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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

From: Sassy
To: Mikhail 
Sent: Tuesday, August 5, 2014 2:13 AM
Re: Good night Stranger
Hiya Mikhail, 
Thanks again for your messages!  I’m glad you get my sense of humor.  I always get nervous after I write, and you didn’t keep me waiting very long!  So sorry I was off the grid and couldn’t get back to you for awhile!! 
Forgive me if I need to email a bit before meeting.  I’ve had a couple of bad experiences when guys were in a hurry, so I want to explore and build up some trust.  And I don’t want to be with just anybody… I want to know you, so you know it is you I am there for.  It won’t take too long, but please be patient.  
How strange that you were around Albany!  I don’t hear that often.  Was it Schenectady?  I hate to guess your origins…Google says Mikhail is Russian or Ukranian… am I close?  What brought you to the US? 
I am an office manager at a big place, supposed to be there 9-5 but I do get days off or leave early for “doctors appointments”.  I am headed into a hectic time at the end of August, but most of the year I can be away from the office for part or all of the day.  Are you free weekdays only or can you have a late afternoon meet sometimes or a weekend time? 
My favorite day off involves a drive along the coast, lobster for lunch and seeing the ocean or the mountains.  I have a bunch of day trips marked in Google Maps, with everything from Ogunquit, Maine to Lake Winnipesaukee, NH to Tiverton, RI! 
If I were to take you out to dinner for a special occasion, where would you want to go?  What would you order?  Do you cook?  I don’t, but I make really good reservations!  
Do you have a fantasy… something you have not done or not done for a long time that I might fulfill?  I want some hint as to whether our styles mesh. 
Finally, thank you ever so much for the sweet good night wishes! They felt very special. Hope you have sweet sexy dreams!  Hugs with groping, and an ear nibble… Mwah!
From: Mikhail G
To: Sassy 
Sent: Tuesday, August 5, 2014 9:43 AM
Subject: Fantasy
Instead of working I’m thinking how to respond to your question about fantasies that we can go fulfill together. It’s not only sexual. I have never had any serious deviational fantasies. And my fantasies were always about specific people, I should rater say ladies, not in the abstract. Playing games like giving a complete control to one of us is probably as far as my imagination goes.
How about a ride by the ocean, maybe walking along the beach, feeling the pull but pretending that we resist it. Then we happen to find a secluded spot and go for skinny dipping holding our hands, caressing each other, talking sweet nonsense, and finally stop resisting the temptation. If you like skinny dipping, I know a nice place:). In the winter we can replace it by Jacuzzi.
What is your favorite fantasy? Are we on the same page here as well?
More e-kisses, trying to resist the temptation,
From: Mikhail
To: Sassy 
Sent: Tuesday, August 5, 2014 9:21 PM
Subject: Re: Good night Stranger
Good evening,
How was your day? The weather was great but like yesterday I had nobody to talk to outside(:.
I hope I did not ask any inappropriate questions this morning. In my mind I’m still trying to answer your question about my fantasies. Perhaps I’m too grounded in reality, don’t know. Honestly, my biggest fantasy now is to get to know you, and do my best to make sure that we enjoy things that we want to share I’m eagerly awaiting your answer to the same question, your fantasies may open a light for me. I’m not talking about such obvious things like a long foreplay, using various parts of your body to please your lover.
There was a good joke. An old guy – like me – had sex with a young lady – like you. Later she told her friend. It was fantastic, I could never imagine that a guy at his age can perform so well. We enjoyed the foreplay for almost two hours, and then we had great sex for another two hours. The guy also shared his impressions with a friend. It was horrible. I could not get an erection for a couple of hours, and then I could not get it off for another couple of hours. That’s almost my fantasy but with one exception. We can enjoy our foreplay but not without erection:)
I did have sweet dreams about you last night, hope for more. How about you flying over so that we can dream together.
Good night,
From: Sassy 
To: Mikhail
Sent: Tuesday, August 5, 2014 10:41 PM
Subject: Re: Good night Stranger
Hiya Mikhail! 
I had a busy time at the office trying to catch up from yesterday and roll along with today, then headed out to my Mom’s place in the burbs.  I take care of her pills and take her out for supper.  By the time I get home, I am bushed! So I will say sleep well and try to write more tomorrow. Mwah! 

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