Beautiful fruit bat

March 30, 2019 Saturday

7:40 AM Sassy
Saturday! Yay! Enjoy!

8:02 AM Sassy

3-minute video of a beautiful fruit bat from Wings Paws N Claws
Australian bat sanctuary
From Naturee Facebook page

9:13 AM Phil
Happy Saturday!

9:19 AM Sassy
You headed out on adventures?

9:19 AM Phil
Yup.  Another festival.
Close to home and a lot of fun.

9:19 AM Sassy

9:23 AM Phil
It is one of my favorites. All local craft brewers, vendors and a few wineries for my wife, and great food! Crab cakes coming up!

9:24 AM Sassy
Good weather?

9:25 AM Phil
Supposed to be in the mid 70s but a little overcast so it should be nice. Flip flops and shorts

9:27 AM Sassy
We’ve got clouds and 60s. Itching to go to Gloucester, but I should wait a week…

9:28 AM Phil
Sounds pretty decent for this time of year!

We are off to festivals galore in the next few weeks. Great seafood and always a fun day

9:29 AM Sassy
Wow! That sounds nifty!

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