Prepping for Maine

Saturday, August 30, 2014
Fascinating photo project to show places in New Orleans right after Katrina and now.  Read his comments and swipe and look closely…a labor of love finding the spots again and telling us a powerful story.


Hiya kid!  Out at the Chinese buffet with Mom.
Hope you’re having a super Saturday!


I’m a sucker for these flash mobs, and this one has a public service message!
Chattanooga Firefighters “Stayin’ Alive”

5:10pm Philip

Hey girl. Went out with my wife today and just wished I was hanging with Fred and the dog all day. Took Fred to her first wineries yesterday, she loved it. Ah well


Kris asked me to go to Maine with him tomorrow!

Check out the hotel he found for $99 a night!

Oceanfront Hotel in Rockport Maine: Camden Maine
 offers affordable oceanfront Maine lodging on Penobscot Bay.

5:22pm Philip

You are going correct?


Oh yeah…

5:22pm Philip

Looks nice


Might give him a blow job on the balcony!

checking out the restaurants around there

Mariachi flash mob!  Adore these things!

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