassy
Makes me so wet…mmph

10:39PM Phil
Ooh, I’m glad

10:39PM Sassy
Gonna have to get out my toys!

10:40PM Phil
You can use those on me : )  < 3

Play with that sweet pussy baby

10:40PM Sassy
I will think of you.

10:41PM Phil
Traveling next week, maybe a little evening fun

Yes please!

 : )  < 3

Another week, another poke

July 29, 2016 Friday
From: Sassy
To: Brett
Date: Fri July 29, 2016 11:42 AM 
Re: A quiet week
Hiya Brett! 
Happy Friday!  Hope you’ve had a good week.  
It’s been pretty quiet for me except for yesterday.  I took my niece to see “Mary Poppins” at the North Shore Music Theatre.  Have you been there?  I was amazed at the high production values.  I think you’d get a kick out of the stage and the lights and sets.  They’re doing “Singing in the Rain” next. 
I had hoped to go away this weekend, perhaps to NH or ME but couldn’t find a hotel room anywhere!  Trying to psyche myself up for day trips… we’ll see. 
Have a wonderful weekend.  Think about my chest! 


Well… I didn’t get a response last week.  *sigh  Not going to let that stop me!   I added a little more sass this time… hope it works! 

Distracted or distancing?

July 29, 2016 Friday

I didn’t hear from Don all week.  I decided it would be good to write a week after we met.  I wonder if he is distracted by being away or just not that interested?


From: Sassy
To: Don
Date: Fri 07/29/16 11:44 AM
Re: Connection

Hiya Don!

Hope you’ve had a wonderful week.  It’s finally cooler here, with some much needed rain.

I can’t believe it’s been a week since you were here.  I’ve been thinking about what you said, what we did.  Mmm….

Hugs with groping!


From: Don
To: Sassy
Date: Fri, Jul 29, 2016 4:15 PM
Re: Connection
Hi Sass.
I’m traveling most of the next month. Out West, South, midwest. 
Won’t be around for your pleasure.


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So fortunate

July 29, 2016 Friday

11:04AM Sassy
Happy Friday kid!

11:26PM Phil
Happy Friday! Glad you enjoyed the show!

11:30AM Sassy
You’re going to see Tom Jones?  I saw Tom Jones at SPAC in the late 60s. Hard to believe he is still touring almost 50 yrs later

12:19PM Phil
76 years old and going strong

5:17PM Sassy
Early dinner at All Seasons Table in Malden

Jamaican 10-speed drink for Hubby – Midori, Malibu rum, 
crème de banana, cream, and pineapple juice
 Wonton soup
 Crispy honey ribs
 Deena’s special wings
Seafood scallion pancake and crab rangoon
5:33pm Sassy
Double fortune cookie in one bag!  I am so fortunate!  

Mary Poppins

July 28, 2016 Thursday

7:16AM Sassy
Good morning!

11:13AM Phil
Ok. Happy day to you as well!

11:22AM Sassy
Busy day ahead. Taking my niece to see “Mary Poppins” at the North Shore Music Theater this afternoon. Then a community project event tonight. Whee!

11:31AM Phil
All cool! Have fun! Love Mary Poppins

12:02PM Sassy
I saw the movie 8 times as a child, including once in French in Paris!

4:07PM Phil
[sticker – Charlie Brown smiling with hearts around his head]

6:01PM Sassy
The show was spectacular! We had such fun.

6:21PM Sassy
Sushi dinner at Yoshi in Powder House Square Somerville – a perfect cool meal on a hot summer evening!

 Shrimp shumai
Sushi! My eel, egg and crab in front, 
Hubby’s mackerel, yellow tail, salmon and inari in back
My soft-shell crab tempura

Truck The Great Facilitator

July 27, 2016 Wednesday 
9:45 AM Truck
Hey there sexy lady! I can text for a few hours. How’s the heat on your hot body?!

9:48 AM Sassy
I stay in the a/c

9:49 AM Truck
Me too. Hey there! Still thinking about our photo session…
9:50 AM Sassy
I am so bummed.  Tumblr has decided to delete explicit content.  Three of my faves disappeared last week
9:51 AM Truck 
Imaging how progressively comfortable you’d be, open to lots of suggestions….
You’re kidding, too bad, so PC
9:52 PM Sassy
Blogger tried that last year, caved after 3 days
I get most of my inspiration from Tumblr.  Ugh
I saw a video yesterday I should send you
9:54 AM Truck 
Too damn bad
Oh please do, I see lots I want to send, need to get new private email

9:54 AM Sassy
It’s slow starting but the way he helps her show off is hot
9:56 AM Truck 
Transferred to desktop, let me take a quick look…love slow starts
10:02 AM Truck
She’s so young. 
I remember the guy from another site, series of videos. Sets girls at ease
10:05 AM Truck
Very hot, yes he’s a great facilitator, like I am!

Others in the Nebraska series are nice too – watch for those!