Mr Truck Toy Talk

From: Sassy 
To: Mr Truck
Subject: Re: Hi 
Sent: Sat, Oct 27, 2012 6:27:45 PM 
Hiya Stan!
Thanks ever so much for your comments.  Wow… nothing like porn in the morning, eh?  🙂
It’s wonderful to share this way – a first for me.  It helps me to understand you… what it might be like to be alone with you.  And that seems like a very good idea! I like to hear your thoughts, until you can’t think anymore and your eyes roll back and… mmm… 
I got talked into buying a box of toys – “They’re on sale!” so I have five sitting under my desk.  Hope to have help figuring out how they can enhance things.  Great that you might have a clue!  
I can get my nipples into my mouth.  Though so far, I’ve seen that as a man’s job!  But might be convinced otherwise… As far as wanting to watch it?  I think that’s a guy thing.  🙂
From: Mr Truck
To: Sassy
Sent: Sunday, October 28, 2012 9:06 AM
Subject: Re: Hi
Love porn and sex in the a.m. my favorite time. A box of toys? Christmas cum early! I love seeing a woman lick and suck her dildo before inserting it into her voracious vagina.
Yes I’m up for the job of nipple sucking and about 20 other things I want to do with those bodacious ta tas of yours. I do like sharing them with a woman, both our tongues on them at the same time.
I’ve asked about your ass a few times and I’m almost certain you’ve not replied, but since my track record on email details has been bad lately I’ll apologize in advance if you already covered–or uncovered–your ass.
Do you enjoy 69? It can be fun and gratifying. Have you ever squirted? Some amazing videos of squirter girls.
You had earlier commented about me cuming before the guy in the video does: although I do prefer to shoot my load when the guy does, especially if his is copious, but often there are certain scenes where I focus in on something I want to, or are overwhelmed by that makes me want to orgasm over.
More soon!
From: Sassy 
To: Mr Truck
Sent: Sunday, October 28, 2012 10:19 AM
Subject: Re: Hi
Good morning Stan!
Oh, if only I could roll over and find you there!  Breakfast would be delayed…. 
I am seeing a 9 inch vibrating stunt cock inside you… slowly with lots of lube.  Want to find that p-spot that causes all the trouble! 

Or perhaps a tiny bullet with a delightful buzz?  The tiny rabbit key chain makes me laugh… would be fun to hand that to the cashier at the grocery store with my discount card to swipe, eh? 

While you are planning 20 things for my melons, I am drooling over tasting your nipples… finding out what makes your hips roll – a flick of the tongue or a gentle bite and twist?

Hmm… here’s a little breast squeeze for fun

I knew you wouldn’t let me get away without answering the ass question… not sure what to say!  There are lots of words for my chest but my sexy ass?  Old flame dreamed about it for 35 years?  It’s more than a handful?  Maybe you can tell me someday.   
Will you tell me about your extramarital adventures?  That’s the one question you’ve glossed over.  I don’t judge… find it all fascinating, so let it out. 
69 is a challenge… I used to hate it because I couldn’t concentrate on pleasing him while he was doing those amazing things to me! I have gotten better at relaxing and enjoying and sucking at the same time!  I’ve also started to make it a game… who can do better at distracting the other person?  I must say, the guy usually forgets what he’s doing first!  Do you like being on the bottom or the top when all that’s going on?  I am usually on the bottom with my neck hanging over the edge of the bed… but want to try it lots of ways. 
Squirting? I am not sure.  There were a couple of times I thought so… but I was kinda too busy to pay that much attention other than whoa that was… wow.   Is there a definition other than massives amounts of fluid and screaming? 
I should know better than to comment on ejaculation timing!  It’s all good… there are definitely videos where I am way ahead of the ending because of a hand or a cock or a mouth doing something spectacular that twists my insides and makes them roll.  
Are you watching football or battening the hatches for this super-hyped storm?  I took at look at a grocery store parking lot and it’s been a madhouse over there!  
Stay high and dry dear man. And think of the buxom wench!  

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