Can’t change it

October 27, 2014 Monday
7:29am Philip
[photo of Philip smiling]

Morning! Have a great day!


Good morning handsome!

I’m off work today!  Wish you were here to start the morning off right!  
Have a marvelous Monday!

7:35am Philip



Can’t help thinking of you… a bit unkind but may be very true!

7:08pm Philip
You may be very right.  Not a psycho but lots of issues for sure. Amazing how you can fall so hard for someone who you know is so wrong. I can’t be with anyone doing drugs or an alcoholic. Grew up around family that both destroyed. Still got a cousin who is a horrible drunk, another pissed his life away over drugs, booze and gambling. Gonna buy me a bit of freedom with the bike. Love to ride. My heart is still so heavy over that girl. Coming to grips with the fact I can’t change it.

7:10pm Philip

Sit out and listen to tunes, sip scotch, enjoy a cigar alone. I’m ok with that

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