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October 28, 2018 Sunday

6:31 AM Sassy
Good morning kid!

2:19 PM Phil
[photo of a house with a golf cart in the driveway and palm trees]
Hey there!
Sox looking good! Watching my football team.
Found a house and neighborhood in Fla.

2:52 PM Sassy
Sox are nerve wracking but fun. What’s nifty about the house?
2:55 PM Phil
Love the neighborhood, backs up to the golf course, four bedrooms, 3 baths, roomy, space for a pool, golf cart community, great kitchen and reasonable price
2:56 PM Sassy
Cool! Close to Disney?
2:56 PM Phil
45 minutes from everything
2:57 PM Sassy
Hurricane safe?
2:57 PM Phil
Oh yeah, concrete block, hurricane windows
2:58 PM Sassy
Built post-1993?
2:59 PM Phil
New construction, we will design it, they mow and trim the grass, internet, cable all free
3:00 PM Sassy
The news said that homes built post-Andrew withstood the last hurricane on the panhandle
3:01 PM Phil
We spent a day looking and came back to this neighborhood. People are friendly and they all seem very happy
3:01 PM Sassy
Mostly older or mixed?
3:03 PM Phil
55 and older, no kids but everyone we met were our age and very active. Have their own pub, restaurant, gym, theater, pools, golf course
3:03 PM Sassy
Are you allowed to rent it out when you’re not there?
3:04 PM Phil
We won’t do that. Will start moving stuff in slowly. I’m going to apply at Disney
We could rent it but won’t
3:05 PM Sassy
Oh my…
3:05 PM Phil
Retirement is coming up so it’s time to find a place.
Have to sell the beach houses.
We have family that live in the next neighborhood. They are older and will need help soon. Happy to do that for them.
3:09 PM Sassy
 3:11 PM Phil
I love those folks, great people.
3:11 PM Sassy
Were they from our hometown?
3:13 PM Phil
They lived about an hour away
We had dinner with [names redacted] from our home town 
3:14 PM Sassy
How’re they doing?
3:16 PM Phil
Good, always great to see them
They are Disney people so we have hooked up a couple of times
3:16 PM Sassy
Did you sign papers on the house?
3:17 PM Phil
Not yet, picked a lot, gotta dump at least one house, going to get aggressive on that. We have buyers.
Hoping to pay cash for the house
3:18 PM Sassy
Wow! Lots going on!
Thanks for sharing… I adore knowing what’s up.
3:20 PM Phil
I love the Beach, where we live – not so much. 
[4 photo collage of the model home]

Interior of the house. We can modify as we see fit

3:23 PM Sassy
Wow… That house looks beautiful – a lot like where you are now

 3:23 PM Phil
That’s why we like it
11:32 PM Sassy

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