Gravitational anomaly

March 27, 2019 Wednesday

8:59 AM Sassy
We made it to Wednesday! Whee!

8:59 AM Phil
Happy Hump day!

8:59 AM Sassy
My Tuesday sucked so I’m hoping today is better!

8:59 AM Phil
Sorry to hear that!

I’m trying to get ready for the new job. It’s a whirlwind trying to get my brain to think of the old terminology again but so much fun.

9:01 AM Sassy

9:08 AM Sassy
I broke the plastic cover on my phone, but not the phone thank goodness!
And I had my first ever total catering fail…delivery just didn’t happen – starved the entire staff at lunch yesterday! Whee. So ready to retire.

1:05 PM Phil
They will survive! 

First ever fail isn’t a bad record over so many years!

I cracked the screen protector on my phone too. Yesterday.  That’s weird.  Some gravitational anomaly?!

1:06 PM Sassy
Luckily I have the insurance so T-Mobile replaces it for free. Phew
Just have to get to that store and wait for them to do it.

1:06 PM Phil
Yeah, I always carry Apple care

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