Final prep to meet

February 22, 2013 Friday
11:36 PM SmoothGuy: Hey there hot stuff! You up?
11:37 PM SmoothGuy: Ping
11:40 PM Sassy: Hiya!
11:40 PM Sassy: You’re up late!
11:46 PM SmoothGuy: Hi I’m back
11:47 PM SmoothGuy: I guess pretty late for me. Had a nap!
11:48 PM SmoothGuy: Are you a night owl?
11:48 PM Sassy: Yes
11:49 PM SmoothGuy: I like to be sometimes. But pay for it the next day.
11:49 PM Sassy: I seem to need less sleep as I get older.
11:49 PM SmoothGuy: Usually thinking too much about sex  : )
11:50 PM Sassy: Oooh!
11:50 PM SmoothGuy: Yep.  Not a bad thing
11:52 PM Sassy: Mmmm….You type 3 letters and my brain takes off!
11:52 PM SmoothGuy: I may have to go soon. But wanted to say tomorrow morning is 50-50. My wife is not going to the morning movie. My daughter is ambivalent ….Don’t know if you are even free still , but want to bring the possibility up
11:53 PM Sassy: Could…
11:54 PM Sassy: You won’t know til you leave the house, right?
11:54 PM SmoothGuy: I won’t know until around 9:00
11:55 PM SmoothGuy: To be there around 9:30 to 9:45
11:55 PM Sassy: I’ll hang loose, give me a shout
11:55 PM SmoothGuy: Great! I will email you either way by 9:00, earlier if I can
11:56 PM Sassy: Sounds great!
11:56 PM SmoothGuy: Would be pretty cool to finally meet… And start off with a nice hug
11:57 PM Sassy: Oh yes!
11:59 PM SmoothGuy: Ditto!!
12:00 AM SmoothGuy: Do hear some people coming upstairs now, so need to sign off… Will email you in the AM
12:00 AM SmoothGuy: Night

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