PF Chang’s Mocktails

July 23, 2019 Tuesday

8:40 AM Sassy
Good morning! Cool and raining. We’re going into Boston today. Whee!

8:54 AM Phil

[photo of his legs and feet, a cup of coffee in his hand, on a plane]

Good morning! Much better weather today. Heading off on a plane

9:22 AM Sassy

10:23 AM Sassy
What for?

11:04 AM Phil
Work trip

11:05 AM Sassy
Heading into the Downton Abbey Exhibit! I’ll post too many photos later. 🙂

2:54 PM Sassy

Marvelous mocktails and lunch at PF Changs in Park Square in Boston

The dining room 
Mural over the bar
Mocktails menu!  They are the best in the city! 
Strawberry cucumber limeade for me and
 a coconut mojito for Hubby
Hot and sour soup
Dynamite shrimp
Pork dumplings
Egg rolls
Lunch special combo – Fried Shrimp, Scallops and Beef stir fry
Coconut cooler mocktail
Banana spring rolls with coconut ice cream
Their decorative horse out front 
The sign out front

6:26 PM Phil

[Photo of a plate of raw oysters and a beer]

[photos of a plate of fried seafood]

Yummy! Yours looked good too

7:24 PM Sassy
Oh my! That looks tasty!

7:24 PM Phil
It was very good!

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