Beers help

Year 3 -Week 16 December 2012
Saturday, December 1, 2012
7:06am Phil
Good morning!  Slept well, up early to hit the gym and three Christmas parties!  
Going to do some reports in between.  Busy day.  Hope you have a relaxing one.
[reacting to photos of him he posted on FB at various parties]
Wow!  You are looking so trim and delicious.  Let me suck on your candy cane?
5:06pm Phil
Ha ha! Thanks
7:27pm Phil
Much better day today. Adjusting slowly and finding the heart to be mysterious thing.
Phew.  It takes time.
8:56pm Phil
Gonna take a loooong time. Happy then sad. Wonder of You came on the radio, I burst into tears. Having beers at a bar I like
Much better
Some say it helps to listen to music, get the emotions out… dunno.  Yay for beers!
11:03pm Phil
Music kills me
Found anything that helps?
12:07am Phil
No. Nothing helps.
Heard the Wonder of You today and just burst out in tears. Song says it all
Awwww… sorry babe.
12:42am Phil
Music was our thing and music tears me apart. Beers are good though
Music kills me. Was our thing. Beers help but I’m so hopelessly hung up
When did you find out?
12:43am Phil
Find out what?
About The Beach Gal and your pal?  Trying to figure out when you might start to feel better….
12:50am Phil
Oh lord. I don’t care about her with my pal. Lonely, don’t care. I should have made a move. Military makes it hard. She misinterpreted my intentions.  I wanted so badly to find a little beach house and live happily ever after. Military makes it impossible. Need to be out. She thought I was unwilling to do what needs to be done. I was so ready.
Not sure I’ll ever feel better
I hear you.  I wish there was something more I could do. But I am sure you will feel better… So she’s mad that you have to wait a year?
12:57am Phil
I don’t know. It’s been a long time. Lives with her six months. Happiest time of my life. Got suckered by kids and family. I went back and left the best thing I ever had.
Can it be again?  or are you looking through rose colored glasses?  Only you can answer that.
But you can think about it tomorrow… relax, rest… remember better times.  Sleep.
1:05am Phil
No rose colored glasses. I pray for another opportunity. There were issues but there was such passion, such love
Better days will come… I feel it in my bones.  You deserve it and you will get it.
1:14am Phil
I hope so.
Decide what you want and go after it.  Make a plan. I will help you however I can.
I’m off to bed… sleep sweet man.

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