Internal sunshine

April 19, 2018 Thursday

8:24 AM Sassy
Good morning Philip!
Rain and 40s…brr.  
Makes it tough to go out but I’m making my own sunshine!  
Enjoy your Thursday!
9:10 AM Phil
I like that internal sunshine! 
Working from home today so I’m a happy fellow. 
My pal is coming over later for steaks and we’re off to NY for the weekend tomorrow morning!
9:26 AM Sassy
Wow!  I’m off tomorrow- have a meet with The Northerner!
10:26 AM Phil

[10-second Video of him driving and singing]
10:46 AM Sassy
Ha! You are too funny.  LOL
11:29 AM Phil
Hee hee
[emoticons – clown, devil, shit]

12:48 PM Sassy
From the Yarmouth Police Facebook page:


At the end of one of the most emotional and saddest days, and six-day period in American and Yarmouth Police Department history, our beloved 4-legged partner K9 Nero was released from his hospital and was taken home…in his fallen partner Sergeant Sean M. Gannon’s cruiser.

We thank all of the loving and devoted employees at Cape Cod Veterinary Specialists in Dennis and Bourne who helped rescue and save this innocent animal’s life—especially retired Yarmouth Police K9 Handler Peter McClelland, who entered the home after Nero was shot and has never left his side as he stayed with him in the hospital for 144 hours straight.

K9 Nero will stay with Officer McClelland–who loves Nero and is a close friend of the Gannon Family–until he fully heals and then will return to the Gannon family when everyone is ready.

Rest In Peace Sean, your beloved K9 Nero is home.

Hubby’s Jamaican 10-speed cocktail
Crab rangoons
Hot & sour soup
Seafood scallion pancake
Hubby’s pepper steak
House special fried noodles with beef, chicken, shrimp and veggies
A fun fortune! Especially if I add the words… “in bed” at the end! 

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