Meet #3 The Lawyer’s Annual Visit

Thursday, August 14, 2014 
From: Sassy
To: The Lawyer
Sent: Thursday, August 14, 2014 7:49 AM
Subject: re: hey there
Good morning hot stuff!  

The sun has returned and I have this feeling it’s going to be a fantastic day!  
From: The Lawyer
To: Sassy
Sent: Thursday, August 14, 2014 8:41 AM
Subject: hey there
I’m certainly looking forward to it, and to seeing you! 

I crossed my fingers that he would not back out.  I managed to get some work done, then left the office early at 3 pm and took the bus home.  It was such a perfect day – clear, 70s, not humid. 
I cleaned up a few more things… thank goodness the cleaners were here yesterday! 

Just as I was beginning to worry – he texted me! 
TEXT 4:01 pm from The Lawyer 
I’m almost there

TEXT 4:02 pm from Sassy
See you at the garage!
TEXT 4:03 pm from The Lawyer 
TEXT 4:08 pm from The Lawyer 
Missed it — going around block
I stood outside waiting for him.  Very quickly, he turned into the lot in a beautiful classic sports car.  He smiled and rolled down the passenger side window. I forget what an amazing smile he has… and that twinkle in his eyes!  So merry!  
He offered to go park on the street but I told him this was fine. I told him my space number and he pulled in. 
He got out and gave me a quick hug.  We walked to the elevator, and had a nice kiss alone in there. 
I showed him the first floor – gym, lobby, pool – then we went up to my condo.  I showed him around inside, offered him water or grapes or… he said he was fine. 

He was very nice to my cats.  They smooed all over him!  
We went into my bedroom, hugged and kissed, then sat on the bed and talked for about half an hour, catching up on each other’s lives – his kids, work, about my projects, about Hubby finding a nice woman.
I told him about seeing two guys this year from AM – much better than the bunch from the prior year!  I told him about Kris getting busted.  He told me he sees a college friend now and then.  
We started kissing… groping… undressing.  He has such a great body! 
He focused on me – exploring my body, touching, tasting.  He has great oral skills! He also likes to tease my ass, using my juices to get his finger wet then circling…mmmm. 
I returned the favor.  I got out my toys to show him.  He touched each one, fascinated.  I told him about how they had enhanced my sex life, how my last guy had said the combo of my mouth and the vibration was poetry!  
I chose the silver bullet to try out on him.  I used it and my mouth, and he said he agreed with my last guy, though it felt more like a symphony to him!  Hee!  He came hard and I swallowed gulp after gulp. Yum.  
He collapsed smiling.  He rested awhile, and we talked.  
He got that special smile and reached for the silver bullet vibe and the tiny black vibrating butt plug, using them together on me… whee!  I had a tingling orgasm.  Sooo good! 
I rolled over and we cuddled – his front to my back.  He played with my chest and my clit!  Yum. 
He said he was ready to go again, couldn’t wait anymore… I nodded and he pressed me onto my stomach, got behind me, grabbed my hips and went inside me with one quick push!  He gave me a great pounding doggie style!  Yowza.  I came hard while he filled a condom spurt after spurt!  
We cuddled together and talked about broken bones, 9/11, various lawyers we know.  He told me the story of meeting his wife at work!  I adore his stories!  
I marveled that he was working right there in the building next door most of the time I worked for the law firm.  We talked about where he goes out to lunch, many of the places I frequented!  He said he might have been in line behind me and admired my ass while I ordered a steak & cheese sub!  I told him I was quite the looker in those days… in a Harve Benard suit, silk blouse, high-heeled pumps, skinny, long dark hair… 
He played with various spots on my back.  Mmm… 
We finally looked at the clock – it was 7:05 pm!  He said he really had to go.  I asked if it had been okay to be here?  He said it was fine.  I asked if I should invite him again soon or leave him alone for a year.  He shrugged and said the stars had aligned this time, but it is tough and he needs to be careful.  I told him he could invite himself if he notices any time that would work.  
He asked if he could shower?  I waved him into my bathroom.  I checked my email – there’s a new baseball commissioner! 
I dressed and kissed him a bit more, then went down to the garage with him, and opened the door.  He waved with a big smile and headed off into the twilight. 

It was a lovely interlude.  It made me miss Kris.  It made me realize how deep Kris and I are into each other.  Or were.  *sigh  But this was light, fun and definitely fulfilled my physical needs without complications! 
From: Sassy
To: The Lawyer
Sent: Thursday, August 14, 2014 7:58 PM
Subject: No more Dolphin
Thank you for a lovely afternoon!  
Went back to my computer and this popped up.  I have such fond memories of our first lunch there! 
Boston Burger Company May Be Moving into Dolphin Seafood Space in Cambridge
Boston Restaurant Talk
A burger restaurant that has locations in Somerville and Boston may be opening a third, with this one apparently being between Harvard Square and Central Square in Cambridge.

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