Top 10 EMR Maxims

A huge thank you to folks online who have taught me how to weather an affair, how to deal with matters of the heart and online dating etc.

There are a number of pithy sayings that come up over and over, that may or may not be true, but definitely bear thinking about… conventional wisdom for an unconventional situation, let’s say.  I want to share them with you today!

1.  The man pays.

2.  The best way to get over one man is to get under another.

3.  Men do not leave their wives.  Ever.

4.  Be where you’re supposed to be.

5.  Don’t change your routine.

6.  Don’t appear happier than usual.

7.  Men get forgiven; women get divorced.

8.  Deny deny deny

9.  Confession may be good for the soul but it can be very bad for your marriage.

10.  You only live once.

Any others that I should know?


Beers help

Year 3 -Week 16 December 2012
Saturday, December 1, 2012
7:06am Phil
Good morning!  Slept well, up early to hit the gym and three Christmas parties!  
Going to do some reports in between.  Busy day.  Hope you have a relaxing one.
[reacting to photos of him he posted on FB at various parties]
Wow!  You are looking so trim and delicious.  Let me suck on your candy cane?
5:06pm Phil
Ha ha! Thanks
7:27pm Phil
Much better day today. Adjusting slowly and finding the heart to be mysterious thing.
Phew.  It takes time.
8:56pm Phil
Gonna take a loooong time. Happy then sad. Wonder of You came on the radio, I burst into tears. Having beers at a bar I like
Much better
Some say it helps to listen to music, get the emotions out… dunno.  Yay for beers!
11:03pm Phil
Music kills me
Found anything that helps?
12:07am Phil
No. Nothing helps.
Heard the Wonder of You today and just burst out in tears. Song says it all
Awwww… sorry babe.
12:42am Phil
Music was our thing and music tears me apart. Beers are good though
Music kills me. Was our thing. Beers help but I’m so hopelessly hung up
When did you find out?
12:43am Phil
Find out what?
About The Beach Gal and your pal?  Trying to figure out when you might start to feel better….
12:50am Phil
Oh lord. I don’t care about her with my pal. Lonely, don’t care. I should have made a move. Military makes it hard. She misinterpreted my intentions.  I wanted so badly to find a little beach house and live happily ever after. Military makes it impossible. Need to be out. She thought I was unwilling to do what needs to be done. I was so ready.
Not sure I’ll ever feel better
I hear you.  I wish there was something more I could do. But I am sure you will feel better… So she’s mad that you have to wait a year?
12:57am Phil
I don’t know. It’s been a long time. Lives with her six months. Happiest time of my life. Got suckered by kids and family. I went back and left the best thing I ever had.
Can it be again?  or are you looking through rose colored glasses?  Only you can answer that.
But you can think about it tomorrow… relax, rest… remember better times.  Sleep.
1:05am Phil
No rose colored glasses. I pray for another opportunity. There were issues but there was such passion, such love
Better days will come… I feel it in my bones.  You deserve it and you will get it.
1:14am Phil
I hope so.
Decide what you want and go after it.  Make a plan. I will help you however I can.
I’m off to bed… sleep sweet man.

Panties Pep Talk

From: Rick
To: Sassy
Sent: Thursday, November 29, 2012 11:29 AM
Subject: Busy, busy, busy
This working stuff is too much!  As I’m sure you heard in the news, my MA purchased Powerball ticket was not one of the winners.  How are you doing?  What is going on?
Date: Thu, 29 Nov 2012 11:50:26 -0800
From: Sassy
Subject: Re: Busy, busy, busy
To: Rick
Hiya Rick!  
Yes… I bought tickets, too.  And I never do!  Just a sign of how much I need a break from the office!  But we’re in the last week of our busiest time, so I have hopes of being calmer next week.  Does that ever happen for you? 
I am hanging in…. taking deep breaths, trying to count my blessings and do things for other people.  
I have a lunch date today with “The Professor.”  Pray for me!  We’ve been talking for two months and he finally said yesterday, “What about lunch tomorrow?”  I am excited but the way things have gone lately, it means I will never hear from him again, so I am sad.  But I’m going to rock it and hope for the best.  Have you been getting out at all?
Have a great day!  Thanks for checking on me… it makes me smile!  
From Rick
Nov 29, 2012 12:24 pm
To Sassy
Then I wish you great luck with ‘The Professor’!
Now that negativity about fearing you’ll never hear from him afterwards, you need to cut out!  You are a lovely, sexy, sensual woman, so be yourself and allow him to be the same.  If he chooses to not continue with you, it’s his loss; you can move on.  Right??  🙂  I know that is easy for me to say, but I do mean it.  
No, I haven’t been getting out at all.  You are the only one I’ve been in contact with for a long time, so if I was go get out, I would seek you out first to see what you were doing.  I’m busy and do feel the stress of this at times. And, honestly, you are a sweetheart, so I’d want to invest more time in getting to know you than looking for someone new.  
Date: Thu, 29 Nov 2012 2:21:46 -0800
From: Sassy
Subject: Re: Busy, busy, busy
To: Rick
Hiya!  You are soooo sweet!  Thank you for the pep talk!  
I wondered if it would be okay to talk about other guys?  I hope that is not too weird.  I actually started talking to this guy before you got in touch… it has taken him two months to meet!  We had a nice lunch – he made me laugh.  And he paid.  No clue if it will continue, but it was fun.  He mostly talked about women he’s met on AM.  Hmmm… I didn’t feel like grabbing him… not like a certain fellow in a car in September!  
You should explore with others… I keep hoping you will find the woman who is just right for you or at least adores lacy underwear!  There is so much about you that makes me smile… and twinge a bit lower.  If we were alone right now… I can imagine a good time for both of us!  Maybe we will find a way to more.  I wish work would stop being so nasty so I could escape for more adventures!  I do have a lot of days off around the holidays… maybe then?  Time will tell!
From Rick
Nov 29, 2012 2:26 pm
To Sassy
I’d love talking to you about your AM guys, or anything else that you need a sounding board on; I’m a good listener, and do care about you since you are a sweetheart.
Thanks for your pep talk to me; I actually do have some support at home, and am truly busy, but do have a soft spot for you (which often becomes a hard spot when thinking about you, or looking at the pics, or emailing you like we are now!) 
And who knows what the future will hold.  I’m very happy that we keep in touch, albeit random at times.  This is good.
And when I fantasize about someone having me in their mouth…it is always you.  And when I fantasize about sitting in a car and someone taking advantage of is always you. 

One-minute kiss

Friday, November 30, 2012
8:41am  Phil 
Have a good day girlie. Angry, hurt, sad, conflicted. Wow. Gotta pull my pants up and get over it. Good news is I’m dropping weight like it’s nothing. Have not been eating and working out like there is no tomorrow. It’s how I cope. Two parties tomorrow. Gotta paint my smile on and be the Happy Officer.  Have a good day Sassy.

9:02am Phil
Had a cigar and scotch last night alone with my thoughts. Tried to think of good things. Thought of you, work. Try to imagine what the future holds but I just don’t know. Just want to hold someone and cry till I’m done. Never cried in front of my wife and hugging is not an option. She’s not a hugger.
9:11am Phil
Hot Action Cop, (Fever for the Flava) just came on, laughing my ass off.  The song always makes me smile. I needed that.  🙂

Hiya handsome!  Thanks for showing me your smiling face this morning!  Still don’t like the tree, but whatever makes you smile, dear man.   I want a photo where I can see the weight loss, please?
Wow!  Angry, hurt, sad and conflicted?  You’re doing it up, eh?  I hear you.  So glad you took time alone.  I want to hug you so bad… distance SUCKS!  If calling might help, I’m here for you. I like being in on the entire range of emotions!

Pull up your pants and get over it?  What a good plan!  Of course, I want to pull them down and slide over you… mmmm.  Gosh, I’m in a silly sexy mood… sorry if you were looking for serious.  Four messages from you makes me soar!  And put my fingers between my legs…
One more thing and then I promise to quit yammering… The idea that thoughts of me can help you is AMAZING!  I’ve been feeling rather useless, so helping you out is wonderful!
One minute kiss that reminds me of DC.  🙂
private practice 2×20 – Addie/Noah hot kiss
12:35pm Phil
I love it! I needed a laugh!  I’ll live. My brain has been telling me all along and I refused to listen. I believe in following your heart and I am one of those people who thinks too much. Sometimes you just need to go with it. Never pulled the trigger because of nagging doubts. I’m not unhappy or abused. I have always wanted the kind of relationship where you look at your partner and go “damn baby, you the hottest thing I have ever seen.”  Where you always want to be touching, where the sex is hot and twisted some times, and slow and tender other times. 
I guess I have a normal relationship.  We putter around the house, go to dinner, go to a show, all the stuff you are supposed to do. At night, we sit at opposite sides of the room, in bed, we are separated by as much space as possible and the dogs. We don’t walk hand in hand or arm in arm.  To have some one meet you at the door with a drink and sit you down and rub your shoulders or your feet and genuinely want to hear about your day. That’s what it’s about to me..  I want that so desperately.

I have friends who are like me, it’s ok, it’s not bad, you go through life. I have other friends who are screwing in hot tubs, back yards, the beach, and are always touching each other and obviously so into one another.  I am so jealous of those people. I have friends who are swingers,  They do the whole Hedo thing. I have been naked with them in a hot tub on numerous occasions. Nothing happens because the deal is it needs to be a couple but we have spent many nights side by side naked in the tub sipping scotch and smoking cigars or skinny dipping in their pool.  I’m not real shy about being naked.  Been in a pool with them and 12 naked gay guys, in a hot tub full to overflowing with naked bodies.  That’s an interesting thing. Never gonna happen with my wife.  It was a blast though and very much me. ^_^

Thinking of you always brings a smile.  That’s a good thing. I’ll be ok.  Just need to get past this and I will.  I’m pretty resilient. Glad you enjoyed the photo. I had a crazy morning in the office.  Going to go for a swim in the pool.  I need to blow off some steam and I’ll hit the elliptical for an hour later on. It is a healing process for me. Always loved being in the pool.  Wish I could pack up for a week and go to Key West but I’d be miserable.  The beach, the music, were our thing, still my thing but this going to take awhile before it stops bringing back sad memories.   Ah well. Very sexy kiss video!

4:17pm Phil
Pool was awesome! Half an hour swim.  Getting ready to jump on the elliptical too! Feel a little better which is a good thing.
Yay!  Smooch.
Psst… your texts/photo are going to my email.  and in a weird format.  Re-route them to my phone if you can?  Thank you!  and I never saw the ugly green phone… was staring at your smile and your hands and thinking what you would do to me with them!  Yum…
10:50 PM Phil: Better?
11:06 PM Me: Most excellent!  Mwah!

FFF Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!  Happy Hanukkah!  I’ve had a wonderful day full of friends, family, fantastic food and a nap!  Now it’s time for Flash Fiction Friday!  Pop over to Advizor54’s blog to see what he and other amazing writers saw in this moving photo!  My take is below.  Here’s this week’s prompt:

Key Words:  Family, gravy boat, butter knife
Word Limit:  1621 seems like too many, so 261.1
Forbidden words:  cock, caught, eat, feast, satiated
Extra Credit:  Let’s keep it within the (extended) family

Bonus Words: Donate 5 cans of food to your local food bank.
We were at my sister’s place today – 17 of us around her dining room table – friends, family and “orphans.”  We had a delicious meal of traditional Thanksgiving favorites, new recipes my sister likes to try, and Hanukkah delights from the friends who were celebrating the confluence of holidays.  
Here’s the menu: 
Slices of meat from a 27-pound turkey (I like white meat) that I sliced!  
Sausage apricot cornbread dressing and sage bread stuffing
Pan gravy
Bake brussel sprouts with avocado and walnuts 
Pear walnut spinach salad
Parker House rolls
Green beans with almonds
Minced beets salad,
Two kinds of cranberry sauce (one with sugar, one with fruit juices for sweetening)
 Quinoa with zucchini and cranberries
 and latkes with applesauce and sour cream!
The grown-ups drank wine.  I joined my niece in imbibing apple sparkling juice.  
After a while, dessert appeared with coffee and teas  – pecan, apple and pumpkin pie!  And a piece of chocolate rugelah, another addition from Jewish tradition.  
My niece gets bored with all the grown-ups gabbing, so she crawls underneath.  She is quiet, reading a book or drawing a beautiful picture.   I dropped the butter knife and dove down to discover her in the midst of making a Thanksgiving card!  
I crawled under and sat with her.  She put her finger to her slips to silence me, then pointed at my husband’s crotch.  She grinned impishly as I watched one of Hubby’s lady friends massage his burgeoning manhood.  
Somehow when I got back up into my seat, I managed to spill the gravy boat into Hubby’s lap!  Oops! 

Meeting the Professor

Thursday, November 29, 2012

A chaste hour

Richard Branson
I escaped work for a blissful hour today to eat lunch with “The Professor.”  After emailing for two months and a couple of mundane phone calls, he surprised me yesterday with an offer for lunch today.

Lunch is a good offer!  It means he is willing to spend more than the time it takes me to drink an iced chai latte, and pay for food!

For those who like stats – The Professor was the second man to contact me on Ashley Madison, back on September 21.   He is the fifth man I’ve met:

  1. The Lawyer      has disappeared
  2. Dancing Man     once and done
  3. Panties Man      still chatting and showing off beautiful panties 
  4. Speedy             once and done
  5. The Professor

We met at a restaurant.  For the first time since the end of September when I got plantar fasciitis, I walked somewhere!  I was okay walking over and back, then could not walk the rest of the day without agony.  Ah well.  It feels like I am allotted a certain number of steps per day, say, 200? After that?  OUCH.  

He was sitting at the bar grading blue books when I found him.  I adore it when the man is already there.  He looks like his photos!  Yay!  And he does have the biggest briefcase I’ve ever seen!  He stood and shook my hand.  I told him I’d go get a table while he packed up.  We had a quiet corner.  I sat at a 90-degree angle from him so we’d be closer together.  Maybe he’d take my hand?  Or play under the table?  I need touch so desperately!

We ordered lunch and talked. He talked about the online women he has met… not sure if that’s a good sign or not.  He told me enough to google a couple of them which concerned me but I have not told him that much.  He pushed me to tell him my name and where I work.  I didn’t.  He made me laugh.  He laughed at a couple of my stories.  It felt comfortable.

He did not touch me.  He paid for lunch.  I walked him to the subway and got a chaste hug I solicited at our parting.

At that moment, I had no clue if he would ask for more.  I did not have the urge to grab him, but he was not repulsive.  If he pursues me, fine, if not fine.  I waited a little while to see if he’d write, then wrote him a two-sentence thank you note for lunch.  

He wrote back late that evening… kvetching about being stuck on the subway on his way home due to an accident, hoping the rest of my day went better than his.  I wrote right back… no response.  I wrote again a week later when I came across a funny “grading bingo card.”
Never heard another word.  Even though I had told him that I hate the silence… that a “thanks but no thanks, best of luck” would be fine and he’d agreed.  Ugh ugh ugh.  I shouldn’t let it shake my self confidence, but it does.  
I miss our daily emails and the phone calls.  He was a challenge to communicate with but I felt like last week around Thanksgiving he finally got it that I am a nice person, just wanted to make him smile.  It makes me sad that did not even rate a farewell.  It makes me very leery to meet a man if it means I am cut off from him completely.  Ugh.  If he doesn’t feel the connection, I suppose it’s just as well, even if it feels completely uncivil.   It seems to be the way it is with AM men.  I don’t like it.  Ah well.

Onward and upward!

Hot memories

Thursday, November 29, 2012
Good morning! Lunch date w/ a Professor. Pray! Hope your Thursday is great!
7:52am Phil
Oh wow! You go girl! I will certainly pray for you and wish you luck as well. I could use a little good news. Been so down of late, can’t shake it. There are truly good men out there. They are not all selfish creeps. You deserve a good one Sass!

I need to finish up this military thing and find out who I am again. I think I’ve kind of lost that. You have to put a mask on to do this job and I’ve worn the mask too long. Stuck in the same routine. Very happy professionally, but so sad personally. Work 14 hours, go home, grab a bite, have a drink, sit alone on the couch and pretend to watch TV. My mind whirling with memories and thoughts and lost opportunities. I wish for much more for you. Hope lunch is fantastic!

12:39pm Phil
Hope lunch was good!

Awww….thanks! The gumbo was yummy and he made me laugh – no clue if there will be more, but it was fun and he paid. Please try not to be sad… remember I am here to help. Better days are coming for us both!

3:24pm Phil
I’m glad it was nice. I love gumbo! The fact that he made you laugh is wonderful as well. Sad for reasons that continue but I am working on it. Pretty bad when people start to notice. I’ll be ok. Thanks for the encouragement!
5:12pm Phil
Someday I will tell you this sordid little tale. I believe I have learned a lesson though. Hurt me. This has been a long journey that I thought would end happily and instead ended in disappointment and tears. I should know better. Guess we all have our problems and issues.

Are you talking Beach Gal? I’ve wondered. I am so sorry you’re hurt! You can share… think of me rubbing your feet and let it out whenever you want. Take a walk and call if you don’t want to type. This is what old friends are for. Not just p0rn!

5:44pm Phil
Yeah, it’s Beach Girl. Girl was so different from anyone else – emotional, fun, I was completely smitten. We clicked. Was one of those things where my brain has always said bad idea but my heart pulled me in the opposite direction. We have not spent any time together in a long time. She drinks too much and when she does, she makes bad decisions, gets nasty, and gets very flirty. I should have walked away from this long ago but just could not do so.

She picked some guy up in a bar several months ago. Moved him in for a month till she figured out he was a shit bag. About broke my heart. Then called back crying and I fell right back into it again. She got hammered one night and called me to tell me about the great sex. Did not realize she did it the next day.

Also got drunk and told me she tried to get it on with one of my best friends. They both said they just got together for beers one night but they ended up drinking tequila at her place and she tried to get it on, he was too drunk to perform. He is no longer my best buddy.

She is running around with another guy now that I just found out about. I’m done. I did not deserve all that and there was much more. Men can be such stupid creatures. Sweetest thing in the world during the day. Add alcohol and at a certain point, look out. Just took me a very long time to realize and fully understand. One second laughing, next second crying or ripping into me. Like my Dad used to flame on at the drop of a hat and for no apparent reason.

The heart is a funny thing. I kept going back for more with him too. Always had this dream of a little beach house with palms and hammock, couple Adirondack chairs in the sand. Watching the sun rise or set, long walks on the beach, good seafood, friends over for music, darts, drinks. Dancing under the stars.

I’d like to be sitting at some little seafood place enjoying some chowder and the foot rub would be most welcome. I’m sorry, you did not need to hear all that and I did not intend to burden you with it. Just came out.

Hey, kid, Thanks for explaining. I like to know what’s up… it’s not a burden! You’ve certainly listened to my crap. I’m so sorry she is not the person you thought. You deserve better. Can you consider yourself lucky to have found out now? Which buddy was it? Does he know you know?

I hope writing it out helped. I wish there was more I could do… can you get to see me again? For now, go back in your mind and feel the warm September sunset, taste the chowder. Go way back to the camp fire. Listen to good tunes.

Soon you’ll pick yourself up and head off in a new direction. You are a kind, fun, handsome, capable man and you’ll find a stable, sexy woman who appreciates that and makes you crazy in the best possible way! I want it to be me, but I understand if I’m not the girl of your dreams. I just want you to be happy. I will always be here to listen, rub your feet and any other body part. 😉

6:39pm Phil 

Did you see my football tree?

It’s hideous! 🙂
6:44pm Phil
It was [pal’s name redacted] she fooled around with.  I love the guy but he thinks with his dick when he drinks.

I think back to camp and you often. Think about DC too and Boston. Good times.

Oh my… so sorry.

Yeah… we did manage to have fun and make memories, didn’t we? The first time you touched me in DC was the hottest moment of my life.

6:48pm Phil
Yanked your britches down and buried my tongue inside you I believe and then buried my cock inside you. Welcum to DC 🙂

You took very good care of me…

6:52pm Phil
We also had wonderful dinners. Was fun. Loved the Greek and Thai places

I remember picking you up, memories flooding back. We picked up right away.

Loved Boston. Amazing dinner , amazing night


I adored listening to your stories…

7:07pm Phil
Got a million of them 🙂

Lifting weights now. Soothes my soul. Works my body and calms me. Something about lifting heavy shit

Just don’t show my chest to your spotting guy this time!

7:11pm Phil
Ha ha! That’s was funny as hell! No spotter tonight, just me. It was hot too 😉

I may not have it all but my chest is stellar.

7:15pm Phil
You do have amazing tits 🙂


I have my hand there right now… pretending it is yours.
7:18pm Phil
Mmmmmm, I like that

Tweaking, twisting…

Damn… the things talking to you makes me do!

7:44pm Phil
Ha ha! Love it!

Setting up lunch

From: Scot
Monday Nov 26, 2012 11:37 pm
To: Sassy
Re: Thanksgiving 
Hey, S,
Yes, I know, it sounds positively inhuman, but I’m HAPPY to be back at work and AWAY FROM MY FAMILY.  This last week was a LITTLE TOO MUCH FAMILY “TOGETHERNESS.”  Don’t get me wrong: I love my parents, siblings, nephews, etc., but I’ve got a limited tolerance for their manifold idiosyncrasies.  
For example, I’m glad I don’t have to hear my near-senile father berate yet another innocent waiter about the frankly invisible defects in his balsamic-free, tomato-free, lactose-free, gluten-free, wheat-free, everything-else-that-makes-his-“system”-malfunction-free granola-and-vegetable-yougurt-concoction.  Let him go back to NYC and be a curmudgeon there.  I’m DONE.
Anyway, so much for that.  On to more important matters.  When do I get to finally meet you in person?
From: Sassy
Tuesday, Nov 27, 2012 12:21 am
To: Scot
Re: Meeting
Hiya Scot,
Meet?  When you ask me?  🙂
Hmmm… ages ago we said tomorrow.  But you’d rather not trudge around in the snow, I bet.  I don’t want you falling for me that way!  Let me know what works for you.  I am usually open any day but Wednesday at lunch. And any late afternoon.  
I dunno… it’s only been two months.  Are you sure?  🙂
From: Scot
Tuesday, Nov 27, 2012 12:34 am
To: Sassy
Re: Meeting
Do you want to meet this Thursday for lunch or a late afternoon snack/drink?  I’d really like that.  It’s no problem for me to cancel my office hours.
From: Sassy
Wednesday, Nov 28, 2012 8:03 am 
To: Scot
Re: Meeting
Hiya Scot, 
Tomorrow sounds great!  I hate to rob your students of your excellent counsel, but do rather want to see your smiling face.  Does the 12:30 pm plan make sense for this time or did you want something different?  I could also get out about 4 pm if that works better.  Let me know.  
Thank you!
From: Scot
Wednesday, Nov 28, 2012 10:24 am
To: Sassy
Re: Meeting
Dear S,
A 12:30 meeting would be terrific, but could you run the logistics of getting to that particular site past me again?
From: Sassy
Nov 28, 2012 2:32 pm 
To: Scot
Re: Lunch details
Hiya Scot, 
I hope your Wednesday is going well.  I’m having another nutty day at work, but smiling at the thought of having a good reason to escape for an hour tomorrow to see you!  Here are the details of the lunch plan.  It may be a sunny day, if the forecaster are to be believed.  
Thanks again for agreeing to travel over here!   I picked a restaurant near the T exit 
[directions redacted]
They have great food.  
If your plans change, please let me know at [Sassy’s Google Voice #].  I am not a flake… I will be there at 12:30 pm or call you, unless I get squished under the Mass Ave bus.  It looks like it will be cold, so wait inside.  They usually won’t seat people until everyone is there, so go to the bar and I will find you.  Likewise, if I get there first, I will head to the bar.  I’ll be the one in blue with a lighter silk scarf.  
I know these meets can be nerve-wracking.  If there is anything that will make it easier, don’t hesitate to say.  This should be fun!  I am very excited to fill in more pieces of the Scot puzzle!  
From: Scot 
Nov 28, 2012 10:22 pm 
To: Sassy
Re: Lunch details
Hey S,
GREAT.  Looking forward to it.  I’ll see you at 12:30 tomorrow.
Remember, I have a BIG briefcase.  That’s because I live on the T, and I sometimes need to carry a lot of student papers around.  Tomorrow, it will be full of sub-literate essays submitted by the students in my class.  Also, my hair is a bit longer than in my AM profile.  Look for the tall guy with the beard and the blond ‘fro.


Exposed in public

Wednesday, November 28, 2012
Good morning! Dashing to work but want to say you rock! You are so good to me. Thanks! Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Hiya kid. Hugs! Tonight I have the “exposed in public” tumblr… not quite sure if it’s interesting or creepy, but an interesting look. Enjoy!
I love it when people are naked outside, exposing their beautiful bodies to the sun and anyone that…
12:12am Phil
I like it. Would like to expose you in public as you lean over the balcony railing being pounded by hard cock. I like to be naked outside, like sex outside. Hugs back 🙂
Oh, that sounds incredible! I had a feeling this might entertain you… I wish it showed men! 🙂 Sweet dreams, kid.
12:19am Phil
 You too babe. Sweet dreams!

Professor’s holiday

From: Scot 
To: Sassy 
Sent: Sunday, November 25, 2012 12:48 AM
Subject: Thanksgiving
Hey S,
Just a quick note before I crash.  I’m exhausted.
This has been a FUN Thanksgiving, even though the lack of sleep is getting to me.  Apart from having to line-edit a bunch of sub-literate essays, I’ve inherited the task of entertaining my five-year-old niece, whose parents are relieved to have me take her off their hands for six or eight hours every day.  Don’t get me wrong: I love the job.  She’s the cutest little girl in the history of the world, but, whoa, is she a terror!  It takes all of my ingenuity to keep her from destroying the house.  
Still, I’ve loved rediscovering the books I used to read to my daughters when they were little.  I even find myself remembering the particular cadence with which I used to read certain sections so as to produce the optimum five-year-old response.  And it still works.  Yay.  Everybody else in the house is busy with cocktail parties and chitchat.  I get to play with her.  Lucky me.
Anyway, I’m wiped out right now.  Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Talk to you soon.

From: Sassy
Nov 26, 2012 2:58 pm 
To: Scot
Subject: Re: Thanksgiving
Hiya Scot,
I am dashing between meetings but thinking of you.  So glad that your holiday turned out better than you had thought!  My niece put on a concert on Thanksgiving, playing two songs with both hands!  
Hope you’re having a good day back at work.