Periscope up

March 10, 2018 Saturday

12:38 PM Sassy
Good afternoon!  
You are looking so thin and sexy!  Want to grab that face and kiss it!  Mwah!

[Photo of him out at a restaurant, smiling and toasting the camera with a beer]
12:42 PM Phil
Ha! Mwah back at ya!
12:43 PM Sassy
Hope you’re having fun!  Quiet day here – Hubby is out setting up for the project that starts Thursday and I am doing laundry.  Whee!
1:01 PM Phil
We are enjoying the day
3:04 PM Phil
[Philip’s naked chest and smile in his hot tub outside on a sunny day]
3:05 PM Sassy
3:15 PM Phil
Naked again
My periscope is above the water and searching
3:19 PM Sassy
Wish I could find it
3:23 PM Phil
Hee hee
[Philip’s naked chest and smile, holding a cigar and glass of scotch, outside on his back patio]
3:24 PM Sassy
Looks like you’ve got all the right stuff!
3:30 PM Phil
Wanna cum bobbing for the prize?
All the right junk in all the right places, as the song goes
3:33 PM Sassy
I do want to! *grin
3:48 PM Phil
One of many reasons I love you <3 🙂 
3:50 PM Sassy
4:02 PM Phil
5:48 PM Sassy
Fun duet!
Josh Groban on Ellen…I just found this video, it’s hysterical! I love Ellen!

Josh Groban and Ellen Sing 

“Total Eclipse of the Heart!”


7:28 PM Sassy
Winner winner chicken dinner! I actually ate at home tonight.

Rotisserie chicken, mashed potatoes, stuffing, gravy 
and green beans amondine! 

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