The Stormy Sex

October 13, 2017 Friday

5:13 AM Phil

[photo of his hand holding a KY lube container]
5:14 AM Sassy
Well well..happy Friday to you?
7:35 AM Phil
Happy Friday! 
Vacation starts this afternoon!
7:36 AM Sassy
Going away?
7:52 AM Phil
Driving South, stop here and there and end up at Disney with folks from high school!  Should be fun. It’s the Food and Wine festival
9:27 AM Sassy
Wow!  Sounds fun!
9:55 AM Phil
Be nice to get away a bit. It’s been years since we have been down there with friends. Makes it different and I drop life at the entrance and just completely relax
4:02 PM Sassy
Here’s a short little story about a storm… end your week… with a bang!

6:01 PM Sassy
Tried the new French bakery in Davis Square – Caramel. We had macarons!

8:31 PM Phil

I like that story!

8:42 PM Sassy
Delightful dinner at Joshua Tree in Davis Square Somerville

Cauliflower risotto – chicken and asparagus 
with wild mushroom and “riced” cauliflower
Hubby’s tuna crisps – Tuna Tartare, Avocado, Tomato, Onion 
and Lime in a Crispy Wonton Shell, with Sriracha Aioli
Banana peanut powder chocolate pudding perfection

8:31 PM Phil
I like that story!
8:43 PM Sassy
It helps me deal with thunderstorms.
8:45 PM Phil
Great way to deal!
Watching the Yankees
9:37 PM Phil
That finger in my ass gets me every time

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