February 4, 2018 Sunday

7:52 AM Sassy
Happy Super Bowl Sunday!

I have a full day with

  • breakfast out, 
  • movie, 
  • project meeting and 
  • a party!! 

Hope you have fun plans!

8:25 PM Phil
Bought a hot tub last night!

Church, some work and then the game with healthy snacks.
Have a great day and go Eagles!

8:34 PM Sassy
Hot tub outside?

9:57 AM Phil

10:02 AM Sassy

10:05 AM Sassy
Brunch at Tatte in Cambridge

Mushroom tartine
lamb meatball shaksuka
My Croque Madame
10:13 PM Sassy
I’m at the Kendall Square Cinema watching “The Darkest Hour.”

12:01 PM Phil

Nothing like being outside soaking naked in the tub
12:47 PM Sassy
10:50 PM Phil
What a game!

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