200,000… that a BIG NUMBER!  I don’t see that number very often but I saw it today because my humble blog reached a major milestone.  It blows my mind.  Sometime this afternoon while I was at the office, someone clicked on my blog for 200,000th time!  Wowie zowie!   Was that you?  Thank you!  I so appreciate you celebrating my great days with me, sticking with me when life was not so great, and coming back to find out what wacky adventure I get up to next!

I can’t tell anyone in my real life, so I hope you will celebrate with me now! I’m doing the Sassy Happy Dance!  Shimmy and stomp with me!  Woot!

It took me a long time (over two years) to get to 100,000 hits on March 3, 2014… 27 months.  And now it’s been another 17 months to get another 100,000!  Here’s a fun graph from Blogger that shows my blog’s hits by month from December 2011 to now.  Nothing like a great graph!   Hard to believe it’s been almost four years since I discovered Riff Dawg’s sexy blog!  I spent the entire Thanksgiving weekend reading it and realizing I had to start sharing the story of my sex life with the entire internet!

Thank you to each and every one of you who have clicked!  And read and commented and emailed!  It is so wonderful to be part of this community, our sexy little corner of the internet.  Huge thanks to the top seven blogs that refer people to my blog: 
 Please pop in again soon for more Sassy shenanigans!  August started off with sex in the cemetery.  Where will I go next?!  Is Kris gone forever?  Will Philip ever visit again?  Will Sassy get back on Ashley Madison?  Will the Universe be kind?  August is going to be a wild month!  

4 thoughts on “200,000K

  1. JFBreak says:

    Congrats. 200k is quite a milestone!

  2. Congratulations, wow that is a huge number.

  3. Congratulations, wow that is a huge number.

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