Choir fun

March 26, 2019 Tuesday
8:49 AM Sassy
Have a super Tuesday Philip! It’s a beautiful cold day!

9:25 AM Phil
You too! Had a blast at choir last night. Basses were blowing out the room! So much fun with songs with a deep booming bass part. Enjoy the beautiful day!

11:11 AM Sassy
Cool! You know I adore men singing and especially you!

11:20 AM Phil
Ha! I love Easter Music. It’s powerful and rejoiceful. The ladies are losing their patience with us because they can’t hear anything but us. We told them to sing louder which did not go over well.


11:20 AM Sassy
Ha. I remember those days – it was usually the tenors.

11:28 AM Phil

11:29 AM Sassy
I remember you pressing me against the wall in the choir room.  😉

11:35 AM Phil
I remember that too!  I’d do it again!

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