One-minute kiss

Friday, November 30, 2012
8:41am  Phil 
Have a good day girlie. Angry, hurt, sad, conflicted. Wow. Gotta pull my pants up and get over it. Good news is I’m dropping weight like it’s nothing. Have not been eating and working out like there is no tomorrow. It’s how I cope. Two parties tomorrow. Gotta paint my smile on and be the Happy Officer.  Have a good day Sassy.

9:02am Phil
Had a cigar and scotch last night alone with my thoughts. Tried to think of good things. Thought of you, work. Try to imagine what the future holds but I just don’t know. Just want to hold someone and cry till I’m done. Never cried in front of my wife and hugging is not an option. She’s not a hugger.
9:11am Phil
Hot Action Cop, (Fever for the Flava) just came on, laughing my ass off.  The song always makes me smile. I needed that.  🙂

Hiya handsome!  Thanks for showing me your smiling face this morning!  Still don’t like the tree, but whatever makes you smile, dear man.   I want a photo where I can see the weight loss, please?
Wow!  Angry, hurt, sad and conflicted?  You’re doing it up, eh?  I hear you.  So glad you took time alone.  I want to hug you so bad… distance SUCKS!  If calling might help, I’m here for you. I like being in on the entire range of emotions!

Pull up your pants and get over it?  What a good plan!  Of course, I want to pull them down and slide over you… mmmm.  Gosh, I’m in a silly sexy mood… sorry if you were looking for serious.  Four messages from you makes me soar!  And put my fingers between my legs…
One more thing and then I promise to quit yammering… The idea that thoughts of me can help you is AMAZING!  I’ve been feeling rather useless, so helping you out is wonderful!
One minute kiss that reminds me of DC.  🙂
private practice 2×20 – Addie/Noah hot kiss
12:35pm Phil
I love it! I needed a laugh!  I’ll live. My brain has been telling me all along and I refused to listen. I believe in following your heart and I am one of those people who thinks too much. Sometimes you just need to go with it. Never pulled the trigger because of nagging doubts. I’m not unhappy or abused. I have always wanted the kind of relationship where you look at your partner and go “damn baby, you the hottest thing I have ever seen.”  Where you always want to be touching, where the sex is hot and twisted some times, and slow and tender other times. 
I guess I have a normal relationship.  We putter around the house, go to dinner, go to a show, all the stuff you are supposed to do. At night, we sit at opposite sides of the room, in bed, we are separated by as much space as possible and the dogs. We don’t walk hand in hand or arm in arm.  To have some one meet you at the door with a drink and sit you down and rub your shoulders or your feet and genuinely want to hear about your day. That’s what it’s about to me..  I want that so desperately.

I have friends who are like me, it’s ok, it’s not bad, you go through life. I have other friends who are screwing in hot tubs, back yards, the beach, and are always touching each other and obviously so into one another.  I am so jealous of those people. I have friends who are swingers,  They do the whole Hedo thing. I have been naked with them in a hot tub on numerous occasions. Nothing happens because the deal is it needs to be a couple but we have spent many nights side by side naked in the tub sipping scotch and smoking cigars or skinny dipping in their pool.  I’m not real shy about being naked.  Been in a pool with them and 12 naked gay guys, in a hot tub full to overflowing with naked bodies.  That’s an interesting thing. Never gonna happen with my wife.  It was a blast though and very much me. ^_^

Thinking of you always brings a smile.  That’s a good thing. I’ll be ok.  Just need to get past this and I will.  I’m pretty resilient. Glad you enjoyed the photo. I had a crazy morning in the office.  Going to go for a swim in the pool.  I need to blow off some steam and I’ll hit the elliptical for an hour later on. It is a healing process for me. Always loved being in the pool.  Wish I could pack up for a week and go to Key West but I’d be miserable.  The beach, the music, were our thing, still my thing but this going to take awhile before it stops bringing back sad memories.   Ah well. Very sexy kiss video!

4:17pm Phil
Pool was awesome! Half an hour swim.  Getting ready to jump on the elliptical too! Feel a little better which is a good thing.
Yay!  Smooch.
Psst… your texts/photo are going to my email.  and in a weird format.  Re-route them to my phone if you can?  Thank you!  and I never saw the ugly green phone… was staring at your smile and your hands and thinking what you would do to me with them!  Yum…
10:50 PM Phil: Better?
11:06 PM Me: Most excellent!  Mwah!

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