Should I write back?

Sunday, August 3, 2014 
I’ve been sitting on the shelf, trying to get over Kris.  I looked at Ashley Madison but was not enthused.  I enjoyed the Blog Fan’s visit, but now he is gone.  Now what? 
Then the universe tossed me an easy pitch to hit, like it always seems to do.  For the first time in 4 months, I got a great message from a new AM man! 
From: FunFan
To: Sassy 
Sent: Sunday, August 3, 2014 9:41 pm 
Hello Sassy    , 
You are an answer to my dreams! I just love what you say about yourself! And your sense of humor and warmth! And so much more – forgive the pun. And on top of that I’m a sucker for blue eyes! All I can wish for is to be an answer to your dreams. 
A couple of words about myself. I grew up in Europe where I learned the fine art of love making, and still have my sexy accent (somebody told me that, but they may have meant something else – who knows).I realize that I’m a bit older than you in the number of years of experience, but this comes handy sometimes. At least I’m always in a hurry to please my partner in crime but never in a rush to finish the pleasure. I do not look nor act my age! Working for myself, I have no trouble managing my time. 
Enough about myself, I’d like to find out more about you, and hope we can hit it off and enjoy many pleasures together, horizontal laughing being the best of them. 
I’m trying to imagine our first meeting. We get together for lunch, or coffee, or dinner, in a nice place, start talking, and the sparks start flying around us. The fire alarm in this small place goes off, everybody leaves, we are the only ones to stay, and start extinguishing the fire – you know what I mean, but the fire gets only stronger… 
Enough dreams, I’m looking forward to hearing from you, and will be happy to share my pictures. 
Isn’t that fantastic?!  Wow… five paragraphs without a typo!  A great opening!  So many great phrases!  He doesn’t reference anything in my profile except my eye color.  Hmm…  and I don’t like the “partner in crime” phrase – we would not be committing a crime – but… I get it.  I read it over several times, trying to read between the lines for any danger signs.  I worry about the way he said “please my partner” as I tend to attract subs and I can’t domme… but it was subtle and only in one spot.  
 I read his profile.  He’s from a nice suburb a good distance away (20 miles) and tall – says 6 feet – and trim at 190.  He’s the same age as Kris – perhaps that’s a good omen.  Ugh… I am comparing the new guy to Kris.  Natural but… ugh.  Limits? Undecided.  I don’t like that.  But at least it doesn’t say “Something short term.”  He’s attached.  Good.  He checked off a bunch of boxes, nothing strange, then wrote two sentences something like this.  
Checkboxes are funny
I want a sexy and passionate lady to enjoy the pleasures of body and brain.
So nothing exciting, but nothing bad.  If he had not written such a great message, I probably would have passed by. 
Do I want to answer?  I really don’t feel like starting again but… I’ve been thinking I can get by with the occasional visitor and playing online but… the AM guy wrote such a nice message!  I figured it was worth a try.  
I dug around in my email, looking for first messages I wrote to other men.  I pulled bits from three and tried to craft them into a nice message but that didn’t work.  So I started from scratch and ended with something pretty sassy!  But I didn’t sent it.  This seemed like a big step this time.  I was not sure I was ready… I decided to sleep on it.  I felt like Scarlett O’Hara, “I’ll think about that tomorrow!’

0 thoughts on “Should I write back?

  1. I think it's:

    “after all, tomorrow is another day…”

    Of course she said that just after she said:

    “Rhett, Rhett.. Rhett, if you go, where shall I go? What shall I do?

    and Rhett replied “frankly my dear, I don't give a damn.”

    So be careful out there! 🙂

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