Coaster rolls

July 31, 2019 Wednesday

There was a guy I had fun with in early 2018 and then he ghosted.  He texted me out of the blue mid-July when I was sick, and pinged me on and off the rest of the month.  I am a believer in second chances, so I listened while I pondered whether to risk seeing him again.

July 13
* Coaster: Hi, remember me?
* Sassy: Yes indeed.

July 14
* Coaster: How are you doing? I hope well.
* Sassy: Super deluxe! I retired last month. You?
* Coaster: That’s awesome! Still working hard but good. Wish I had a reason why we didn’t continue!
* Sassy: Have a reason to continue now?
* Coaster: Sure do. How about you?

July 16
* Coaster: Well?
* Sassy: Sorry…have food poisoning and been a bit out of it.
* Coaster: Sorry to hear that, no joy in that, hope you’re better soon.

July 19
* Coaster: Are you doing ok?
* Sassy: Happy Friday! How’re you? Sadly still a mess. This was some bug! Thanks for asking. Hope you’re staying cool.
* Coaster: Sorry to hear that. Feel better!! I’m working out of town this weekend on a project, including some outdoor work! I’ll do my best.

July 20
* Coaster: Staying cool? Feeling any better?
* Sassy: Hiya! How’s work? It’s beastly hot here – 91 already! I am starting to feel better – stomach is behaving at last though lower down is still not. I am so worn out! Went out briefly to the Deluxe Town Diner for breakfast with my sister and her beau, but am very happy to be home again. Have you been having any fun?
* Coaster: I’m not leaving until later. Still here for another hour or so. Glad you at least got out a bit but sorry this has lasted so long. Wow! I’ll likely go walk around tonight looking for fun.

* Sassy: I haven’t made it out there in a long time. Any good places to eat? Is it worth a trip from here?
* Coaster: Come on out! I have a room.

July 25
* Coaster: Hi. Feeling better yet? Hopefully!

July 26
* Sassy: Hiya! I am finally feeling better, thank goodness. Hope you’re having a fantastic Friday!

July 27
* Coaster: Friday was good. On to Saturday! What’s up this morning?

July 31
* Coaster: Another week moving along. How are you doing?